Ohio and Switzerland Fair Meeting – June 1855

The minutes of the June 1855 meeting of the Ohio County and Switzerland County, Indiana Agricultural Society appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 11 July 1855 – Page 4, Column 1.

Agricultural Meeting.

The Ohio and Switzerland County Agricultural Society met at Enterprise on the 23d June, 1855, the President in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The committee appointed to ascertain what amount of funds could be procured at the different points provided the Fair should be held there, made report. Joseph Dalmazzo reported that there was subscribed by the citizens of Vevay and vicinity $208, and ice for the use of the fair grounds. D. G. Rabb reported that he had subscriptions with him made by citizens of Rising Sun and vicinity to the amount of $150, and that he had been informed that there was another list with $50 subscribed. After which

David G. Rabb moved that Vevay be the place at which the fair should be held, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 19th, 20th, and 21st days of September the time on which the Fair shall be held.

D. G. Rabb, from the committee appointed to procure a tent for the use of the Society, stated that one of a suitable size could be procured from 180 to $200, according to quality. The committee were on motion directed to procure a tent at a cost not exceeding $200.

The committee on printing reported that the printers in the district had informed them, they would do the printing and advertising for the Society for 33 1/3 per cent below the regular price. The committee were on motion directed to contract for the printing for the Society, with the three printing establishments in the district at fifty per cent of the regular price—but to pay nothing for publishing proceedings of the meetings of the society.

On motion, Joseph Dalmazzo, David Armstrong, and Perret Dufour were appointed a committee to select the site for the Fair at Vevay and have the ground fitted up.

On motion, it was ordered that there be printed a sufficient number of tickets in such form that the persons names for whom the same is intended shall be inserted in the body of the ticket.

On motion, the 6th Article of the By-Laws is to be construed, so that any adult person over 21 years in a family (other than the head of the family,) shall not be entitled to offer articles for premiums by the virtue of membership of the head of the family.

On motion, Theodore Vanosdol was allowed an order on the treasurer for two dollars, for best calf exhibited at the fair in September, 1854.

The directors then proceeded to appoint the awarding committees, when the following were appointed:

On Farms—Collin McNutt, John S. Olmstead, John Hunter.

On Stallions—Joseph Malin, Hugh Jelley, Geo. A. Jackson.

On draft and match Horses—Henry Peters, Collin McNutt, Ezra Kemp.

On riding Horses—D. G. Rabb, Henry McMakin, David Henry.

On buggy and carriage Horses—Hugh Jelley, R. T. Goddard, G. A. Hotchkiss.

On brood Mares and Colts—S. R. Tinker, A. Vandever, Wm. C. Kittle.

On 1 and 2 year old Horses & Mares—Abram Peters, Jas. Brown, John Cole of Ohio county.

On Jacks, Jennies and Mules—John Hall, Reuben Berry, Amasa Hyde.

On male Cattle—James Merrit, John J. French, David Shull.

On male Cattle—James Merrit, John J. French, David Shull.

On female Cattle—Geo. Buchanan of Ohio co., Joshua Haynes, I. Mallet.

On Sheep—Wm. Oxley, John B. Buchanan, Joshua Smithson.

On Hogs—N. Watts, Wm. T. Pate, Solomon Washer.

On Poultry—B. Dennis, Jonathan McMakin, J. W. H. Monroe.

On Crops—William Stewart, James Clark, Abijah North.

On Fruits, Butter, Honey and Cheese—James Clements, Scott Carter, J. S. Olmstead.

On Wine and Cider—Henry Brown, J. S. Olmstead, G. H. Kyle.

On Gardens and Hedge Fences—A. T. Risley, W. H. Powell, I. N. Malin.

On Vegetables and Flowers—Joseph M. Stewart, John H. Stewart, and W. Patterson, of Ohio co.

On Mechanical Productions—S. Washer, Josiah Jackman, J. M. Reister.

On Domestic Manufacturers—Mrs. H. McMakin, Mrs. Jas. Brown, Mrs. John Hall, and David Henry.

On Mantau Making—Mrs. T. O. Kyle, Mrs. Ullery, Mrs. Joseph Dalmazzo and Joseph Malin.

On Millinery—Miss M. E. Seymour, Mrs. Wm. Hall, Mrs. Esq. Hunter and James Brown.

On Embroidery and Fancy Needlework—Mrs. E. M. Dufour, Mrs. Pinckney James, Mrs. Jane Morerod and David G. Rabb.

On Needlework—Mrs. D. Henry, Mrs. Stephen H. Serata, Mrs. U. H. Stow and Joseph Dalmazzo.

On Articles not enumerated—John W. Wright, Israel Loring, Charles A. Gary.

On Essay on Agriculture—D. Henry, D. G. Rabb, and P. Dufour.

On motion, the Secretary and Corresponding Secretary were directed to procure speakers.

On motion, it was ordered that all articles intended for competition for premiums, be entered on the books of the Secretary during the first day and not after.

On motion, it was ordered that the annual meeting be held at Aberdeen, in Ohio county, at 10 o’clock, on the 2d Saturday in September next.

On motion, the Secretary was directed to furnish a copy of these proceedings to each of the publishers of Newspapers in the district, with a request that they publish the same in their respective papers.

On motion, the Society adjourned.

DAVID HENRY, President.
P. DUFOUR, Secretary.