Dearborn County Newspaper Index 1905-1909

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1905 to 1909. Coverage for this time period is spotty and will be improved when I gain access to additional newspapers. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePageColumn
Isaac TTurnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190523
NathanPowellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190523
Mrs.BidnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190524
Mrs.HartDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190532
EdwardSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190533
MaryFrankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190533
StrayerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent2 Mar 190533
BettieLoftusDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 190523
JohnPelgenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 190533
LongkampDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 190534
MaryArmbrusterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 190534
ChesterMessangDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 190535
LucyJaquithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190525
DurbinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190532
ShumakerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190532
Theodore JWulberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190533
GertrudeVeitMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190533
MargerethPerpingonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 190533
EverettHunterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190521
AdamMeyerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190522
EmmaSprickelhoffMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190522
McMullenBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190522
AbramHillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190523
MichaelTeaneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190524
DahlineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190532
SimonSiemantelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190535
Mary AGriffinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190536
Nancy JaneTurnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 190536
MosesSwangoDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 190533
RuthChaseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 190534
JohnHubbarttMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 190534
AdaSchumanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 190534
Jas DColeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190522
FannieMillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190522
George MTresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190522
Fannie GraceMillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190523
James DColeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190523
RobertEllerbrookDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190524
Thomas CBlodgettMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190533
Clydie SEmeryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190533
J MSwarthoutMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190534
RoseHazenMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 May 190534
GeorgeSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 190521
MaggieAkenMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 190521
WallaceKlingenhofferMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 190521
EllaEbkaMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 190521
JohnSimonsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 190532
LewisBabcockMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 190534
ClaraKirkpatrickMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 190534
WilliamRoseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 190534
MollieGoodpasterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 190534
ParsonsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190522
CraigTurnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190522
EdnaClineMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190522
WmCrossMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190522
MaggieToddMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190522
John AConwellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190523
HenryFoxMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190534
MarciaBondMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190534
MosesClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190534
CarolineStollDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190535
Mathew WallaceCriswellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 190535
MabelHustonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190522
Andrew CliffordRobertsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190524
Loie MasonJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190524
StageirwaldBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
JosephLeppertMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
LouisePolkingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
LappsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
John MDilsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
MissouriOverturfMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190533
Henry FSchipperMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190534
ClarissaKinzerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 190534
BarbaraBurkartDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190521
GeorgeRoofMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190523
FrancesSchulerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190523
DilsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190532
Isaac DRobbinsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190534
FlorenceTrueMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190534
FrancesSchulerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190535
George WRoofMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190535
Lottie BKerrMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190535
Thomas AHegenbarthMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 190535
AkeBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190522
PaulEbelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
LeonaHamptonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
Emily MConwayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
Emily MelvilleShattuckDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
ElsieCrockettMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
Charles MAgnewMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190523
StollBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190532
Dennis FWalshDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190534
Amelia FSargentDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190534
Clyde FrancisSmileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jun 190534
HouseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 190521
EdwardLeflerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 190521
MichaelCampbellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 190522
FrederickDeFreesMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 190524
Ethel AnnaHeldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 190524
Wm TCraigDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190525
Jerry WMorisonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190525
Mary DSchmidtMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190525
BlockBirthAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190532
ChasChambersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190533
Katie SMarshallMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190533
EdwardJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190533
ElenoraHartmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190533
John TTimmonsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190534
AgnesBurnettMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190534
HelenBillingsleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 190534
Dr.MarshalMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 190522
McAllisterBirthAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 190522
JohnWarnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 190525
ClarenceAkeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 190533
EmmaUhlmanseikDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 190523
EmmaChamberlainDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 190525
EphriamHigdonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 190523
EthelGreenMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 190523
MissOlmansiekDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 190532
KlausingBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 190525
JohnJobstDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190524
Lydia APlummerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190524
