Ohio County 1859 Guide

Ohio County, Indiana directory from:
McEvoy’s Lawrenceburg, Aurora & Rising Sun Directory, 1859-60. Indianapolis: McEvoy, 1859.

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Ohio County and Rising Sun Guide

CITY OFFICERS. Annual Election First Monday in September.

  • Mayor.—Thomas Shoup.
  • Marshal.—John I. Works.
  • Clerk.—William H. Smith.
  • Treasurer.—John K. Lewis.
  • Street Commissioner.—Charles Demoss.

COUNCILMEN. Meet at Mayor’s Office, Main, bt. Front and Poplar, the first Monday night of each Month.

  • Samuel Seward.
  • Platt Thompson.
  • Nathan Marble.
  • John S. Baxter.

OHIO COUNTY OFFICERS. Annual Election Second Tuesday in October.

  • Clerk.—John R. Ross.
  • Auditor.—John D. Bush.
  • Recorder.—William Elliott.
  • Treasurer.—Robert W. Jones.
  • Coroner.—Theophilus Jones.
  • Sheriff.—Thos. H. Gilmore.
  • Surveyor.—Edward B. Hunt.

COMMISSIONERS. Meet first Monday in March, June, September, and December.

  • Calvin Marble.
  • James W. Turner.
  • Hiram Barricklow.


Ohio Circuit Court.—Meets second Monday in February and August.

  • Judge.—Joseph W. Chapman.
  • Clerk.—John R. Ross.
  • Prosecuting Attorney.—Geo. W. Richardson.

Common Pleas Court.—Meets third Monday in January, July, and October.

  • Judge.—John J. Hayden.
  • Clerk.—John R. Ross.
  • District Attorney.—Richard Gregg.


  • Trustee.—James M. Reister.
  • Assessor.—John Hall.
  • Constable.—Robert Carter.
  • Justices of the Peace.—Wm. Berkshire, Jas. Clark.


  • Presbyterian, (O. S.,) Second, bt. Walnut and Poplar, Rev. Wm. Moore, Pastor.
  • Presbyterian, (N. S.,) Main, bt. Poplar and Walnut, Rev. Edwin Black, Pastor.
  • Methodist Episcopal, Walnut, bt. Second and Main, Rev. John S. Tevis, Pastor.
  • Christian Church, Main, bt. High and Walnut, Rev. M. C. Tiers, Pastor.
  • Universalist Church, Fourth, bt. Walnut and High, Rev. Geo. W. Gage, Pastor.
  • Baptist, held at Court House.
  • Catholic Mission, held at Mr. P. Dunne’s, attendance once a month, Rev. H. DuPontavis, Priest.


  • Directors.—Dr. H. T. Williams, Dr. McKibben, H. S. Espey, G. H. Craft and J. H. Jones.


  • McClure Working Man’s Library Institute. F. Gregory, Librarian.


  • Rising Sun Cornet Band. Meets every Wednesday evening at Court House. Composed of eight horns, bass and tenor drum.

MASONIC. Hall on Second street, over O. S. Presbyterian Church.

  • Rising Sun Lodge No. 6. Meets the first and third Saturdays of each month.
  • King David’s Chapter. Meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

ODD FELLOWS. Hall on Main Street, bet. Front and Poplar.

  • Friendship Lodge No. 4. Meets every Tuesday night.
  • Eldridge Encampment. Meets the last Thursday in each month.

SONS OF TEMPERANCE. Hall over Post Office.

  • Rising Sun Division No. 76. Meets every Monday evening.