Dearborn County Newspaper Index 1895-1899

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1895 to 1899. Coverage for this time period is spotty and will be improved when I gain access to additional newspapers. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePageColumn
DavePetersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189532
KnickerbackerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189533
MaggieDavisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189533
MaggieCollinsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189533
Charles JPoundMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189533
Mabel EBeachMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189533
WallieBuffingtonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189534
FanAbbottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189534
DavidPetersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189534
AnnaSomerfieldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189534
BenKlingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jan 189534
WitheredBirthAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189523
MabelOrchardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189523
Wolfgang AdamDennerlineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189523
RobertWorleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189532
WolfDennerlineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189532
PeterMinnickDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189532
CarrieBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189533
Mabel NOrchardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189534
Mabel NKingsleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Jan 189534
MarionBruceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189523
RobertBruceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189532
CyrusSterlingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189532
BarneyColemanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189532
Fred EAbbottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189533
AddieHillMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189533
MarcusBarkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189533
CharlesFehlingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189533
ElijahGreerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189534
Carrie SiemantelWinkleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189534
CarrieSiemantelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189534
Alma ThuermerBennettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189534
Amelia H ThurmerBennettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Feb 189534
Katie BMcLeasterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189522
James VMcLeasterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189522
William P.BennettDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189522
Julia ABennettDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189522
WolfgangDennerlineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189523
ProbstBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189532
Hugh SEspeyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189532
PollyFaulknerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189533
John LMulfordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Mar 189533
Nancy MillerHillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189523
FrederickKassanerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189523
B HWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189523
ClaraDeckerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189523
Charles FWalkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189524
ThomasRecordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189532
Esther CBainumDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189533
Esther CGriffinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189533
MatthewHaringDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 189534
HoweBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189543
GeorgeDueblerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189543
JosephineRothMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189543
GraceBuffingtonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189544
JeromeJenningsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189544
CatherineWelshDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189544
Mrs.KerrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 189544
HadeaHayesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
DavidPetersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
WilliamStahlDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MaggieDavisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Charlotta WBaerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Julia ASchroederDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
HildaSchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CharlesFehlingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
BarneyColemanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElizabethGoodpasterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
DaviesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Joseph HenryWaltersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
James WMcClellanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
HubertMurdockDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EllenWhiteDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ClaraKnippenburgDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MaryHammondDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JamesMcDanielsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MargaretKesslerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EmmaTresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
AgnesSchmidtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EllenBaileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
SamuelEastonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ThielDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Caroline HSheperdDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EdwardWhiteDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Alma HBennettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElijahGreerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CarrieWinkleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
John CTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MargaretKramerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
FrankChisonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
John HHarvesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElizaTruittDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
RodershulmerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CharlesLakinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
GuardJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
RoyWellsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JuliusStammDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Elie SClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JesseCochranDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Jacob LTudorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ThomasWrightDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MatthewHaringDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
PeterVogelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Esther CBrinsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
GeorgeSchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JamesRossDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JohnCobbDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
AkeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JohnWildridgeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
SchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JosephMauerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EdwinTresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MattisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElizabethHudsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MatthewMcGrawDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CharlesAhrensDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
HannahByrnesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
BradleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CarrieSchmidtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MaryConneltonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Phoebe MFentonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
SamuelCristDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Mrs.ShrileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ReddingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CarolineGriffithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MaryBoydDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
AndrewLochterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CharlesUnglesbyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
AnnaCohenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
FrankGraeskampDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MayLeysterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
HaynesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JamesReedDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
PeterSteinbachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
MaryTeaneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Thomas MRandDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
BessieBrantDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
LouisaClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Allen GeorgePetersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
JohnStarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ThielDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Margaret KRubenstinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
BrookDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EllenSchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
John HSnyderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Ralph MBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
AndrewFehDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
WillieCadwellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CanfieldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Carrie LGreenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Mary AWalkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
KathrinnWelshDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Willie SBillsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElizabethProbstDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
PaulineKramstDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
William LDurbinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Philip HHeldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Mary GFehlingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
CorneliusMayerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
EmrieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Nellie IreneDaviesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
Eva BarbaraSchmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
ElizabethKerrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
PriceThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
BridgetMcGrathDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
FrankCornellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
FredBowersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
LucyEubanksMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189625
GeorgeGivanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189633
Mrs.BaerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189633
JackJohnstonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189633
ClarenceWilsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189633
Lillian MTannerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189634
EmmaKuhlmeierDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189634
C HWhiteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189634
JessieJohnstonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189634
ClarenceWilsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189635
WalterNeffDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 189635
Ida MayBennettDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
Bettie MFielerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
John EFielerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
Margaret ALivingstonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
Stephen WLivingstonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
AdaHiettDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
William FHiettDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189624
Thomas JCogleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189626
FitchBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189632
CharlieMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189632
MarksBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
CharlesZimmermanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
AnnaLangeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
GeorgeMinnishMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
IdaBakerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
MarksBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
Clara LCriswellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189633
Sanford RTuthillMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189634
TillieGreeneMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189634
Anna MariaBaerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189634
Anna MariaNaltznerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189634
Clarence LeeWilsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 189634
Moses SPickelheimerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189626
RitterBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189632
S CElliottDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
Nettie MillerSommerfruitMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
DavenportHeathMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
HarrySiemantelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
MaggieStahlMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
DrogeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189633
PhilipHeldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 189634
Mrs.ShuterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189625
DreeseBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189625
AselTyrellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189626
ClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189632
Charles H JBosseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189632
MarionClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189633
AndrewZehDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189633
MarshalKnoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189633
SophiaShuterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189635
Frank MDowneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189635
AlfredHowesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jan 189635
AsahaelTyrellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189625
MeenachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189625
BakerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189632
TresterBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189632
StewartBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189632
PhoebeDowneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189632
PetersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189632
CharlesHuxsollDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189633
HarryMeenachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189633
Emma LMagnallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jan 189634
LouiseKerrMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 189623
AmbroseStarkMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 189623
KirschDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 189632
Elisha GHerronDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 189634
CatherineHerzogDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189633
John WYounkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189634
AnnaWetheredDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189635
Mrs.WitheredDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189635
SchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189636
JohnYounkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 189636
DowneyBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189632
Anna LauraMcClellanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189632
Frank MBarbourMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189632
Ora MayPettyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189632
SarahMahanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189633
EdmundGuyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189633
LouisaBloomDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189634
RainsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189636
RadspinnerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189636
TurnerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 189636
Mrs.BloomDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 189632
BobrinkBirthAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 189633
William CBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 189634
Mrs.TrueDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 189635
WilliamBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189623
AnnieHuffmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189623
ArtimeticaTrulockDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189624
KlueberBirthAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189632
ChasKolfeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189632
SophiaRolphMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189632
Mrs.BarrettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189633
FredThomasMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189633
AmeliaKappelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189633
Mrs.BarrettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189634
Ella FJonesMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189635
Everett MFoxMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189635
LowesBirthAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 189636
Alice CobbHolmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189624
LouisGrossholzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189624
Louis MWrightMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189643
KateLawsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189643
Geo WSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189643
ElizabethGoodpasterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189643
William TDayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 189643
DilsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 189632
ThomasMcCrearyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 189633
FlowersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189633
LidaSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189634
Frank EHathornMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189634
John CPriceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189634
HoppingBirthAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189636
GatchBirthAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 189636
MoodyBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189724
JohnTurnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189724
BarnumRubleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189724
NellieRossMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189724
GuyTannerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189733
CordeliaButterfieldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189734
CordeliaAnnisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189734
GuyTannerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Apr 189734
GreeneBirthAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189722
FrancescaRitterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189733
GeorgeHewittMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189734
MayGlassMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189734
StellaWoodMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189734
Mrs.WilsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 189736
JamesMackeyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189822
Mary RichardsonCanfieldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189823
MaryRichardsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189823
JamesMackeyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189824
SpeckmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189832
McClellanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189832
CanfieldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189832
EdwardNealMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189832
VestaFlintMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189832
AlbertTompkinsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189833
AnnieWolsingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189833
CoraJenningsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189833
James AStrattonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 189835
EllaSargentDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 189834
WalterSweazyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 189834
Dele CElderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189823
D CElderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189823
ThomasHibbertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189825
A JBaerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189834
AllieTeaneyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189834
Victoria OMeekDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 189834
SilasDibbleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 189832
HoppmireBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 189828
DennerlineBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 189828
Mrs.UppDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 189835
Frank MSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 189833
ClaraWoodMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 189833
DentonWymondDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 189834
Edwin PBondDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 189834
AlbertKassebaumMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189812
MissMooreMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189812
StanleyDashiellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189833
DavidWhiteDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189833
WilliamWersheyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
MollieSwangoMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
LeeVanOsdolMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
SamuelDickinsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
Florence LHillmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
AlbertKassebaumMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
MargaretMooreMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189834
JessieGiegoldtMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189835
Henry HKyleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189835
BessieBleasdaleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189835
CharlesFitchterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 189835
MinnieNolteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Feb 189932
BRitterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Feb 189932
ConradPaulDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Feb 189933
Asa SHathawayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 189922
Mrs.RudolphDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 189934
EmmaScholleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 189934
Jesse LHolmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189922
RusworthBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189924
WrightBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189924
AngelineGrubbsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189933
AlbertKassebaumBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189934
MagdalenaKestnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189934
MagdalenaCornwellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189934
Henry WHurlbertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 189935
McClannahanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 189924
MaryWilliamsDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 189925
James MWilliamsDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 189925
Albert RHouzeDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 189926
Anne MHouzeDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 189926
ThompsonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 189921
ArchabaldLittleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 189922
CatoriaWicksDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 189922
EttaVinsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 189922
YonngeBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189522
FletaJonesDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189522
ElizabethBennettDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189522
JonesDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189522
HarrietSuttonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189532
RudolphBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189532
Mrs.JacksonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189532
MabelKingsleyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189533
MabelOrchardDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189533
Lewis HMattoxMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189533
EnolaBuffingtonMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189533
Mrs.ZehDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189534
PatrickLoftusMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189534
AnnaHustisMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189534
ThomasSmithMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189534
SallieJonesMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jan 189534
KilnerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin13 Apr 189522
RahlmanBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin13 Apr 189532
KilnerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin13 Apr 189532
RhodesheimerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin13 Apr 189532
ElizabethTruittDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin13 Apr 189533
Maggie MGivanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189623
Maggie MBarkleyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189623
Maggie BarkleyGivanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189624
Maggie MGivanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189624
MissHollyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189625
Zella CheekCentzDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189642
ClarenceRunyanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189644
MollieSmithMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin4 Apr 189644
GraceBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189623
LeviScogginDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189623
ThomasOverlyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189624
MaryEspyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189624
Maggie MGivanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189624
Mrs.HessDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189624
Lyman MWinkleyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189644
JohnGodfrewDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189644
HenriettaKitchellMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189644
Robert TBlakemanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189644
Mrs.ShillingDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin11 Apr 189645
Mr.SholeyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189625
J CPenningtonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189625
KateRobinsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189625
Newton WBottsDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189628
Sallie ABottsDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189628
MollieMooreDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189631
AbrahamAndersonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189632
Edward CChristieDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189632
StraussBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189633
Sarah LPrenticeDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189633
J CPenningtonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189633
Arnd RobertSnyderMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189634
Vina TebbsBruceMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189634
FrankGresskampMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189634
CarolineFolkertMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189634
HannahAllenDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Apr 189635
LorenJohnstonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189624
Mrs.FehrmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189632
JunkerBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189633
GardinerBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189633
Mrs.FehrmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189633
GarrisonBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189634
NettieChapmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189634
Wilber HGrayMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189634
Mrs.ErhardtDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin9 May 189634
LorraineJohnstonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189624
PhillipVeltDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189624
AmeliaSchroederMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189632
FreddieMauntelMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189632
MauntelMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189633
SchroederMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189633
MauntelMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
SchroederMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
EdwardFergerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
MarianKnightMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
Louis EReesDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
CarrieSchottDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
CarrieSmithDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189634
John UTeaneyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin16 May 189635
GathaTholkeDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189624
David TStonebreakerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189644
O WDavisMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189644
AnnaAhrensMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189644
OppBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189644
Mrs.StedmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 May 189645
EdwardScottDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189625
Harvey STurnerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189632
NancyKetchumDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189632
MessangBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189633
RaheBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189633
JanetteBrodbeckDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189633
ArchibaldBruceDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189634
ElmerBakerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189634
RhodaTresterMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189634
Raymond EarlChambersDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189634
JesseSmithDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Jun 189635
MadelineSchulerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189624
ShurmanBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189625
PearsonBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189625
JohnYounkerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189625
Anna PStrickerDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189626
FrankStrickerDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189626
John WYounkerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189631
RobertHannahDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189633
MagdelineSchulerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189634
MagdalineSchulerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin18 Jul 189635
John CYounkerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189625
AgnesBurnettDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189626
George FBurnettDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189626
ElenoraBrewingtonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189641
EBrewingtonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189643
GeorgeMitchellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189643
Mrs.LathropDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189643
John MBeinkampMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189643
BessieGoodmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189643
PeaselyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Jul 189644
JohnnyBrumblayDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin15 Aug 189624
DennisNeadDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin15 Aug 189634
AnnaCavanaughDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin15 Aug 189634
Mrs.RadspinnerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin15 Aug 189634
Mrs.PowellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189624
MarthaBebingerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189632
CosbyBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189633
StaffordBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189633
LindenBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189633
SokampBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189633
AnnaCavanaughDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189633
FanniePowellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
BuffingtonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
PeterFogelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
SchulerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
Marilla ASmithDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
Marilla AHoardDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189634
JohnWalkerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin22 Aug 189635
Mrs.BeggemanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189625
HuffmanBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189625
Mr.FletcherMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189626
MissBaileyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189626
EmeliaOesterDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189632
LewisManfortDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189633
A JBigneyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189633
CarrieEwingMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin5 Sep 189633
WilliamCarsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189623
KateFrenchDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189623
FrankWalserDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189634
ToddBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189634
George SRandallMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189635
RoseMarksMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Sep 189635
Eliza HCummingsDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin12 Dec 189621
RichardsonBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin12 Dec 189625
DilsBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin12 Dec 189633
ThomasMcCrearyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin12 Dec 189633
JohnPriceDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin12 Dec 189633
AlvahMillerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189714
AnnaWilliamsMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189714
JosephRussellMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189714
LottieJusticeMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189714
JudgeHolmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189715
JamesChapmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189715
Mary MWehmierMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189715
John HTrennepohlMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189715
AdalinePetersMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189715
William SHolmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189742
JohnIsherwoodDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189751
MahalaKunkelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189751
JamesChapmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189752
MaryWehmierMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189752
MichaelKalleenDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189753
AbelJohnsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189753
Wm SHolmanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189772
Mrs.SquibbDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189774
FredUhlmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189774
LucindaVinupMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin1 May 189774
HenryKleinMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189714
LizzieSchneiderMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189714
Don CarlosChristyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189731
HenryFrolksMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189731
MaudVeitMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189731
MargaretPowellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189763
JottieKempDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189782
MargaretPowellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189783
WillSedamMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189783
EvaPotterMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189783
JonathanKempDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189784
Jonathan GKempDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin19 Jun 189784
EverettBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jun 189713
RichardCurnyanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jun 189714
Mrs.MartinDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jun 189715
AgnesDorrelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin26 Jun 189782
E MLeeMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189711
Anna FWinegardnerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189711
JohnRichardsMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189714
Jennie SClauseMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189714
SarahMitchelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189782
AggieDorrelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin3 Jul 189784
MaryMcConnellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189711
James FCrozierDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189712
ElizabethHarbaughDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189712
Harry DHaringMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189714
Mary HanleyFryMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189714
MatthiasLippsDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189715
PhilipFrybergerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189715
StumDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189715
GeorgeWheelerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189752
MulfordBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189752
GeoWheelerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189753
RobtPiattDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189781
NiemanDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189783
TylerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin10 Jul 189784
Julia AnnMeenachDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189714
Julia AnnCarbaughDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189714
James FranklinCrozierDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189715
WalkerBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189716
Mary StrainMcConnellDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189744
AmerRumseyDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189744
JamesGainesDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189753
EdwinHooperMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189754
Alice MYounkerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189754
NewtonBaileyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189755
BelleJenkinsMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189755
J FCrozierDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189755
FrankCrozierDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189756
PeasleeBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189784
Mrs.StewartDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189784
BelleJenkinsMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189784
NuetBaileyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin17 Jul 189784
McAdamsBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin31 Jul 189741
MargareteScottDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin31 Jul 189742
HuntebrinkDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin31 Jul 189743
MargaretBrownDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin31 Jul 189744
Mrs.NorthDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin31 Jul 189744
ConnollyBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189742
MosterDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189742
JacobBenhamDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189743
Mrs.AufderheideDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189743
ErnestHilligDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189743
S HStapleDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189743
LeoGoeirthDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189752
PeeblesBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189753
LeoGoeirthDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189755
WilliamSpickerhoffDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189755
HenryLangeDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189755
HendersonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189781
John BLoweMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189782
JaneOsbornMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189782
AlbertCorbinDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189784
TurnerBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin2 Oct 189785
Mrs.PummilDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189716
Mrs.HaysDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
LillieBaileyDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
GeorgeBaileyDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
DowesBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
MarinBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
HelmsBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
WalkerBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
AlveniaBrooksDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
TinsleyBrooksDivorceAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189741
EdwinSteuverMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189742
J ERandallDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189743
MariaRowlandDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189744
R STrueDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189753
AylorBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189781
EdwardSteuverMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189781
ClaraNeamanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189781
PerrySimpsonMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189782
MaizeStewartMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189782
JimTolenMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189782
NannieBakerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189782
ClarkBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin30 Oct 189784
AnnTomilsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189742
William CrittendenHeathMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189751
EdnaBeinkampMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189751
AndyAversmanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189752
MaryScholleMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189752
RichardClemensDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189782
AaronConnerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin6 Nov 189784
ChillasBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189715
SamuelBakerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189716
NeesBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189752
TeaneyBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189752
CharlesZimmermanMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189753
EdithSchaefferMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189753
J ATubbsMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189755
LizzieMillerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189755
LouRobinsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189784
Samuel WBakerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189784
ThompsonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin20 Nov 189786
WilliamChambersDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189713
WilliamChambersDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189744
Harvey SLloydDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189744
WilliamChambersDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189751
PelgenBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189752
CharlesTittleMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189753
MinnieEiklorMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189753
Wm SChambersDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189753
EverettMillerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189754
EvaMickaleMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189754
Wm FGreenMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189754
MargaretComodeMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189754
JamesBakerMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189781
NellieHewittMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189781
AgnesFisherMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189781
Bradford SBonneyMarriageAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189781
LottonBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin25 Dec 189782
SusieSpencerDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189851
FrenchBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189851
GeorgeGrohDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189853
Mrs.FiskDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189881
Mrs.FiskDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189883
JohnWalstonDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin23 Apr 189884
ColeBirthAurora Saturday Bulletin7 Oct 189934
FrederickMauntelDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin7 Oct 189936
AdamKreistDeathAurora Saturday Bulletin7 Oct 189936