Rising Sun Newspaper Index 1833-1860

The following index to births, marriages, divorces and deaths in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana includes entries from the following newspapers:

  • Hoosier Patriot (1852)
  • Indiana Democrat (1858)
  • Indiana Oasis (1878)
  • Indiana Weekly Visitor (1857-1860)
  • Indiana Whig (1848-1850)
  • Neutral Pennant (1853-1854)
  • Rising Sun (1833-1834)
  • Rising Sun Mirror (1849-1851)
  • Rising Sun Times (1834-1837)
  • True Whig (1850)
  • Weekly Times (1854)

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Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index
Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana Newspaper Index

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperNewspaper DatePageColumn
Sarah[illegible]DeathIndiana Weekly Visitor22 Oct 185931
Sarah PAllenMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
SusanAllenMarriageRising Sun Times12 Jul 183433
Geo WAndersonMarriageRising Sun Times11 Oct 183433
Mary AnnAndersonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Apr 186031
Mason WAndersonMarriageIndiana Whig14 Jul 184931
SarahAndersonMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Fletcher CAndrewMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185831
ElizabethArmstrongMarriageRising Sun Times19 Sep 183533
Rebecca AnnArthursMarriageRising Sun Mirror3 Jul 185132
Prince AllenAthearnMarriageThe Rising Sun16 Nov 183334
SophiaAthearnMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185831
John TAustinDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor16 Apr 185931
HuldahBabbsMarriageIndiana Whig21 Apr 184931
RebeccaBabbsDeathRising Sun Times8 Nov 183433
EstherBaldwinMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
Frances ABarkerMarriageIndiana Whig24 Mar 184926
Julia AnnBarkerMarriageTrue Whig6 Jul 185031
SusanBarkerMarriageIndiana Whig5 Aug 184832
Wm HBarnhartMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Jan 186032
FrederickBarricklowMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
Julia AnnBarricklowMarriageRising Sun Times26 Jul 183433
Elizabeth PBaymanMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
RobertBeatyMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
William HBellDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor5 Nov 185932
JohnBennettMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
BerkshireDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Sep 185931
Leanora MBestMarriageIndiana Whig10 Feb 184926
SamuelBestMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
W HBlackMarriageRising Sun Mirror3 Jul 185132
Mary EBlackburnMarriageIndiana Whig30 Mar 185026
NancyBlackburnMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
MarthaBlueMarriageThe Rising Sun4 Jan 183432
L RBoothMarriageRising Sun Mirror1 Dec 184931
SamuelBowmanMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
Wm OBradstreetMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
RusselBroelowDeathRising Sun Times18 Jun 183533
EmelineBrownMarriageRising Sun Times15 Aug 183533
GBrownMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Jun 185932
HenryBrownMarriageIndiana Whig2 Feb 185031
HenryBrownMarriageRising Sun Mirror2 Feb 185033
JamesBrownMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Laura MariaBrownMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
PeterBrownMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
SamuelBrownDeathRising Sun Times7 Mar 183533
JamesBuchananMarriageIndiana Whig21 Apr 184931
MarkBuchananDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Mar 186032
Julia AnnBushDeathRising Sun Times9 May 183532
Abel MCadwellMarriageIndiana Whig10 Feb 184926
Mary ElizabethCadwellDeathIndiana Whig13 Jan 184926
Henrietta MCampbellMarriageIndiana Whig26 May 184926
Melvill RCannonMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
MariaCarrollMarriageRising Sun Times18 Apr 183532
RichardCaulkinsMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
John WCaveMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
BarneyChamberlainMarriageRising Sun Times26 Jul 183433
Nancy JaneChamberlainMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Rebecca PChamberlainMarriageRising Sun Mirror1 Dec 184931
