Dearborn County – 1861 Ohio River Gazetteer

Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
G.W. Hawes’ Commercial Gazetteer and Business Directory of the Ohio River 1861. Indianapolis : G. W. Hawes, 1861.
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Two miles below the mouth of the Great Miami, an important post town, and the capital of Dearborn county, is pleasantly situated on the right bank of the river and on the Ohio and Mississippi railway, at the intersection of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati road, 90 miles south-east from Indianapolis and 22 miles west by south from Cincinnati.

The rich alluvial bottom lands in the vicinity are remarkable for their great fertility of soil; and the surrounding country is distinguished for the beauty of its scenery. Lawrenceburg was laid out in 1801, and is admirably situated for the successful prosecution of manufacturing operations. Of its trade and manufactures the Indianapolis Daily Journal of March 20th, 1860, says:

“Lawrenceburg enjoys a good local trade, and in the manufacture of flour and whisky there are few towns in the State that show as large figures as the county seat of Dearborn can exhibit.

“On the hills north of Lawrenceburg the vine is cultivated to a considerable extent. The soil is rich, porous, and warm; and on the south side of the elevations, the grape grows to great perfection. The upper crust of the earth is full of limestone rock, which is used to make mole-hill walls below the vine roots, to prevent the rains washing the earth from around them. This is the plan adopted by vine growers on the hills adjoining the valleys of the Rhine and Neckar, in Germany.

“The commissioners of Dearborn county are erecting a new jail, using a portion of the materials in their old prison for the purpose. It is to be of stone, and substantially built. The cells will be formed after May’s patent, which prevents the escape of prisoners under any circumstances when once locked up.”

Besides the public buildings of the county, Lawrenceburg contains 6 or 7 churches, several flourishing schools, 1 large steam flouring mill, 1 water flouring mill, 3 large distilleries, 2 breweries, several hotels, a branch of the bank of the State, 2 newspapers, and numerous and varied mercantile and mechanical branches. Population about 5,000.

A post city of Dearborn county, situated at the mouth of Hogan creek, 26 miles below Cincinnati, and on the Ohio and Mississippi railway, four miles from Lawrenceburg, the capital of the county, and 90 miles south-east from Indianapolis.

It was laid out in 1819, incorporated in 1848, and is surrounded by a rich farming region. It is a place of considerable business, exports large quantities of produce, and contains 1 Catholic and 5 Protestant churches, several flourishing schools, 1 weekly newspaper, various benevolent institutions, numerous mercantile and manufacturing establishments, including distilleries, planing mills, sash and blind factories—also cooper shops, slaughter houses, pork-packing establishments, &c. Population about 3,000.

Academies, Colleges, Schools, and Seminaries.

  • Lawrenceburg High School, Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Crist & Bell, Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Ambrotype, Daguerrean and Photographic Artists.

  • Pyle J. A., Aurora, Dearborn co., Ind.
  • Tuck N. H., Aurora, Dearborn co., Ind.
  • Dunn Mrs. Sarah E., Lawrenceburg, Ind.
  • Ellis H. D., Lawrenceburgh, Ind.

Architects, Carpenters and Builders.

  • Allen William, Aurora.
  • Hubbert Asa B., Aurora.
  • Lattimore T., Aurora.
  • Watts & Taylor, Aurora.
  • Francis Thomas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Little Stephen, Lawrenceburg.
  • Preston George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Tilford David, Lawrenceburg.

Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public.

  • Carbaugh J. H., Aurora.
  • Cheek H., Aurora.
  • Green Edward, Aurora.
  • Haynes J. D. Aurora.
  • Holman & Haynes, Aurora.
  • Miles Isaac, Aurora.
  • Roberts O. F., Aurora.
  • Terrell R. Q., Aurora.
  • Tyman B. W., Aurora.
  • Brown Abram, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown Jas T., Lawrenceburg.
  • Gazlay T. & C., Lawrenceburg.
  • Major Daniel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Piatt & Reid, Lawrenceburg.
  • Spooner & Schwartz, Lawrenceburg.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Bloom Mrs. E., Aurora.
  • Giegold J. L., Aurora.
  • Johnson Adam, Aurora.
  • Kastner Philip, Aurora.
  • Kempf M., Aurora.
  • Siementel George, Aurora.
  • Boese Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Broderick George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Francis W. M., Lawrenceburg.
  • Hauck F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kastner Adam, Lawrenceburg.


  • Branch of the Bank of the State of Indiana, Lawrenceburg.


  • Dorn & Bro., Aurora.
  • McHenry B. N., Aurora.
  • Stevens Jacob, Aurora.
  • Dexheimer Philip, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hawkins William, Lawrenceburg.
  • McGrath Thomas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Randall Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rinke Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Walter Peter, Lawrenceburg.

