Franklin County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Franklin County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • W. H. BRACKEN, Attorney at Law.
  • BINKLEY & JONES, Attorney at Law, Valley House Block.
  • S. E. URMSTON, Attorney at Law and Prosecuting Attorney.
  • McMAHAN & SMITH, Attorneys at Law.
  • J. F. McKEE, Attorney at Law.
  • H. TRICHLER, Boston Boot, Shoe and Hat Store.
  • O. BAKER, Billiard Parlor.
  • JOHN BURKHART, Carpenter and Builder.
  • W. H. FOGEL, Clothing and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
  • ADAM HEEG, Cigars, Manufacturer of.
  • J. O. GATES, Drugs and Medicines.
  • A. J. KING, Drugs and Medicines.
  • SWING & KAISER, Dry Goods, Notions, etc.
  • A. M. DAWSON, Editor Brookville American.
  • C. B. BENTLEY, Editor and Publisher Franklin Democrat.
  • P. CASE, Groceries and Provisions.
  • J. H. BROCKAMP, Groceries, etc. Groceries and Provisions taken in exchange for Goods. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Wooden and Willow Ware.
  • JACOB SMITH, Marble Works.
  • H. H. SCHRICHTE, Marble Works. All work warranted to give satisfaction.
  • HENRY CASE, Plasterer.
  • T. J. TYNER, Postmaster.
  • MOOREMAN & ZIMMER, Publishers of Leucht Thurm.


  • S. LOGAN, Blacksmith. Custom work done to Order.
  • ROSE & LOPER, Carriage Maker.
  • GEO. LOPER, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
  • CROOKSHANK & FERGUSON, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, etc.
  • MILLER & TYNER, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, etc.
  • T. W. HAYWARD, Dry Goods, Notions, Pictures and Frames, Oil Paintings and Chromos.
  • J. PROCTOR, Drugs and Medicines.
  • O. H. DONALD, Drugs and Medicines.
  • G. SNIDER, Groceries, Provisions and Restaurant.
  • SMITH THURSTON, Harness and Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes.
  • BROWN & BEST, Millers, Flour, Feed and Custom Milling done on short notice.
  • H. O. ROSE, Stoves and Tinware.
  • E. J. CHENNEY, Shoemaker.


  • PHILIP ASHINBAUGH, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • JOHN HARDING, Jr., Grain Dealer.
  • Henry Watson, Physician and Surgeon.


  • ROBERT POWERS, Attorney at Law.
  • J. R. TUCKER, Blacksmithing and Horse-shoeing done to order.
  • J. GOHNER, Cigars and Tobacco.
  • L. B. JAMES, Clothing, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • W. F. HAZARD, Dry Goods, Notions and Clothing; also Suits made to order on short notice. Finest Store Room in the Valley.
  • JOHN COULTER, Distillery.
  • JOHN FOGEL, General Merchandise.
  • D. J. SHAW, Groceries and Provisions.
  • D. L. SECRIST, Groceries and Drugs. Prescriptions carefully prepared.
  • J. GOSNELL, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • O. M. TURNER, Editor and Proprietor Laurel Times.
  • T. BROWN, Groceries and Provisions. Produce taken in exchange for goods.
  • R. J. DAY, Hardware and Farming Implements.
  • CHARLES BENN, Jeweler.
  • J. S. BURGOYNE, Justice of the Peace.
  • JAMES O’HAIR, Laurel Iron Foundry.
  • W. W. WILLIAMS, Livery and Feed Stable.
  • THOMAS GEYER, Meat Market. The country supplied with best of meat at all times.
  • C. S. BEYER, Restaurant.
  • E. C. COFFEE, Restaurant and Groceries.
  • C. E. BURGOYNE, Stoves and Tinware.
  • BURRIS & ELWELL, Saddles and Harness.


  • J. A. VAN CAMP, Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing. Repairing done to order.
  • ALLISON & SON, Carpenters and Builders.
  • A. BLACKLIDGE, Dry Goods, Notions and Groceries.
  • W. PECK, Druggist. Prescriptions carefully prepared.
  • PIERCE & FALKNER, Druggists, Drugs, Medicines, Pure Liquors for Medical use.
  • LEESON & HAWKINS, Dry Goods and General Merchandise.
  • L. E. MAHAN, Groceries and Provisions.
  • L. B. TREMBLY, Milling, “Crystal Mills.” Custom Flouring done on short notice.
  • WIGGANS & SON, Wagon Manufacturers and Custom Blacksmithing on short notice.


  • A. J. ROSE, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
  • T. G. ANDERSON, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
  • R. SHRENER, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • J. BARBER, Furniture and Undertaker.
  • J. W. MACY, Saw-mill. Custom Sawing done on short notice.
  • J. B. ORR, Physician and Surgeon.


  • WM. SAURLAND, Billiard Room.
  • A. MOLLAUN, Dry Goods and Groceries.
  • A. HACKMAN, Dry Goods and Groceries.
  • G. KASSING, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • P. DICKMAN, Furniture.
  • C. B. KESSING, Groceries and Provisions.
  • B. KAMP, Groceries and Provisions.
  • F. J. SCHEFFER, Groceries and Provisions.
  • J. H. SELLMEYERS, Hardware and Farming Implements.
  • C. BUNNEMEYER, Merchant Tailor.
  • C. M. GAUPER, Stoves and Tinware.


  • S. PYLE, Blacksmithing, Custom Work.
  • JOHN BARBMAN, Blacksmithing, Custom Work.
  • DALTON & BRO., Carriage Maker. Work Done to Order. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • JOHN VAN ZANT, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
  • J. GLASSCOCK, Carriage and Ornamental Painter.
  • FOGEL & LAIRD, Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions and General Merchandise.
  • M. MARSH, Flouring and Saw-mill. Custom work done on short notice.
  • W. C. ROBERTSON, Physician and Surgeon.
  • A. W. JENKINS, Physician and Surgeon.
  • HART BISHOP & SON, Reed Makers. Make, Repair and Reset Reeds of every description on shortest notice and most reasonable terms.
  • LARUE & BRO., Stoves and Tinware.


  • G. S. BABBITT, Blacksmith. Custom work done.
  • WM. B. COX, Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer.
  • C. MILLER, Dry Goods and Notions.
  • T. W. LAWRENCE, Justice of the Peace.