JosephChambersMarriageIndiana Whig7 Oct 184831
JamesChandlerMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Jul 185932
ElizaClarkMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
MaryClarkDeathRising Sun Mirror10 Jul 185131
MelissaClarkMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
SarahClarkMarriageRising Sun Times6 Jun 183533
IsaacClarkeDeathIndiana Whig26 May 184925
JohnClarkeDeathIndiana Whig24 Feb 184931
S WClarksonDeathTrue Whig29 Jun 185021
MahlonClementMarriageIndiana Whig11 Nov 184831
JaneCloreMarriageRising Sun Mirror30 Jan 185125
MaryCloseMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Jun 185932
ReubenCloseDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Apr 185931
ElizabethCofieldMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
RobertCofieldMarriageIndiana Whig21 Apr 184931
James PCollinsMarriageThe Rising Sun15 Feb 183433
WilliamCollinsMarriageRising Sun Times26 Jul 183433
MaryCooperMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor27 Nov 185833
MaryCooperMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Jul 185932
William ACorneliusMarriageIndiana Whig27 Jan 184931
RossCrosleyMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
MaryCrouchMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
DavidCulpMarriageRising Sun Times29 Aug 183532
JohnDanielsMarriageRising Sun Times15 Aug 183533
JaneDawsonDeathRising Sun Times8 Nov 183433
MalindaDennisMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Apr 186031
William LDickinsonMarriageRising Sun Mirror16 Jan 185125
Hannah MariahDockerMarriageThe Rising Sun29 Mar 183434
SamuelDoddMarriageIndiana Whig14 Oct 184831
LetitiaDonnallMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
SusannahDowneyMarriageRising Sun Times29 Aug 183532
ElliotDriverMarriageThe Rising Sun22 Feb 183433
MarshallElliottMarriageRising Sun Times19 Sep 183533
MariaEllisonDeathRising Sun Mirror15 May 185131
John SEmrieMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor1 Oct 185932
Mary FrancesEnochDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor5 Nov 185932
Hugh JrEspeyMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor25 Jun 185932
Eleanor AEvansMarriageIndiana Whig22 Jul 184833
JohnFarrenDeathRising Sun Times22 Aug 183531
Lydia HFaulknerMarriageRising Sun Times11 Jun 183532
AliceFieldsDivorceIndiana Weekly Visitor18 Dec 185832
JamesFieldsDivorceIndiana Weekly Visitor18 Dec 185832
JohnFinchDeathRising Sun Times24 Oct 183533
DavidFisherMarriageIndiana Whig24 Feb 184931
DavidFisherMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
EmilyFisherMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
EmmersonFisherMarriageIndiana Whig20 Jan 184926
AlfredFlintMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Apr 186031
ElijahFortnerMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
Marcus AFrancisMarriageIndiana Whig30 Mar 185026
RandellFrazierMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
Jefferson AFrenchMarriageRising Sun Times4 Apr 183532
Willie LFrenchDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor9 Apr 185932
MaryannFullerMarriageRising Sun Times6 Jun 183533
MaryFultonDeathRising Sun Times16 Aug 183433
SamuelFultonDeathIndiana Whig27 Jan 184926
MariahGibsMarriageRising Sun Times20 Sep 183433
CatharineGibsonMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
SidneyGilesDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185831
Thomas HGilmoreMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
IsraelGilpinDeathRising Sun Times9 Aug 183435
SarahGoldsonDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Sep 185832
JacobGoodnerMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
Ellen SGoodwinMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
MaryGordonMarriageIndiana Whig14 Oct 184831
SarahGrahamMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
Catharine EGrayMarriageRising Sun Times11 Oct 183433
Susan JaneGrayMarriageIndiana Whig7 Oct 184831
CharlesGriffinMarriageIndiana Whig18 May 185031
MissGriffithDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor23 Apr 185931
John WHallMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Jun 185932
MaryHallMarriageIndiana Whig20 Jan 184926
