Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Dec 1887

Proceedings of the December 1887 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 1 Dec 1887 – Page 3, Column 4


Ex-Parte Henry W. Albers et als, commissioners appointed to make partition of real estate, make the following report: To Henry W. Albers, 160 acres in Jackson township; to Bernard A., Gustave L., and Ella L. Biere, 80 acres in Dearborn county, and lots 21 and 22 in Burk’s addition to Batesville, and lote 37 in Hartman’s addition to Batesville. The Court approves the report of the commissioners.

Catherine Lang vs. W. H. Burk; judgment for $66 and possession of house and lot on Center street in Lawrenceburgh in favor of plaintiff.

Hattie Crist vs. Wilson Crist; decree of divorce granted.

Joseph Proctor appointed Administrator of the estate of William H. Proctor; bond $400.

John F. Penny makes final report as Trustee of William Turner, an insolvent debtor.

Lawrenceburg Register – 15 Dec 1887 – Page 3, Column 4


State vs. Charles Andrews; surety of the peace; ball for one year with J. H. Burkam as surety.

Louisa Haas vs. Nicholas Brum et als; partition; final report of commissioners approved.

The Crescent Brewing Company vs. City of Aurora; injunction; judgment against plaintiff for costs on demurrer; appeal to the Supreme Court.

The following cases were dismissed: Star Building Association vs. W. A. Greer; same vs. Mary S Cheek; Mutual Building Association vs. W A Greer.

George McAvoy vs. Wm Leive et als; on account; judgment for plaintiffs for $75.05 and costs.

Jessie C. Parrish vs. Joseph R. Parrish divorce; decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

L C & D Ry Co. vs. Peter Doelder; condemnation judgment for defendant for $200 and costs.

John VanHouten vs. Edson S. Winkley et als; on account; judgment for plaintiff for $65 and costs.

Nelson Grimsley vs. Edwin S. Chisman et als; foreclosure; decree and judgment for $195, now due, etc.

Edson S. Winkley et als vs. William Leive et als; partition; claims allowed as follows: Blythe W. Buffington, assignee, $4.80; H P Spaeth & Co., $10.05; L G Hurlbert, $0.60; Hattie Klueber, $23.00.


State ex rel Rodenberg, Trustee, etc., vs. C I St L & C Ry Co.; mandate.

Leonidas H. Voshell vs. Orange T. Gookins et als; foreclosure.

Eliza Hayes vs. Flora Finch et al; partition.

State ex rel Hogan Township vs. Thomas W Cottingham; demand.

Same vs. same; demand.

Benjamin Heustis vs. C I St L & C Ry Co., damages.

Jane E Justice et al vs. John T. Cain et al; partition.

Fran, Griffin vs. O & M Ry Co; damages

Board of Commissioners vs. Julius Severin; demand.

Mary E. Rumsey et al vs. Hamilton Conaway et al; demand.

John Thumser vs. John C S Stenger et al; foreclosure.

George Knoptle vs. Mary E Longnecker; mechanic’s lein.


Estate of William Turner; insolvent; John T. Penny, Trustee.

Estate of Rees H Parry; Rees H. Parry Jr., Administrator.


Estate of Samuel McMullen; Thomas Emerson, Administrator.

Estate of James Walser; Joseph D. Curtis, Administrator.

Estate of Frederick H Kamping; Frederick Schulenberg, Executor.

Guardian John F. Hornaday; George B. Tebbs, Guardian.


Will of Reuben C Jackson.

Will of Frederick H Kamping.