Pleasant Township Trustee’s Report – 1900

Pleasant Township, Switzerland County, Indiana, Trustee’s report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 Aug 1900 – Page 1, Column 2

Pleasant Township.
Trustee’s Report to the Commissioners of Switzerland County, Indiana.

[See newspaper for full report. Page washed out and hard to read. Readable names below.]



  • Frank Jackson, breaking stone
  • Wm. Richter, road work
  • Scott Danner, road work
  • Daniel Turner, road work
  • John Taylor, road work
  • [?] Archer, road work
  • [?] Anderson, road work
  • Hugh Jackson, [?] on road



  • E. Culbertson, services as Trustee
  • W. J. Baird, [?]
  • Wm. M. Shaw, expressage
  • D. B. Goble, [?] report books
  • J. D. Froman, writing road lists
  • W. S. Welch, services as Supervisor
  • Geo. M. Frampton, office books
  • Henry Buening, services as supervisor
  • J. H. Jackson, services as supervisor
  • Frank Gray, services as supervisor
  • Lee Wormus, services as supervisor
  • Wm. N. Ryan, services as supervisor
  • J. G. Briggs, services as supervisor
  • E. Culbertson, Postage and stationery



  • J. V. Archer, sheep killed
  • C. E. Whitton, sheep killed
  • James Storie, sheep killed
  • Leonard Voris, sheep killed
  • Levi Orem, sheep killed
  • W. S. Welch, sheep killed
  • Wm. A. Shadday, sheep killed
  • S. E. Ryan, sheep killed
  • Samuel Culbertson, sheep killed
  • David Culbertson, sheep killed
  • Wm. Gray, sheep killed



  • J. C. Smith, Tuition
  • D. H. Gobel, home and school visitor
  • Elwood Cole, hauling coal
  • J. F. Stewart, cleaning S. house
  • N. Roberts, hauling coal and repairs
  • W. N. Pattie, hauling material
  • J. O. Martin, hauling coal and repairing
  • Milford Paugh, wood and repairs
  • C. C. Finch, crayon
  • Vevay Wharfboat Co., freight
  • T. J. Kichter, painting
  • A. Weaver, repairs
  • W. H. Rogers, slating
  • Harry Berkemeyer, painting
  • E. F. Griswold, cleaning S. house
  • A. P. [?], hauling coal and repairing
  • Jas. Archer, school supplies
  • K. H. White, building material
  • Jas. S. Scott, hauling coal and repairing
  • Wm. Tragader, services as director
  • Hannibal Farrell, services as director
  • J. E. C. F. Harper, paint
  • Frank Osborn, fuel
  • C. R. Downey, painting
  • H. E. Thieman, services as director
  • Rufus Ferguson, repairs and hauling coal
  • John Eckert, [?]
  • Jesse Hatch, wod
  • G. S. Hulley, repairs and wood
  • Vevay Coal Co., coal
  • A. Rous, coal
  • A. V. Danner, glass
  • Wm. Hankins, wood and repairs
  • Chas. Blodget, wood
  • J. O. Kern, school supplies
  • E. D. Shadday, Institute and janitor fees
  • A. E. Fry, Institute and janitor fees
  • Isabel Kincaid, Institute and janitor fees
  • Eleanor Culbertson, Institute and janitor fees
  • C. L. Danner, enumerating
  • Wm. Tait, tuition
  • Geo. M. Frampton, school furniture
  • McGee & Co., shingles
  • Danner & Brook, [?]
  • Edward Morrison, [?]



  • E. D. Shadday, [?]
  • Harvy W. Briggs, teaching
  • W. F. Valentine, teaching no. 5
  • A. E. Fry, teaching
  • Eleanor Culbertson, teaching
  • H. E. Carnine, teaching
  • Lucevia Oxley, teaching
  • Delpha Orem, teaching