Boiler Manufacturers and Steam Engine Builders.

  • Severin Julius, Aurora.

Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers.

  • Chew J. P., Lawrenceburg.

Booksellers and Stationers.

  • Milburn J. N., Aurora.

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Beck & Bailey, Aurora.
  • Burns E. A., Aurora.
  • Fisher P., Aurora.
  • Goldsmith Martin, Aurora.
  • Ittner John, Aurora.
  • Miller Wm. R., Aurora.
  • Rider J., Aurora.
  • Schaffer Geo., Aurora.
  • Young & Miller, Aurora.
  • Godert Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Haubold Nicholas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Junker J. & M., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lutman Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kiger Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Morgan Fred., Lawrenceburg.
  • Pfeister Frederick, Lawrenceburg.
  • Schnieder William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Younker Michael, Lawrenceburg.


  • Siementel L., Aurora.
  • Garnier John B., Lawrenceburg.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • Haring M., Aurora.
  • Marron H., Aurora.
  • Morrow H., Aurora.
  • Armstrong Cyrus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Armstrong & Elder, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Chew J. P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Godfrey Daniel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hollister Ephraim, Lawrenceburg.
  • Horri George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Shliger William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Wenke Henry, Lawrenceburg.

Carriage and Wagon Makers.

  • Dorn & Bro., Aurora.
  • Edwards W. J. & Co., Aurora.
  • Lansberry A. B., Aurora.
  • Helfer & Woodward, Lawrenceburg.
  • Neumann Ferdinand, Lawrenceburg.
  • Pfalzgaff Jacob, Lawrenceburg.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • Eschmann N., Aurora.
  • Laupus John G., Aurora.
  • Rittor George, Aurora.
  • Hornberger John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kirsch Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lyons Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Werneke C. H. W., Lawrenceburg.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Epstein Abraham, Aurora.
  • Goldsmith Martin, Aurora.
  • Meyer M. & J., Aurora.
  • Ronshiem E., Aurora.
  • Schwartz & Co., Aurora.
  • Adder, Lyon & Co., Lawrenceburg.
  • Maas Moses, Lawrenceburg.
  • McCormick James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Mooney Joseph, Lawrenceburg.

Coal Dealers.

  • Christy & Langtree, Aurora.
  • Cobb John, Aurora.
  • Shippen B., Aurora.
  • Miller Mathias, Lawrenceburg.

Commission, Forwarding and Produce Merchants.

  • Cummings and Watts, Aurora.
  • Groer, Kelsey & Hill, Aurora.
  • Buell George P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis & Eichelberger, Lawrenceburg.
  • McDonald Hugh, Lawrenceburg.

Coopers and Stave Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Weymand & Gibson, Aurora.
  • Crane A. G. & Co., Aurora.
  • Barkdoll David S., Lawrenceburg.
  • Johnson Wm., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kauffman Isaac, Lawrenceburg.
  • Laughlin Wm., Lawrenceburg.
  • McClusky John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Palmer James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Round Louis, Lawrenceburg.
  • Staley Joshua, Lawrenceburg.
  • Thompson James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Ulrich Frank, Lawrenceburg.

Distillers and Rectifiers.

  • Cunningham Wm., Aurora.
  • GAFF T. & J. W., Aurora.
  • Gaffs & Marshall, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rittenhouse & Williams, Lawrenceburg.


  • Hill S. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Keister D. B., Aurora.
  • Ferkis & Abbott, Lawrenceburg.
  • Walter Rudoph, Lawrenceburg.

Dry Goods.

  • Beck & Bailey, Aurora.
  • Clark, Webber & Gould, Aurora.
  • Lozier Abram, Aurora.
  • McCreary R. R., Aurora.
  • Pierce S. R., Aurora.
  • Ronsheim E., Aurora.
  • Stafford James, Aurora.
  • Stratton L. S., Aurora.
  • Wilke J. H., Aurora.
  • Adler Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Helmuth H. R., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis L. B. & Bro., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis & Moore, Lawrenceburg.
  • Moore Geo. W., Lawrenceburg.
  • Perry R. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Parry R. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks D. E., & Co., Lawrenceburg.
  • Ulrey J. P., Lawrenceburg.

Flour, Feed and Grain Dealers.

  • Mooney Joseph, Lawrenceburg.

Flouring and Grist Mills.

  • Siementel M. & C., Aurora.
  • Gaffs & Marshall, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rittenhouse & Williams, Lawrenceburg.

Foundries and Machine Shops.

  • STEDMAN & CO. See card., Aurora.
  • Bryant & Lord, Lawrenceburg.

General Stores.

  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Aurora.
  • Kraas William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Morgan Andrew, Lawrenceburg.
  • Driver H., Patriot.
  • Gazlay A., Patriot.
  • Gibson W., Patriot.
  • Hobbs A., Patriot.
  • Wells J. C., Patriot.


