Ohio County – 1846 Business Directory

The 1846 business directory for Ohio County, Indiana appeared in:
J. F. Kimball & Co.’s Eastern, Western, and Southern Business Directory; Containing the Cards and Circulars of Merchants, Manufacturers and Others, in the Principal Cities of the East, West, and South: to which is added a State Register of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. 1846. Second Annual Issue. Cincinnati and New York: J. F. Kimball & Co., Publishers.

Population about 4,500.

COUNTY OFFICERS.—Associate Judges, Samuel Fulton, Thomas H. Gilmore; Clerk of Circuit and Probate Courts, James H. Pepper; Sheriff, James. Smith; Auditor, J. M. Vance; Treasurer, J. B. Craft; Recorder, Wm. T. Lambdin; Commissioners, John Bennett, James Hemphill, George Pate; Assessor, M. Stewart; School Commissioner, N. R. Stedman.

ATTORNEYS.—Rising Sun: Alexander C. Downey, James S. Jelley, A. W. Hendricks. In Country: J. C. Ricketts.

PHYSICIANS.—Rising Sun: M. Haines, B. James, John Morrison, H. T. Williams, J. Evans, H. R. T. Rose, William Cullen Crookshank. Cass Township: R. Gillespie. Hartford: J. Jessup.

CLERGYMAN.—Rising Sun: James Jones, T. Eddy, J. S. Barwick, L. Hurlburt, B. F. Morris, T. Whallon, Charles Craven.

MERCHANTS.—Rising Sun: James Stirrat, Shadrach Hathaway, Abijah North & Son, Craft & Lynn, A. Jamieson, T. Kimpton & Brother, Wm. P. James & Co., I. D. & H. D. Hamilton, John McKnight. Hartford: A. & R. Wilber, J. R. Cole & Co., A. Y. Maryman. Milton Mills: M. Turner. Cass Township: James Hemphill.

I certify that the foregoing list contains the names of the principal merchants and professional men of Ohio county, Indiana.
J. M. VANCE, Auditor,
By A. C. Downey, Dep’y.
November 20, 1845.