Ohio County Donations for Soldiers’ Families – Nov 1863

The following article appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 12 Nov 1863 – Page 2, Column 3

Another Forward Movement.
Rising Sun, Nov. 9, ’63.

Mr. Editor:–On last Saturday Capt. A. J. Barricklow, with a detachment of twenty-five of his company, (the Ohio County Rough and Readies,) and fifteen volunteers for the occasion, made a rush on a party of war widows of Rising Sun and vicinity, supposed to be about thirty, with weapons, such as wood, green backs, potatoes, turnips, pumpkins, corn meal, flour, cabbage, pork, molasses, beets, &c., as a momento of their highest regards for the good cause in which their brave husbands are engaged. And in order to remind others equally patriotic and generous, that they may do likewise, as well as for consolation of fathers and husbands in the field, that their dear ones at home are cared for, we propose to give to each donor credit for his amount bestowed. Capt. Barricklow challenges competition, and in order that those from a distance may have a fair show, he proposes that they may be excused from hauling wood by supplying the equivalent in green backs, “or any other veaitables”:


  • Capt. A. J. Barricklow, load wood, bush. potatoes, 7 heads cabbage
  • A. Barricklow, load wood, bush. potatoes, 12 heads cabbage
  • Lieut. M. Clore, load wood, bush. potatoes, 12 heads cabbage
  • D. Wilber, load wood, bush. potatoes
  • Sergt. I. Birdzell, load wood
  • Sergt. D. Barricklow, load wood
  • Corp. C. Cooper, load wood
  • R. Peters, load wood
  • T. Wade, load wood
  • J. Peaslee, load wood
  • Lieut. J. Baker, load wood, 6 pumpkins, 6 heads cabbage
  • J. S. French, load wood
  • A. Saxton, load wood
  • J. Meshel and M. Rana, load wood
  • J. H. Pate, load wood, bush. potatoes
  • Ord. Sergt. J. W. Barricklow, load wood, sack turnips
  • S. Gaskill, load wood
  • Corp. J. E. Horsley, load wood
  • L. Nunt, load wood
  • J. Trestey, load wood
  • M. Turner, load wood
  • J. A. Monroe, load wood
  • A. C. Passons, load wood
  • Jacob Baker, load wood
  • F. H. Theurmer, load wood
  • H. S. Pate, load wood
  • R. Cornelius, load wood
  • J. W. Miller, load wood
  • B. H. Oak, load wood
  • J. M. French, bush corn meal
  • Jacob Koon, 2 bush. turnips
  • D. Houston, 10 lbs pork, lot cabbage and beets
  • John Housteon, 50 lbs flour
  • J. S. Barricklow, lot cabbage
  • A. Whiteford, bbl. potatoes
  • J. I. French, 2 gal. molasses, bush. potatoes
  • T. Rann, lot pumpkins and cabbage
  • H. Barricklow, cash, $3
  • Stephen Hastings, $5
  • Smith Pate, 50 cts

JOHN H. PATE, Company Clerk.