Ohio and Switzerland Fair Awards – 1854

Awards from the Ohio County and Switzerland County, Indiana Agricultural Fair for 1854 appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille28 September 1854 – Page 2, Column 1.

Awards at the Fair.

The following is a list of the premiums and diplomas awarded by the several awarding committees, at the annual Fair of the Ohio & Switzerland Agricultural fair held at this place on the 13th; 14th, and 15th days of September 1854:

For the best arranged and cultivated farm, the committee not being able to give the preference, awarded $3.33 1/3 each to Joseph W. Hall, William T. Pate & Amasa Hyde, and also a diploma.

On Stallions

  • Cornelius Powel best Stallion, Calvin Marble, 2d best Stallion,
  • James Morrison, best 2 year old stallion; G. W. Vanosdal 2d best 2 year old stallion;
  • William Blen, best 1 year old stallion; Robert A. Knox, 2d best stallion.

On Brood Mares

  • C. Schmidt, best Brood Mare; Leonard Cole, 2d best do.

On other Horses, Jacks, Jennies and Mules

  • G. A. Jackson, best pr. draught horses; J. T. Nelson, 2d best do.;
  • Albert Vandever, best Buggy horse; D. G. Rabb 2nd best do.
  • A. Vandever, best Saddle horse; W. Rea, 2d best do;
  • R. Jackson best single draft horse;
  • C. Schmidt best 4 year old Mare;
  • J. McMakin best 1 year old Colt;
  • W. L. Harvey best 2 year old Filly;
  • James Brown, best 2 year old horse colt; James P. Marsh 2d best do;
  • Richard T. Goddard, best sucking horse colt: G. A. Jackson, 2d best do.
  • T. B. Dun best sucking Mare colt; James Brown 2d best do.
  • Joseph Malin, best Jack;
  • Joseph Malin, best Jenny;
  • D. Henry, best 2 year old Jenny;
  • David Henry, best 1 year old Jenny.
  • D. Henry best sucking Mule colt; John Leel 2d best Mule colt.

On Cattle—G. A. Jackson best pr. 3 year old Steers; Hiram Froman best Bull; J. W. Powell 2d best do. U. H. Stow best yearling steer. Bennet Philips best yoke work oxen; W. Miller 2d best do. Martin Picket, best milch cow; L. Roberts, best Heifer; Wm. Steward, 2d best do. T. Vanosdol, best Calf; F. Schoonover 2d best do. H. McMakin, best beef fatted in the District.

U. H. Stow, best Deer, and only one exhibited.

Sheep—Richard T. Goddard, best Buck sheep; Hiram Froman, 2d best do.

Crops—Thos. P. North best acre of Wheat; Thos. P. North, best ½ acre potatoes. Samuel M. Smith, best 7 acres oats. Joseph Bosseau, best ¼ acre Onions.

Fruits—H. H. Hatch, best Peaches. Constant Golay, best 7 kinds Winter apples, Wm. Glenn, 2d best do. Benj. Dennes best fall apples.

Needle Work

  • Mrs. Clara Morerod, best Quilt; Eliza J. Hall, 2d best; Mrs. Samuel W. Howard, 2d do (equal.)
  • Miss Hariet Henderson, best made Shirt.
  • Mrs. Sarah Hall, best English Embroidery.
  • Mrs. Isabella Dumont, best worked Embroidery on Cloth.
  • Miss Eliza Kincaid, best made Silk dress.
  • Mrs. Dumont & Kincaids, best made Silk dress.
  • Mrs. Dumont & Kincaids, best made Silk apron.
  • Miss Mary Ann Beatty, best Lady’s cap.
  • Miss Mary Ann Beatty, best Lady’s bonnet.
  • Miss Harriet A. Schenck, best Lamp mats.
  • Mrs. Harriet Tardy, best Basque waists and Mantle; (Basque waists made by Miss Emily Bettens, and Mantles by Miss Eliza Patton.)
  • Miss Julia Dumont, best Worsted Embroidery on Satin.
  • Miss Harriet A. Schenck, best Piano stool cover.
  • Miss Isabella R. Dumont, best Automan.

Domestic Manufacture

  • Mrs. John Hall best Rag carpet, Mrs. John T. Bond, 2d best carpet.
  • Mrs. Malinda North, best 4 pr hose.
  • Mrs. John Hall, best 3 pr. 1/3 hose; Mrs. David Henry 2d best 3 pair.
  • Mrs. David Henry, best piece of Jeans, Mrs. John Hall, 2d best do.
  • Mrs. John S. Olmstead, best Coverlid; Mrs. Hannah Philips, 2d best do.

Mechanical Productions

  • M. D. Briscoe best Man’s saddle; Wm. Faulkner 2d best do.
  • Daniel Cole, best Buggy and Coach harness.
  • Joseph Jagers, best Plow; H. H. Hatch 2d best plow.
  • H. H. Hatch, best specimen Horse shoeing.
  • S. T. Golay, best Steamboat yawl and Flat-boat skiff. Orlando Rous, 2d best.
  • A. Stow, best specimen Sign painting, A. Stow, best specimen Graining.
  • Shuff and Anderson, best Waggon.
  • Charles Thieband, best Women’s fine shoes, made by T. C. Levering.
  • Mrs. Lydia Jennings, best Willow baskets.
  • U. H. Stow, best bale Hay; L. W. Beal 2d best.
  • L. W. Beal, best Hay press.
  • F. Zeumer, best Confectionaries.
  • Mrs. I. R. Dumont, best painting.
  • Bennet Philips, best Ox yoke.
  • Josiah Jackman, best Level for Graduation.
  • L. Munson, best pair Chairs.
  • T. Lezenbee, best Flour barrel.
  • H. Keeney, best Screw cutter.
  • Wm. Glenn, best Apple paring machine.
  • J. W. Chittenden, best machine for splitting hoops.


  • Mr. Bateman, best pr Fowls; C. Thiebaud, 2d best.
  • Wm. Price, best Ducks, Jer. Newkirk, 2d best Ducks.

Articles not enumerated in the Premium List—Mrs. Malinda North diploma for unbaked Bread.

  • Miss Mary A. Beatty, for Wax flowers $1.
  • Mrs. Wm. Beard, for Wax do 50 cents.
  • Miss Emily Schenck, best boquets of culled flowers a diploma.
  • Mrs. I. R. Dumont, for 3 pots Southern plants $1.
  • Lydia Jennings, for Needle Basket, Diploma.
  • Wm. Miller, best one bushel Sweet potatoes $1.
  • Jer. Newkirk 2d best diploma.