Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – May 1880

Proceedings of the May 1880 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 6 May 1880 – Page 2, Column 5


Zeph Heustis vs. George Tibbetts. Judgment against defendant for $413.

The following petit jury were impaneled: Charles Ashbey, Leroy Fleming, John A. Cole, Louis Ellerbrook, Thomas C. Jones, George Griffith, John Armstrong, Mark Johnson, Louis Weitzel, Robert Anderson, D. M. Brumblay, and Thomas Hargitt.

The defendants in the Joseph Hayes will case demanded a struck jury to try the case. The clerk gives notice that he will hold the striking on Saturday, the 8th inst.

Hettie S. Brewington vs. Johna Brewington. Divorce Granted, and the plaintiff is given the custody of the children.

P. L. Matheus vs. Elizabeth Mattocks. Judgment vs. defendant for $49.

Francis Adkinson vs. same. Judgment vs. defendant for $79.

The Judge ordered the committal of John Flanagan to the House of Refuge at Plainfield. Wm. Christopher conveyed the refractory lad to that reformatory institution on Saturday.

The following State cases were continued until the next term of Court:

  • State vs. Pat McLester; manslaughter.
  • State vs. H H Chance; assault and battery.
  • State vs. Frank Skelton; carrying concealed weapons.
  • State vs. Enos K. Jones; grand larceny.
  • State vs. Ernst Noeble; embezzlement.
  • State vs. Samuel P Bowles; forgery.
  • State vs. James Chisman; seduction.
  • State vs. Wm Ehleman; grand larceny.
  • State vs. John Meagher; embezzlement.
  • State vs. John Kirsch Jr.; grand larceny.
  • State vs. George Linkenbach; grand larceny.
  • State vs. J M McCarthy; blackmailing.
  • State vs. John S Barrow; robbery.
  • State vs. James Thacker; assault and battery.
  • State vs. S P Bowles; four cases; obtaining money under false pretense.

Francis Lang vs. F M Jackson. Judgment against defendant for $119.

State vs. Delilah Montrose; assault and battery. Fined $1 and costs.

Judgments were rendered against the plaintiffs in the following cases:

  • J F Vaughan vs. John C Hibbetts.
  • Lucy Teeters vs. Jonas Teeters.
  • Mary Ellen Smith vs. Jeff. Smith.
  • Robert Griffin, admr. &c., vs. Emily Durbin, et al.
  • Wm. Shepperd vs. Clay township.
  • James L Kennedy vs. Center township.
  • John Williamson vs. same.
  • Joseph Mundary vs. same.
  • Henry Wolfe vs. Fred Schola.

State vs. Abigal Sullivan; assault and battery. Case dismissed.

Caroline Hoffman vs. Jacob Hoffman; divorce. The defendant is enjoined from disposing of personalty and realty—while case is pending.

The Grand Jury met and examined witnesses, but were not able to return any indictments. They visited the County Jail and found it in good condition.

Ex parte Alpheus Miller and others. Petition for partition of Real Estate. Wm S Holman Jr. appointed Commissioner.

The will of Frederick Welbur is admitted to probate.

Lawrenceburg Register – 13 May 1880 – Page 3, Column 2


Wm. Probasco vs. Ezra G Hayes. Judgment against defendant for $1149.

State ex rel Annie Duncan vs. Scott Chisman. In consideration of the payment by the defendant to the plaintiff of the sum of $300, the plaintiff accepts the same in full satisfaction and settlement of cause of action.

Augustus Robbins vs. Cris. Ritter. Judgment against defendant for $262.

Otho Billingsly and John Parks vs. William Cheek and others. Judgment against defendants, except Wheeler, in favor of plaintiff for $70. Judgment in favor of Wheeler against defendants for $190.

Robert Hansell vs. Silas Nowlin and others. Judgment against Nowlin for $1265.

Barbara Kries vs. August Lorens. Judgment against defendant for $452.

James F. Crozier, admr., &c., vs. Frederick Sowders. Judgment against defendant for $98.

John W. Kress vs. John Dorr and others. Judgment against Dorr for $218.

Frank Lang vs. Frank Jackson. Judgment against defendant for $172.

Millie A. Voshell vs. Alfred R. Voshell. Judgment for decree of divorce and $300 alimony.

Louis Teke vs. Louis Viet et al. Judgment against defendant for $843.

Wm. H. Bunger vs. Lucinda Powell. This is a case on change of venue from Ohio in regard to a road way dividing the farms of the principals of the suit. Trial still in progress.

The trial in the Hayes will case will begin on Monday. The following is the struck jury: Elijah Laws, Henry C. Busse, Francis M. Hollowell, John C. Miller, Samuel Turner, George F. Randall, Thomas C. Craig, Wm. M. McConnell, Henry Tufts, William Huis, James Bradford, Lemuel Bigney, John House, William Green, Robert Worley, and Peter Rowland.

Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Jun 1880 – Page 3, Column 5


John Silbernagel vs. Harrison Hydraulic Co. Judgment against defendant for $2011.

John Silbernagel and John C. Stenger vs. Harrison Hydraulic Co. Judgment against defendant for $2306.

Ezra G. Hayes et als vs. J. H. Burkkam et als. Verdict of the jury: “We the jury find the instrument in question to be the valid last will of Joseph Hayes, deceased.”

State of Indiana ex rel Auditor Pattison vs. Andrew Vetter and others. Three cases. Judgment against defendant for $1227.

Mary Hoffman vs. Franz Manner, Michael Huff, Andrew Ritze and Francis Busald are appointed Commissioners to make partition.

Nathaniel Elliott vs. Z. Holland. Jury finds plaintiff to be the owner of real estate in question.

L. Richt vs. Louis Veit. Judgment against defendant for $52.

Philip Bauer vs. Catholic Aid Society. Judgment against defendant for $40.

Frank Ulrich Sr., Frank Ulrich Jr., Leonard Ulrich, and John E Ulrich vs. Catholic Aid Society. Four cases. Judgment against defendants for costs.

Silas V. Hayes makes final report as executor of James B. Guard.