RobertHallDeathRising Sun Mirror15 May 185131
AmeliaHamiltonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
ElectiaHamiltonMarriageRising Sun Times31 May 183434
ElizaHamiltonMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
I DHamiltonMarriageIndiana Whig22 Jul 184833
John BHamiltonMarriageRising Sun Mirror16 Jan 185125
MiltonHamiltonMarriageIndiana Whig16 Feb 185026
IsaacHancockMarriageRising Sun Times11 Jun 183532
WilliamHannahMarriageIndiana Whig16 Feb 185026
ElizabethHarbertDeathRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
Hannah SHarrisMarriageIndiana Whig18 May 185031
Reuben DHarshmanMarriageRising Sun Mirror16 Jan 185125
Emeline DHartDivorceIndiana Whig4 Nov 184836
James CHartDivorceIndiana Whig4 Nov 184836
Susan MHartMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
GeorgeHarwoodMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
Mary AnnHarwoodMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
SarahHastingsMarriageIndiana Whig21 Apr 184931
LouisaHastinusMarriageThe Rising Sun16 Nov 183334
Cynthia AHendricksMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor22 Oct 185931
ElizabethHenningDeathRising Sun Times12 Sep 183533
Rebecca AnnHigbeeMarriageIndiana Whig16 Feb 185026
SamuelHinchMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
PeterHoffnerMarriageIndiana Whig7 Oct 184831
Jonas EHornfallDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Jul 185932
EvelineHowardMarriageRising Sun Times21 Mar 183533
MaryHoweDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Jul 185832
DalmonHowleyDeathRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
MaryHubbardMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
HubbardDeathRising Sun Times29 Aug 183532
HesterHubbellMarriageIndiana Whig26 May 184926
LizzieHundleyMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Sep 185832
Mary JHuntMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Jan 186032
James WHunterDeathRising Sun Times19 Sep 183534
NancyHunterMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Sep 185832
JosephHustonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Nov 186031
ManfieldHustonMarriageRising Sun Times31 May 183434
Wade HamptonJackMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
IraJamesMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor22 Oct 185931
Margaret SJamesMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor25 Jun 185932
Mary AJamesMarriageIndiana Whig24 Feb 184931
Rebecca HJamesDeathRising Sun Times16 Aug 183433
Wm PJamesMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
Bazlett DJamisonDeathIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
Mary EJelleyMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
JonathanJenningsDeathRising Sun Times16 Aug 183433
James SJennisonMarriageIndiana Whig24 Mar 184926
AmericaJonesMarriageIndiana Whig27 Jan 184931
John TJonesMarriageThe Rising Sun29 Mar 183434
William CKeenMarriageThe Rising Sun29 Mar 183434
ParkinsonKefferMarriageRising Sun Times21 Mar 183533
Elizabeth MKellMarriageRising Sun Times11 Oct 183433
LouisaKelleyMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor4 Feb 186031
MaryKempMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
Amira MKirkpatrickMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
NancyKittleMarriageIndiana Whig18 May 185031
ClementineKittsDivorceIndiana Whig12 May 184933
JohnKittsDivorceIndiana Whig12 May 184933
George WKnowltonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Sep 185832
RuthLairMarriageThe Rising Sun22 Feb 183433
LucindaLaMasterMarriageIndiana Whig16 Sep 184831
JacobLarewDeathIndiana Whig23 Mar 185031
JacobLarueDeathRising Sun Mirror23 Mar 185026
Ann MariaLawrenceMarriageThe Rising Sun29 Mar 183434
William ELeechMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor9 Apr 185932
Mirabeau NLennMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Jul 185832
EmlinLewisDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Mar 186032
Mary CorneliaLewisDeathThe Rising Sun23 Nov 183332
Sarah JaneLewisMarriageIndiana Whig27 Jan 184931
Duncan DanaLittleDeathIndiana Whig22 Jul 184833
Sarah JaneLongwoodMarriageRising Sun Mirror27 Apr 185042
NathanLoodileMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
