Dearborn County Sale of Taxes – January 1840

The following notice was found in:
Political Beacon (Lawrenceburg, Indiana) – 28 Dec 1839 – Page 3 – Column 5.

Sale of Taxes.
NOTICE is hereby given, that I have executed the following numbers of shares of the capital stock of the Branch of the State Bank of Indiana at Lawrenceburgh, owned by the following persons, for the non-payment of State, County, and Road taxes, to 1839, as charged upon the duplicate of Dearborn county, and unpaid, to-wit:

Owners names. No shares. Am’t of taxes.
Bradley Bonaparte 6 .64
Hayes Joseph 10 2.25
Hayes James C 10 .84
Hayes Ezra G 10 .84
Hayes Oliver 10 .84
Hayes Sarah 10 .84
John Enoch D 107 Bal. due 13.37
Miller Job 48 6.57
Major Daniel S 123 15.79
Major Catharine C 15 1.96
Pepper Abel C 43 9.67

And that I will on the first day of January, A. D. 1840, at the door of the Branch Bank aforesaid in Lawrenceburgh, in said County of December, Indiana, between the hours of 10 o’clock, A. M. and 4 P. M. of said day, proceed to sell the bank stock aforesaid charged to the said owners respectively, or so much thereof as will pay the taxes charged thereon respectively, and costs.

Treasurer and Collector of Dearborn Co.
by John Weaver, Dep’ty Collector
Dec 10 1839