Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Sep 1870

Proceedings of the September 1870 session of the Dearborn County, Indiana County Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Peoples Advocate – 22 Sep 1870 – Page 2, Column 2

Commissioners’ Court—September Term 1870.

The Board of Commissioners met on Monday, Sept. 5th, 1870, in regular session, and made several allowances.

Sept. 6th. Granted license to retail liquors to Charles Fitterer and Philip Erle. Made allowances to several persons. Received the Report of visitors to County Asylum; ordered the same published.

Sept. 7th. Made several allowances.

Sept. 8th. Made several allowances. Took under advisement a petition praying the Board to offer a reward for the capture and delivery into the hands of the Sheriff of Dearborn County, of McDonald Cheek, one of the murderers of Thomas Harrison, and after due deliberation, passed an order offering a reward to any person arresting the said McDonald Cheek, within the County of seven hundred and fifty dollars; and if arrested without the county, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, to be paid to the person or persons arresting and delivering the said Cheek, as aforesaid.

Sept. 9th. In connection with the Board of Ohio county, passed an order vacating a certain highway in Dearborn and Ohio counties, and established a private road over same ground.

Received the Report of the Viewers of a certain road in Clay township, as heretofore petitioned for by John S. Mathews and others, and a remonstrance in the same matter, by Sarah H. Pearson and Margaret McComas, asking the appointment of Reviewers to assess damage in behalf of the aforesaid remonstrators. Prayer of the Remonstrators granted, and George V. Churchill, John W. Johnson and Wm. Crosby, appointed as such reviewers. License to retail spirituous liquors was granted to Leonard Richt. A petition was presented by Joshua Brewington for damages sustained by himself by the laying out and establishment of a certain road in Hogan township, upon his lands. His petition was granted, and Resin Reese, Jacob L. Blasdell and Sam B. Sanks, were appointed as viewers to reassess said damages.

Sept. 10th. Several allowances were made. The report of the Viewers in a certain road in Miller and York townships was received, also a remonstrance by J. L. Blasdell, and a remonstrance by John Cooper, praying the appointment of reviewers to assess damages sustained by each, George Swales, Silas Nowlin and Joseph Jackson, were appointed as said viewers.

Francis Busald was duly appointed Inspector of Elections at Lawrenceville precinct, in Jackson township, to fill vacancy occasioned by removal of Casimir Bauman, former Inspector.

Granted license to retail spirituous liquors, to A. M. Siegmundt and John M. Mueller, of Aurora. Adjourned.