JerushaLoringMarriageThe Rising Sun16 Nov 183334
UriahLottonMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
ElizaLoveMarriageRising Sun Times11 Apr 183533
AlcheyMapelsMarriageThe Rising Sun10 May 183434
Jonathan WMarbleMarriageIndiana Whig30 Jun 184932
RebeccaMarchMarriageRising Sun Times16 May 183533
RichardMartinMarriageIndiana Whig25 Aug 184931
A GMcClureMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Jun 185932
AbnerMcFarlandMarriageIndiana Whig23 Dec 184835
JohnMcKnightMarriageThe Rising Sun16 Nov 183334
JaneMcLoskeyMarriageRising Sun Times8 Nov 183433
JamesMeadDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Mar 186032
Lea TMeekerMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Jul 185832
Marsh HMeekerMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Apr 185931
ElizabethMelstyreMarriageRising Sun Times13 Jun 183433
WillisMilesMarriageRising Sun Times11 Apr 183533
JamesMilfordDeathRising Sun Times2 Aug 183434
AnneMillerMarriageRising Sun Times16 Aug 183434
Sarah ElizabethMitchellMarriageThe Rising Sun15 Feb 183433
FrancesMoesMarriageTrue Whig22 Jun 185031
William GMonroeMarriageRising Sun Times11 Oct 183433
H MMooreMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Sep 185832
JohnMorganMarriageRising Sun Times12 Jul 183433
MorganMarriageIndiana Whig30 Mar 185026
JamesMorrisonMarriageThe Rising Sun22 Feb 183433
RachelMountsMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
JacobMyersDeathIndiana Whig24 Mar 184926
AndrewNaileighMarriageRising Sun Times9 Aug 183433
IndianaNealMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor9 Apr 185932
W HNelsonMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
EmelineNewmanMarriageIndiana Whig14 Jul 184931
ElijahNobleMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
MarshaNobleMarriageRising Sun Times26 Jul 183433
Huldah ANorthMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor22 Jan 185931
IraNorthMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor4 Feb 186031
Royal FNorthDeathIndiana Whig18 May 185031
MaryOglereeMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
Eli JOxleyMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Sep 185932
PatonOxleyMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor16 Apr 185932
MaryPalmerMarriageIndiana Whig11 Nov 184831
GeorgeParkerDeathRising Sun Times26 Jul 183433
JohnPavyMarriageRising Sun Times20 Sep 183433
CharlesPearsonMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Mary JanePearsonMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Henry SterritPepperDeathIndiana Whig25 Aug 184931
John PPepperMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
Sophia LaniusPepperMarriageRising Sun Times4 Apr 183532
Isaac HPhillipsMarriageIndiana Whig18 May 185031
Isaac HPhillipsMarriageIndiana Whig18 May 185031
NancyPiattMarriageIndiana Whig16 Feb 185026
ElizabethPierceMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
Eliza APowellMarriageIndiana Whig15 Dec 184926
PermeliaPowersMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
Eliza MPriceMarriageIndiana Whig2 Feb 185031
Eliza MPriceMarriageRising Sun Mirror2 Feb 185033
CarolineProtsmanMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185831
Mary EProtzmanMarriageRising Sun Mirror16 Jan 185125
StephenPugslyDeathRising Sun Times13 Sep 183433
Elizabeth CRexDeathIndiana Whig22 Jul 184833
WilliamRichMarriageIndiana Whig27 Jan 184931
Joseph HRichardsonMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
LewisRisslerMarriageIndiana Whig23 Sep 184831
DanielRobbinsMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor28 Apr 186031
AsburyRobertsDivorceIndiana Whig23 Feb 185042
LucindaRobertsDivorceIndiana Whig23 Feb 185042
MaryRodgersMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
Melinda JRollinsMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Nov 186031
WmRollinsMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
John FRossDeathRising Sun Times31 May 183434
HenriettaRunvasDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor4 Jun 185932
MiltonRunyonDeathRising Sun Times11 Jun 183532
Sarah AgnesRyleDeathIndiana Whig11 Nov 184831
Caleb HSampsonMarriageThe Rising Sun10 May 183434