Edward SBreeseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190532
CarrieDaughtersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190532
ThomasConawayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190532
James MParrottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190534
MinnieCannonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 190534
Robert WesleyCriswellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190522
Martha JElliottDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190522
ArlingtonJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190534
JohnMeyerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190534
Mary TapleyDowneyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190535
Edward RShawMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 190535
PhilipMcMahanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 190533
BeulahGreelyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 190533
HelenFritzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 190533
Ann ElizaLucasDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 190535
Ann ElizaMunsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 190535
Alice BerthaCobbMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 190534
Daniel EvanStrayerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 190534
Mrs.CraftDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 190532
Fairell BPadgittDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 190533
ClaraTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 190534
HarryBaldryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 190534
JuliusSeverinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Oct 190534
LuherteBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
ConwellBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
MarionStevensMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
Inez IreneWheelerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
JohnJacksonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
AgnesClarkMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190532
Coy AWeatherfordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190533
Katie StaffordBettleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 190535
JohnTwentymanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 190535
William HParkerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 190535
Lydie BMitchellMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 190535
Charles NBuffingtonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 190535
Irene LThompsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 190535
Jesse MartinLairdDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 190624
Nina JaneEwbankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 190624
BlockBirthAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 190632
Barbara NalheimerDrexlerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 190633
HolmanCanfieldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 190636
MargaretGillespieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 190634
MaryPetersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 190635
Benjamin FClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 190635
Carolyn LouiseBloomMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 190636
William ScottHanleyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 190636
DurbinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 May 190742
PryorBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 May 190742
HolmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 May 190743
Will AUllrichMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 May 190745
IreneSchipperMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 May 190745
JamesTreonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190723
MargaretColemanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190723
Robt HarrisonColtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190724
J FTreonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190724
MargaretColemanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190724
MortonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190732
Frank MarionAndrewsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190733
Katie MarieOppermanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190733
ZimmerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190733
PearlCooperMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190733
ElmerDeissMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190733
Geo AWithrowMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
LucyGinterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
Ruth EmmaBundyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
George BIngramMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
RalphFrenchMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
AliceBlackMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jun 190734
LinkmeyerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190732
Dan CMackerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190733
SadieLiddleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190733
DonRandallMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190733
MaySchuylerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190733
HenryDavidterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190733
Richard EBrooksMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190734
GraceSparksMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190734
ThomasHenryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190734
MaggieHulburtMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jun 190734
DavidDeuchassMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Oct 190733
LuellaManliefMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Oct 190733
John WalterGiffinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Oct 190733
Sarah AnnieLischkgeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Oct 190733
Edward NSwiftMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190732
Theodosia EKempMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190732
FerdinandKieferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
James MMillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
Almedia CEdwardsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
Mrs.EwbankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
MissBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
JacobDefrenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190733
B FrankBuchananDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190734
Charles OttoSawdonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190734
Ruth ECurtisMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190734
AdalineSchumacherDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Oct 190734
GeorgeSteinmetzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190722
DriverBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190732
FerdinandKiefferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190734
AugustBaerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190736
Lydia ESchroederMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190736
MaryAutrasDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190736
MaryBovardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190736
MaryMainsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Oct 190736
NancyDorrellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Nov 190725
Clifford GManliefDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Nov 190735
ArthurRandallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Nov 190734
NancyBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Nov 190736
FRectanusDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Nov 190732
WeiseBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 190733
MargaretPelgenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 190734
Donald GStarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 190735
Solomon KGoldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Dec 190733
HolmanVailDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Dec 190734
StevensBirthAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190832
AdalineTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190833
TheodoreSchnetzerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190833
HarryMcKinzieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190833
CharlesMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190835
CharlesMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 190834
CarlAbbottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 190834
KatherineElfersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 190834
Henrietta AdalineCaytonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 190836
FredDauschMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Feb 190833
AdaCraigMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Feb 190833
AlonzoWardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Feb 190823
LeoGoerthMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Feb 190832
CharlesHillmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Feb 190834
H DHanoverDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190823
MaryMcGrawDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190823
MaryMaloneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190823
Mrs.McGrawDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190832
GeorgeDrexlerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190832
Esther HopeWilliamsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Mar 190833
BrunerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent19 Mar 190832
Johanna WilhelmKlingelhofferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Mar 190833
Elmer GTuftsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Apr 190822
McClellanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Apr 190832
JohnSteeleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190832
MaudHowardMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190832
AlbertGreiveMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190833
EffieSchuylerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190833
HenryWeisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190833
Jesse PMorrisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190833
SpurgeonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Apr 190833
BenningBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Apr 190825
ThomasBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Apr 190833
WillLeibeckeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Apr 190835
PaulineKlueberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Apr 190835
RobertSuttonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Apr 190835
ArnoSchmidtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 May 190823
HarryPetersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 May 190832
LizzieTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 May 190832
FrankAlbrightMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 May 190832
AnnaDevanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 May 190832
JohnHowardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190821
C CStevensDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190822
SimonSiemantelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190823
Bena CanfieldMillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190823
SethStedmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190823
Sarah R StedmanConnorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190823
Rosa FoulkHolmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190822
PetersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190832
WilliamSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190832
DaisyOttMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190832
Mrs.NolkeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190833
FrankAlbrightMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190833
AnnaDevanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190833
Wm AJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190835
Ada LouisaShumacherMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190835
MariaNoltaDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190836
MariaNolkeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jun 190836
Mrs.HoppingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Jun 190833
LizziePlewDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jun 190832
IrenaRudelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jun 190834
William MStrayerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
JohnAllmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
LauraGoodpasterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
AugustSchwabMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
Frances JWitheredMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
MartinAkeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
Mahala JHillmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190832
Jane NGreerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jul 190835
LizzieMcCrearyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 190822
JosephineRudolphDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 190822
Will SHeckDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 190833
FrankHooverMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 190833
Sadie SassamanBakerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jul 190833
HeitkampBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190822
Josephine SassamanRandolphDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190823
JosephineMergnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190823
JosephineSassamanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190823
AlphaMeyersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190833
Joel KCorbinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jul 190834
GeorgeSchaeferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jul 190825
WillardMendellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jul 190832
ClaudieWareDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 190823
John WBoughnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 190825
HubbarttBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 190832
William L SJonesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 190833
HiramChanceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 190833
CharlesSatchwillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 190834
IgnatiousChristmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 190835
BelleRobertsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Sep 190822
WilsonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent3 Sep 190832
GerhardtMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Sep 190834
Robert WMarymanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Oct 190822
Ellen ElizabethWalkerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Oct 190832
Emily JeanRussellBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Oct 190832
J OChurchillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190832
MagdelenaKruetzerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190832
LucindaLewisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190832
LucindaWrightDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190832
MargaretMaloneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190833
MargaretLallyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 190833
BernardKettellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Dec 190831
EverettYoungMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190833
LelaTrulockMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190833
RachelHuffmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190835
WmMcCartneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190835
GraceBartonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190836
John Jr.HeustisMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Dec 190836
Charles LSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jan 190932
Anna KHilbertMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jan 190932
MargaretDowneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jan 190936
MargaretAdkinsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jan 190936
GeorgeClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190926
SarahVailDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190932
GoldieHillcordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190933
Thomas OLindsayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190933
John MKellyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190922
ClementsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190922
ClementsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190922
RobtWoodDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190932
David ClarkeBeachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190934
Anna HaringProbstDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Mar 190934
AnnaBableDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Oct 190931
WmSeidlerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Oct 190932
JohnWattsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Oct 190932
James RobertTeaneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Oct 190934
Mrs.GoebelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 190932
Thomas JLucasDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 190935
Roxanna BuffingtonHayesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190922
Loucinda MuseStewartDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190922
CharlesOsbornMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190932
CatherineMcGinleyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190932
LenaEichMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190932
CarrieWalterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190932
JohnKrauthMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Dec 190932