Dearborn County County Commissioners Proceedings – Jun 1870

Proceedings of the June 1870 session of the Dearborn County, Indiana county commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Peoples Advocate – 30 Jun 1870 – Page 2, Column 2

Commissioners’ Court.

Below we publish the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners, at their June term:

Retail licenses were granted to the following named persons: F. Volz, Henry Rief, George Kiefel, Joseph Bartholome, Jacob Pfalzgraf, J. Siemantel, Fred Block, Adam Kastner, Mike Klein, W. J. Burton, Emanuel Eller, Geo. Siemantel, G. P. Vogel, Peter Pfalzgraf, George Oswald, and L. Rudolph.

Grand Jurors appointed for the September term of Circuit Court: Ezra G. Hayes, Francis Winters, Wm. H. Baker, Jona. Runnels, R. Langdale, Jos. Sherbaugh, Ayres Bramble, Ernst Huseman, G. C. Columbia, Henry Miller, D. W. C. Wilber, L. M. Foulk.

For March term, 1871: Bryant Connelly, J. B. Hollowell, Elias Chisman, J. F. Geyer, W. C. Buffington, Charles Lods, G. M. Nevitt, Nathan Elliott, Peter Geyer, S. B. Sanks, W. C. McClure, S. F. Bruce.

Inspectors of Elections: St. Joseph Precinct—Jos. Stenger; New Alsace Precinct—Anthony Blattner; Lawrenceville Precinct—Casper Bauman; New Lawrenceburgh Precinct—Gideon Renner; Cochran Precinct—J. L. Giegoldt.

The following persons were appointed as viewers to view a road as petitioned for by C. R. Campbell and others, in York township: D. Frazier, J. W. Grubbs and L. D. Leming. Time of making the same, Aug. 20th, 1870.

A petition was presented, signed by Ralph Collier and others, asking for the vacation of a certain road in Manchester township. There being no remonstrance, the road was ordered vacated.

J. Miller, J. Ewing and M. Bell were appointed to meet August 20th, 1870, to view a road in Clay township, petitioned for by J. L. Mathews and others.

W. H. Swales, A. J. Alden and L. M. Pritchard were appointed visitors to the county Asylum.

The following M.D.’s were appointed physicians for the townships named: Jackson—Dr. Perry Fermier; Hogan—Dr. J. B. Stewart; Centre—Dr. Geo. Sutton.

The plans and specifications for a new Court House, to be located at Lawrenceburgh, were received and accepted.

The rate of taxation for 1870, for county purposes, was fixed at 60 cents on the $100.

The report of the viewers appointed to assess damages, occasioned by the opening of a certain road in Hogan township, was received. Damages assessed as follows: D. Kerr’s heirs, $125; Joshua Brewington, $100.—The amount was allowed, and the road ordered to be opened.