Dearborn County 1859 Guide

Dearborn County, Indiana guide from:
McEvoy’s Lawrenceburg, Aurora & Rising Sun Directory, 1859-60. Indianapolis: McEvoy, 1859.



  • Mayor.—John Schwartz.
  • Marshal.—A. J. Gray.
  • Clerk.—Addison Bookwalter.
  • Treasurer.—Thomas J. Lucas.
  • Assessor.—George B. Fitch.
  • City Engineer.—Origen Thomson.
  • Street Commissioner.—Geo. W. Mattocks.


  • First Ward.—John Ferris, Israel Crist.
  • Second Ward.—John Hornberger, Davis Woodward.
  • Third Ward.—Geo. W. Ward, F. Pfiester.
  • Fourth Ward.—James H. Swope, James M. Sherrod.
  • Fifth Ward.—Gideon Renner, George Meyer.


  • Mayor.—John Gaff.
  • Clerk.—S. P. Hill.
  • Treasurer.—W. D. Austin.
  • Assessor.—F. Mulbarger.
  • Street Commissioner.—R. W. Rea.


  • First Ward.—F. Huckery, A. J. Crane.
  • Second Ward.—Michael Siemantel, J. Cummings.
  • Third Ward.—Geo. Chisman, P. W. Williams.


DEARBORN COUNTY OFFICERS. Annual Election Second Tuesday in October.

  • Clerk.—Samuel L. Jones.
  • Deputy Clerk.—W. W. Tilley.
  • Auditor.—Elias T. Crosby.
  • Recorder.—John Heinberger.
  • Treasurer.—Francis M. Jackson.
  • Deputy Treasurer.—William H. H. Smith.
  • Coroner.—Major R. Slater.
  • Sheriff.—John Boyd.
  • Deputy Sheriff.—A. E. Conger.
  • Jailor.—John S. Conger.
  • Surveyor.—Samuel M. Kennedy.

COMMISSIONERS. Meet first Monday in June, September, December, and March.

  • Benjamin F. Burlingham.
  • Ashbel Tyrell.
  • John Anderegg.
  • Clerk.—Elias T. Crosby.


  • Dearborn Circuit Court.—Meets first Monday in May and November.
  • Judge.—Reuben D. Logan.
  • Clerk.—S. L. Jones.
  • Prosecuting Attorney.—Henry C. Hanna.

Common Pleas Court.—Meets first Monday in June, September, December, and March.

  • Judge.—Charles M. Shook.
  • Clerk.—S. L. Jones.
  • District Attorney.—Robt. Q. Terrill.


Lawrenceburgh Post Office, Situated on Main st., North side, between Walnut and Vine, office hours from 6:30 A. M., to 7:30 P. M., Sundays excepted.

  • Postmaster.—Francis Riddell.
  • Clerk.—John J. Ross.

Post Offices in Dearborn County.

  • Aurora
  • Bright
  • Dillsborough
  • Farmers’ Retreat
  • Gionville
  • Guilford
  • Holman
  • Kelso
  • Lawrenceburgh
  • Lawrenceville
  • Logan
  • Manchester
  • Moores Hill
  • New Trenton
  • Sparta
  • St. Leon
  • Van Weddings
  • Wilmington
  • Wright’s Corner


  • Presbyterian Church, Short st. N. of William, Rev. Geo. I. Taylor, Pastor.
  • Baptist Church, Partition Lane, E. of Walnut, Rev. R. C. Bond, Pastor.
  • Episcopal Church, Walnut, N. of Main, no regular Pastor.
  • Methodist Episcopal Church, cor. Main and Vine, Rev. E. D. Long, Pastor.
  • German Methodist Episcopal Church, Partition, bet. Arch and St. Clair, Rev. — Shcelberd, Pastor.
  • St. Lawrence German Catholic Church, Rev. A. Koch, Priest.


  • High School.—Walnut, bet. William and Partition Lane, J. M. Olcott, Principal; D. H. Penniwell, Mrs. M. J. Tobin, Ass’t.
  • Secondary No. 1.—S. M. Coutant, Teacher.
  • Secondary No. 2.—Miss T. M. Jackson, Teacher.
  • Primary No. 1.—Mrs. Haynes, Teacher.
  • Primary No. 2.—Miss Ellen Yeatman, Teacher.
  • Newtown School.—Cor. Third and Main, Miss M. E. Hubble, Teacher.
  • Newtown School.—Fourth, bt. Main and Shipping, J. M. Miller, Teacher.


  • O. Tousey, President
  • Samuel Morrison
  • Wm. Tate, Sen.
  • J. M. Olcott, Superintendent.


  • Township Library. N. S. Sparks, Librarian. South west side of Main, E. of Vine. Open Mondays and Fridays.
  • McClure Working Man’s Library Institute. B. T. W. S. Anderson, Librarian. North side of Main, E. of Short.


  • Lawrenceburg Lodge No. 4. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month. Hall South side Main, E. of Short. John C. McQuiston, W. M.


  • Union Lodge No. 8. Meets every Monday evening. Hall corner Main and Walnut. William B. Cutting, N. G.
  • Barry Encampment No. 39. Meets the first and third Thursdays of each month. Wm. B. Cutting, C. P.


  • Sons of Temperance, Low Division No. 204. Meets every Saturday evening. Hall South west cor. Main and Short.


Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad. In full operation. Running from Indianapolis to Cincinnati via. Lawrenceburgh, without change of cars. Making use of the Ohio and Mississippi broad gauge track from Lawrenceburgh to Cincinnati. See advertisement,


  • Pres’t and Sup’t, Henry C. Lord, Cincinnati.
  • Ass’st Sup’t, J. W. Mills, Lawrenceburgh.
  • Treasurer, W. O. Rockwood, Ind’pls.
  • Secretary, A. Worth, Indianapolis.
  • General Ticket Agent, W. H. L. Noble, Indianapolis.
  • Gen’l Freight Agent, John F. Cheek, Cincinnati.
  • Mastor Machinist, R. Meek, Ind’pls.
  • Road Master, J. F. Richardson, L’h.

Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. In full operation. Broad guage. Running from Cincinnati to East St. Louis without change of cars. Length of road 340 miles.


  • Sup’t, W. H. Clement, Cincinnati.
  • Train Master, A. H. Lewis, Cincinnati.
  • Train Master, W. J. Stevens, Vincennes.
  • Train Master, H. C. Creveling, St. Lewis.


  • Regular Cincinnati and Madison Packet Company.
  • The Passenger Steamer FOREST QUEEN, Capt. C. D. Conway, leaves Cincinnati for Madison every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; leaves Madison for Cincinnati every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • The Passenger Steamer KENTUCKY, Capt. Chas. Davids, leaves Cincinnati for Madison every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; leaves Madison for Cincinnati every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  • Odd Fellows’ Hall, S. W. cor. Main and Walnut.
  • Masonic Hall, South side Main East of South street.
  • Temperance Hall, S. W. cor. Main and Short.