Ohio and Switzerland County Fair Committees – 1854

Committees formed for the 1854 Ohio County and Switzerland County, Indiana Agricultural Fair appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 7 September 1854 – Page 2, Column 2.

The following are the names of the committees, that persons having articles to exhibit [at the Ohio & Switzerland County Agricultural Fair], will be required to report themselves to.

On Farms—John J. French, Uziel H. Stow and Wm. J. Keeney.

On Stallions—Joseph Malin, Hugh S. Jelley and Albert Vandever.

On Brood Mares—Joseph A. Cole, Wm. Baily, Ky., and Levi Scroggin.

On other horses, Jacks, Jennies and Mules.—Daniel Piatt, Ky., Dr. P. S. Sage and James G. Kittle.

On Cattle—George A. Jackson, Wm. Kemp and Samuel Howard, Ky.

On Sheep and Hogs—Hugh L. Norris, Uziel H. Stow and James Gaff.

On Grain, Grass and Root Crops—William Stewart, Constant Golay and Joseph Stewart.

On Butter, Cheese and Fruits.—Amie Morerod, John Dumont and John H. Jones.

On Needlework—Mrs. David G. Rabb, Mrs. Isabella R. Dumont, Mrs. U. H. Stow and the President.

On Domestic Manufacturers.—Mrs. Sarah Hall, Mrs. James North and the Vice President.

On Poultry—Jonathan McMakin, John Hannah and Israel Stewart.

Mechanical Productions—Solomon Washer, Geo. G. Knox, Josiah Jackman and William Clore.

Plowing Match—William Stewart, John Hall and David Armstrong.

On Articles not enumerated—Collin McNutt, John S. Olmstead and John K. Harris.