Ohio and Switzerland Counties Temperance Convention – December 1853

Details of the Temperance Convention for Ohio County and Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Reveille (Vevay, Indiana) – 1 December 1853 – Page 2 – Column 2.
See newspaper for full details.

Temperance Convention.

At the Convention of friends of Temperance from Switzerland and Ohio counties, assembled at Mt. Sterling, Nov. 26, 1853. Dr. P. S. SAGE was called to the Chair, and Rev. H. WASON appointed Secretary pro tem.

On motion, Messrs. J. B. Lathrop, S. Washer and A. S. Kingsley were appointed a committee to nominate permanent officers.

On motion, the following persons were appointed to draft resolutions to be presented to the convention, viz: Messrs. J. C. Bunham, R. Cotton, J. Dumont, H. Littlefield, W. French and W. Speakman.

On motion, Messrs. Wm. French, U. H. Stow, Dr. Gillespie, R. N. Lamb and E. Hafford, were appointed to nominate delegates to the State Temperance Convention, to be held in Indianapolis the second Tuesday of next January.

The Convention then took recess until one o’clock, P.M.


Convention met, and called to order.—Prayer offered by Rev. J. B. Lathrop.

The committee on permanent officers reported as follows:
P. S. SAGE, President.
RALPH COTTON, Vice President.
WM. FRENCH, Secretary.

The following persons were reported by the committee, and chosen by the Convention as delegates to the State Temperance Convention, viz:

From Switzerland County,–J. R. Harris, Bela Herrick, E. M. Cheever, B. Robinson, T. Armstrong, Jas. H. Campbell, P. S. Sage, U. H. Stow, S. Washer, J. C. Bonham, H. A. Tinker, John Dumont, J. B. Lathrop, H. Wason, Enos Littlefield, George McCullough, A. S. Kingsley, Wm. Shaw, F. H. Stewart, James Stewart, Wm. Hewitt, James Ferguson, Walter Scott, E. Purdie, John Weaver, David Cain.

From Ohio County,–J. C. Powers, S. R. Record, Benj. Dennis, E. M. Gould, Ezra Lampkins, Dr. Medaris, D. H. Jessup, W. F. White, Allen Wilbur, W. S. Speakman, W. M. French, B. F. Shelden, W. Gillespie, T. H. Gilmore.

[Various resolutions passed]

The committee to nominate township committees reported as follows:


Jefferson Township.—J. B. Lathrop, H. Wason, J. J. P. Schenck, J. M. Cotton, E. Littlefield, G. McCullough, E. G. Carrington, Wm. Gleason, R. Hatton, G. Markland, J. B. Sparks.

Cotton Township.—P. S. Sage, S. Washer, U. H. Stow, J. C. Bonham, H. Tinker, C. A. Garey, H. Littlefield, L. W. Mallett, W. McMillen, A. S. Downey, David Lee, H. Bane.

Posey Township.—E. M. Cheever, Jacob Harris, Ira Keeney, Bela Herrick, A. Gazlay, Harris Keeney.

Craig Township.—John Weaver, Walter Scott, E. Hafford, John Cowan, James Shaw, David Cain, James Brindle, B. Goddard, E. Keervis, John C. Cotton.

Pleasant Township.—Dr. E. Purdy, James Stewart, J. C. Claighorn, James Furguson, T. H. Stewart, Wm. Hewitt, John Oran, L. Atkinson, John J. Adams.

York Township.—B. Robinson, James Campbell, T. Armstrong, J. Robinson, H. Kelso, Wm. D. Finton, Garrett Kelso, J. Froman, B. Stoops, E. Stoops, G. Stoops, John Gullion.


Randolph Township.—Wm. French, I. Kelso, W. Gillespie, W. Speakman, Thomas Plummer, Dr. Haines, Rev. Mr. White, B. F. Morris, B. F. Sheldon, Jas. Hastings.

Cass Township.—J. K. Read, Israel Lampkins, John Scranton, John Vanausdoll, E. W. Gould.

Union Township.—J. C. Powers, Dr. Lamb, J. R. Kent, Moses Turner, S. Record, Samuel Walker, R. J. Milligan, S. Kittle, T. Milligan.

Pike Township.—Peter Pate, Joseph Johnson, Darius Ford.

It was moved and carried, that the names of the committees, so far as reported to the Convention, be published with its proceedings; and the fractional committees be requested to complete their number, and all of them to fill their own vacancies.

On motion, a committee of three in each county was appointed to examine their records for the purpose of learning and publishing the amount of tax each county has had to pay within five years on account of the liquor traffic.

Committee for Switzerland—John Dumont, H. Wason, and J. B. Lathrop.

For Ohio—John R. Ross, W. French, and J. J. Hayden.

[Final Resolutions]