CharlesScottMarriageRising Sun Times18 Apr 183532
Elizabeth AnnScottMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
Mary EScrantonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor1 Oct 185932
Sallie CaldwellSeaboltDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor25 Jun 185932
ThomasShoupeMarriageIndiana Whig15 Dec 184926
JamesSimmonsMarriageIndiana Whig26 May 184926
JohnSissonDivorceIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185832
CharlesSladeDeathRising Sun Times2 Aug 183434
AugustusSmithDeathRising Sun Times19 Sep 183533
ElizabethSmithDeathRising Sun Times19 Sep 183533
Mary LouisaSmithMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Oliver HSmithDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor26 Mar 185921
SarahSmithDeathRising Sun Mirror6 Feb 185125
WmSmithMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor11 Dec 185831
SmithDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Sep 185931
SusanSnyderMarriageIndiana Whig23 Sep 184831
John WSpencerDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor26 Mar 185924
William HSteelMarriageRising Sun Times2 May 183532
EmelineStewartMarriageRising Sun Mirror16 Jan 185125
JamesStewartMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor4 Feb 186031
Martha JaneStewartMarriageIndiana Whig31 Mar 184926
Mary AnnStewartMarriageIndiana Whig11 Nov 184831
StephenStewartMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
TaswellStewartMarriageIndiana Whig16 Sep 184831
MorrisStockdaleMarriageRising Sun Times16 May 183533
EliakimStoopsMarriageRising Sun Times3 Oct 183533
WilliamStopherMarriageRising Sun Times6 Jun 183533
W HSullivanMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
LizzieTaitMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor4 Feb 186031
Dorinda WTalbottMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Sep 185932
SusanTerrilMarriageIndiana Whig29 Dec 184926
MariaThompsonMarriageIndiana Whig24 Feb 184931
SarahThompsonDeathIndiana Weekly Visitor3 Mar 186032
BenjaminThornMarriageIndiana Whig11 Nov 184831
GilreryThornMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
ChesterTrayerMarriageRising Sun Times8 Nov 183433
AnnTurnerMarriageIndiana Whig25 Aug 184931
MatthewTurnerMarriageRising Sun Times13 Jun 183433
Ann ElizaVanceMarriageRising Sun Times5 Sep 183532
VandolahMarriageIndiana Whig30 Mar 185026
Benjamin FVanleuvenMarriageTrue Whig6 Jul 185031
RosanaWadeDeathThe Rising Sun18 Jan 183433
JaneWalkerDeathRising Sun Times19 Jul 183434
JosephWalkerMarriageIndiana Whig5 Aug 184832
WardMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
Ann GWattsMarriageIndiana Whig19 May 184931
JohnWattsDeathRising Sun Times20 Sep 183433
JohnWattsDeathRising Sun Times9 May 183531
SarahWattsMarriageIndiana Whig7 Oct 184831
AbrahamWeaverMarriageRising Sun Times25 Oct 183433
Amelia CWelchMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor2 Apr 185931
TheodoreWelchMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor27 Nov 185833
John CWellsMarriageRising Sun Mirror30 Jan 185125
William PWhiteMarriageIndiana Whig24 Feb 184931
ClarissaWigginsDeathRising Sun Times29 Nov 183433
Alexander BWilliamsMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor22 Jan 185931
GeorgeWilliamsMarriageRising Sun Times6 Jun 183533
ReddickWilliamsMarriageIndiana Whig22 Sep 184926
Mary EWilliamsonDeathRising Sun Times30 Aug 183425
William GWillisDeathRising Sun Times18 Jun 183533
ElizaWilsonMarriageRising Sun Times2 May 183532
Lucien JWilsonMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor15 Oct 185932
WmWiningsMarriageIndiana Whig30 Dec 184825
Martha SWintersMarriageIndiana Whig23 Dec 184835
WilliamWintersMarriageTrue Whig22 Jun 185031
ElizaWoodMarriageIndiana Whig22 Sep 184926
James JrWoodsMarriageThe Rising Sun4 Jan 183432
MargaretWoodsMarriageIndiana Weekly Visitor16 Apr 185932
RachelWorksMarriageThe Rising Sun22 Feb 183433
PollyWrightMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jan 183533
AlonzoYeatsMarriageIndiana Whig26 May 184926
John LathamYongeDeathRising Sun Mirror14 Aug 185132
Wm EYongeMarriageRising Sun Mirror27 Apr 185042
DavidKentDeathRising Sun Times14 Nov 183533
JacobMorisonMarriageRising Sun Times28 Nov 183532
RebeccaAustinMarriageRising Sun Times28 Nov 183532
