Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Sep 1878

Proceedings of the September 1878 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Sep 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

First National Bank of Aurora vs. Ezra G. Hayes. Judgment for $2684.01.

Mayron H. Harding vs. William W. Wymond and others. Judgment and foreclosure, $2,819.32.

Bettie Epstein vs. John U. Low. Judgment for $150.80.

Mary Becker vs. Jacob Becker. Divorce granted with custody of children.

Wm. Meyer vs. Frederick W. A. Meyer. Judgment for $739.58.

The following State cases were dismissed:

  • State ex rel Newton Canfield vs. John Jackson. Surety of the Peace.
  • State vs. Libben A. Bell. Attempt to provoke.
  • State vs. Lewis Garrison; two cases. Malicious trespass.
  • State vs. Hugh Rowell. Petit larceny.
  • State vs. George West. Assault with attempt, &c.

State vs. Uriah Scheibler. Carrying concealed weapons. Fine one cent and cost.

State vs. Ed C. Christy. Attempt to provoke; $1.00 fine and costs.



Jasper Ross appointed guardian of Emma J. Ross, minor heir of Philip C. Ross.

P. Louis Matheus, guardian of Wilhelmenia K. and Fredrich Muller, minor heirs of Fredrick Muller. Order to sell real estate in Impflingen, Bavaria.

Estate of Sarah, Mary and Ruth Alfred. Administrator ordered to sell real estate in Dillsborough to pay debts.

Estate of Samuel Weitzel. Probate of will.

Lawrenceburg Register – 19 Sep 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

State vs. Edward C. Christie. Attempt to provoke. Fined one cent and costs.

State vs. Edward Manin. Obstructing public highway. Trial by jury, verdict not guilty.

State vs. Thomas Jones. Provoke. Not guilty.

State vs. John Tuly. Assault and battery. Trial by jury; verdict, not guilty.

State vs. Edgar Bramwell. Change of venue before Judge Roberts. W. D. Wilson selected as Judge to try the cause. The defendants object.

Wm. C. Henry vs. Wm. F. Doran. Attachment and judgment of sale, &c., $43. John P. Snell files attachment and claim under the above case for $189.

State ex rel Henry Brunig vs. William Powers. Surety. Judgment against plaintiffs for costs.

State vs. George Peters. Assault and battery. Trial by jury; fined $1 and costs.

James Greer vs. Thomas Gaff et als. Application for change of venue.

August Fox vs. Aureas Zengle et als. Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Ham. Conaway vs. Rudolph Wolf. Application for change of venue.

Wm. H. Bainbridge vs. Ezra G. Hayes. Same.



Michael Hagg presented and files his petition to be permitted to adopt Charles Becker and Michael Becker. The court grants the petitioner’s order to adopt them as his children.

James McBride filed a claim for $1000 against the estate of Joseph Hayes.