Dearborn County Commissioners’ Proceedings – Sep 1889

Proceedings of the September 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Sep 1889 – Page 4, Column 4


Mack Hollister was awarded the contract for painting the Wilson Creek, Tanner’s Creek and Salt Fork Bridges. Five bidders were contesting for the work, but Holliser was the lowest.

License to sell liquor granted to Frank Federle, Leonard & Bryant, Herman Altemeyer, George Knorr, Peter Pfalzgraf, F. W. Oester, Frank Maffey, Louis Grosholtz, and Wm. Teke.

Trustee Armstrong, of Hogan, reported the proper expenditure of the money donated for the building of a bridge in that township. The amount donated being $100.

Frank M. Jackson, S. L. Blasdell, James Bundy and others petitioned for a road in Miller township. The road will go through the lands of George W. Robinson, Eliza Shanks, Enoch B. Nowlin, Enoch W. Jackson, Mrs. Annie E. Nowlin and Mrs. Frances E. Jackson. John Lutz, John Egge and Frank Buffington were appointed viewers to view the route of the proposed road.

Louis Parks and others were awarded $125 damages for land taken for road purposes.

John Huddleston, Wof Dennerline, and Wm. Fox appointed to view a road in Manchester township, report the road unfavorable and of no public utility, and they report that the road petitioned to be vacated is of public utility.

Henry Assche, Trustee, is given $65 for the building of a bridge in Jackson township.

In the matter of the petition for the purchase of the Johnson Fork and Mt. Carmel Turnpike Companies, the Commissioners refuse to call the election contemplated, for the reason that the appraisement of the pike is too high. The appraisers appraised the value of the Johnson Fork and Mount Carmel Turnpike at $700 per mile, or a total of $1,518. The valuation of the Harrison and Brookville pike is placed at $1,000 per mile, or a total of $5,380. The Board being satisfied that the latter appraisement is a reasonable value for the pike, order an election in Harrison township for the purpose of determining whether the citizens favor the purchase of the pike. The election will be held next spring, when township officers are to be elected.

James Palmer was allowed $50 for land taken for road purposes in Kelso township.

H. M. McDaniel was awarded the contract for flooring the Wilmington Bridge at Aurora. He furnishes the lumber at the rate of $17.95 per thousand feet. Three bidders were after the contract.

John V. Canfield was appointed Justice of the Peace of Hogan township in place of S. E. Givan, who failed to qualify after being elected.

Henry B. Glazier was appointed Constable at the request of the Bright Horse Thief Detective Association.

The report of A. J. Cheek, Superintendent, for the quarter ending August 31st, shows fifty one inmates in the County Asylum.

Lawrenceburg Register – 19 Sep 1889 – Page 4, Column 4


Henry Gerkin was elected janitor of the Court Hosue for the term of one year from January, 1890, at a salary of $45 per month.

John Schwab was given the contract for building a stone culvert on the Guilford pike. The contract price being $205, of which amount the Township is to pay $75 and the County the balance.

Joseph Gieger was appointed Superintendent of the stone work on abutments to bridge over Tanner’s Creek in Kelso Township.