Rising Sun List of Letters – January 1860

The January 1860 List of Letters for Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana is found in:
Indiana Weekly Visitor – 7 Jan 1860 – Page 3, Column 2

Advertised Letters.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Rising Sun Post office on the first day of January, 1860. All Letters advertised are subject to an extra charge of one cent. Persons calling for them will please come with the requisite change.

  • Ballard Peter
  • Calhoun Mary Mrs
  • Collins Joseph
  • Collins Hugh T
  • Culp Geo W D
  • Croy James M
  • Davis H
  • Doran John
  • DeForest Spencer H
  • Eastin Foster J
  • Egelston Richard
  • Fox Nancy Miss
  • Gibson Harriet Mrs
  • Gibson J L
  • Hanna Mary Mrs
  • Howe W H
  • Kirby Francis Miss
  • Kelley B F
  • Ladd Martha Melissa Miss
  • Lemirk Mrs
  • Milner James E
  • Morris Jackson
  • Morris Andrew Jackson
  • Norvell William
  • Powell John H
  • Robinson Rebecca Mrs
  • Ridenhous Mr
  • Sisson P V
  • Thompson Josiah
  • Williams Caroline Miss
  • Williams Jane Mrs
  • Wayless J G
  • Worthington T


Note: Letters not picked up in 3 months were sent to the General Post Office and destroyed.