  • Christy & Langtree, Aurora.
  • Clark, Webber & Gould, Aurora.
  • Cummings & Watts, Aurora.
  • Early Phillip, Aurora.
  • Fickling Charles, Aurora.
  • Garmhausen B., Aurora.
  • Giegold J. L., Aurora.
  • Hubbert Richard, Aurora.
  • Huckery John, Aurora.
  • Kastner Philip, Aurora.
  • Kempf M., Aurora.
  • Kreitlein A., Aurora.
  • Lozier Abram, Aurora.
  • McCreary R. E., Aurora.
  • Maloney Henry, Aurora.
  • Maloney John, Aurora.
  • Merkle A. H., Aurora.
  • Phalen Israel, Aurora.
  • Pierce S. R., Aurora.
  • Radspinner J. F., Aurora.
  • Rothert Mrs. F., Aurora.
  • Siementel George, Aurora.
  • Slater Frederick, Aurora.
  • Stafford James, Aurora.
  • Stage Ashbury, Aurora.
  • Wilke J. H., Aurora.
  • Boese Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Chapman & Son, Lawrenceburg.
  • Deuschle Lawrence, Lawrenceburg.
  • Gysie Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Helmuth H. R., Lawrenceburg.
  • Hitzfield Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hommer John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Isherwood John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kastner Adam, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kunkel Andrew, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lommel Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • McGranahan, Lawrenceburg.
  • Reger August, Lawrenceburg.
  • Roth Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Sherwood John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Siemandel John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Smith Hugh F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks Norval, Lawrenceburg.
  • Wolf John B., Lawrenceburg.
  • Wymond John, Lawrenceburg.

Gunsmiths, Guns, Pistols, &c.

  • Beerger Wm., Aurora.

Hardware and Cutlery.

  • Cobb O. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Crist & Bell, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hauck John J., Lawrenceburg.

Hide and Leather Dealers and Tanners.

  • Miller William R., Aurora.
  • Musgrave J. & E., Aurora.
  • Browneller F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kohlermann Louis, Lawrenceburg.

Hotels and Hotel Proprietors.

  • EAGLE HOTEL. See card. Aurora.
  • HAMILTOM J. See card. Aurora.
  • Mansion House, Aurora.
  • Rothet Mrs. F., Aurora.
  • Rudolph Lewis, Aurora.
  • Trester House, Aurora.
  • Washington Hotel, Aurora.
  • Bolander House, Lawrenceburg.
  • City Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Farmers’ Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Fitch’s Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Vogel Geo. P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Washington Hotel, Lawrenceburg.

Insurance Agents.

  • Andrews A., Aurora.
  • Bush B. M., Aurora.
  • Stevens Will F., Aurora.
  • Chew James P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Ferris John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks David E., Lawrenceburg.
  • Wymond John, Lawrenceburg.

Jewelry, Watches, Clocks and Silverware.

  • Ebstein Abraham, Aurora.
  • Milburn J. V., Aurora.
  • Herman Louis, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lucas Thomas, Lawrenceburg.

Livery and Sale Stables.

  • Taylor George, Aurora.
  • York F. & W., Aurora.
  • York J. W. & Bro., Aurora.
  • Rodgers Robert, Lawrenceburg.

Lumber Dealers.

  • Hurlbert L. G., Aurora.
  • Metcalf & Fagan, Lawrenceburg.

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Edwards Miss A., Lawrenceburg.
  • Richardson Mrs., Lawrenceburg.

Millinery, Silk and Fancy Goods.

  • Saddler Mrs. C., Aurora.
  • Stark Mrs. M., Aurora.

Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Bond R. C., Aurora.
  • Ebersole & Haynes, Aurora.
  • Holz Wm., Aurora.
  • Schmitt A., Aurora.
  • Veiht F. L., Aurora.
  • Brown J. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Harding & Tate, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kirby J., Lawrenceburg.
  • Schmitt Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Tate Wm., jr., Lawrenceburg.
  • Walters Charles, Lawrenceburg.

Planing Mills.

  • Hulbert L. G., Aurora.

Real Estate Agents and Dealers.

  • Tousey Omer, Lawrenceburg.

Saddle and Harness Makers and Dealers.

  • Campbell I. T., Aurora.
  • Webe Adam, Aurora.
  • Dowden Otto W., Lawrenceburg.
  • Haas Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Henry J. W., Lawrenceburg.

Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.

  • Dyke Nathaniel, Aurora.
  • Fickenscher John, Aurora.

Wines and Liquors.

  • Cunningham Wm., Aurora.
  • Squibb W. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Hitzfield Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hornberger John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Schwartz & Pinder, Lawrenceburg.