Townsend JTaylorMarriageRising Sun Times12 Dec 183534
Mary A EMooreMarriageRising Sun Times12 Dec 183534
WarrenHuntMarriageRising Sun Times12 Dec 183534
RachelHamiltonMarriageRising Sun Times12 Dec 183534
MichaelFlakeMarriageRising Sun Times19 Dec 183533
SarahJohnsonMarriageRising Sun Times19 Dec 183533
HarveyPeaseMarriageRising Sun Times2 Jan 183625
ElizaLemonMarriageRising Sun Times2 Jan 183625
CharlesHammondMarriageRising Sun Times9 Jan 183633
Elizabeth BMooreheadMarriageRising Sun Times9 Jan 183633
JamesSmithMarriageRising Sun Times16 Jan 183633
MaryStittMarriageRising Sun Times16 Jan 183633
JohnLattaMarriageRising Sun Times23 Jan 183632
SarahMorrisonMarriageRising Sun Times23 Jan 183632
ArsamintaLindsayDeathRising Sun Times23 Jan 183632
ArsamintaFrazierDeathRising Sun Times23 Jan 183632
WilliamPeckMarriageRising Sun Times6 Feb 183634
ElizaFultonMarriageRising Sun Times6 Feb 183634
DanielConawayMarriageRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
Mary AnnHancockMarriageRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
Samuel BMcCoyMarriageRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
ElizaRyleMarriageRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
WilliamRichardsonDeathRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
JosephNobleDeathRising Sun Times27 Feb 183634
John Jr.HarrisMarriageRising Sun Times5 Mar 183633
Mary AnnMendellMarriageRising Sun Times5 Mar 183633
John BChismanDeathRising Sun Times5 Mar 183633
BathshebaElliottDeathRising Sun Times5 Mar 183633
SolomonManwaringDeathRising Sun Times12 Mar 183625
WilkinsonSmithMarriageRising Sun Times19 Mar 183633
Julia AnnPowellMarriageRising Sun Times19 Mar 183633
JohnRayMarriageRising Sun Times2 Apr 183632
IsabelMonroeMarriageRising Sun Times2 Apr 183632
JudsonLampkinMarriageRising Sun Times9 Apr 183625
EllenDyerMarriageRising Sun Times9 Apr 183625
FrancisVigoDeathRising Sun Times9 Apr 183625
HenryJamesMarriageRising Sun Times16 Apr 183632
Amelia MariaDisneyMarriageRising Sun Times16 Apr 183632
James VWatsonMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
HannahMillerMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
James MHuntMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
SamanthaDouglassMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
WilliamWadeMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
Sarah MWelshMarriageRising Sun Times30 Apr 183632
AlansonDraperMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
AnnaStevensMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
JamesCannonMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
Clarissa AmandaKingMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
Martin CBraceMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
Mary AnnBuchananMarriageRising Sun Times7 May 183632
Eli SidneyCalkinsMarriageRising Sun Times14 May 183633
SarahSewardMarriageRising Sun Times14 May 183633
Lydia AnnHallDeathRising Sun Times14 May 183633
William BClarkMarriageRising Sun Times21 May 183633
HannahShawMarriageRising Sun Times21 May 183633
Jane LaneHuntingtonDeathRising Sun Times18 Jun 183625
JaneLaneDeathRising Sun Times18 Jun 183625
Henry BCollinsMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
CatharineShannonMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
PeterMurphyMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
ElizabethPayneMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
JesseMendellMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
ElizaHarrisMarriageRising Sun Times25 Jun 183632
NathanVanosdalMarriageRising Sun Times9 Jul 183632
ElizabethCrowleyMarriageRising Sun Times9 Jul 183632
Jane AnnLindsayDeathRising Sun Times23 Jul 183633
Wm BDowneyDeathRising Sun Times30 Jul 183634
HannaniahRollinsDeathRising Sun Times6 Aug 183633
JacobNealMarriageRising Sun Times20 Aug 183633
ElizabethWallingfordMarriageRising Sun Times20 Aug 183633
John FJackMarriageRising Sun Times20 Aug 183633
Mary AnnRickettsMarriageRising Sun Times20 Aug 183633
JohnMasonMarriageRising Sun Times3 Sep 183632
MinervaOliverMarriageRising Sun Times3 Sep 183632
GeorgeSmithMarriageRising Sun Times8 Oct 183632
HarrietReedMarriageRising Sun Times8 Oct 183632
JohnHerronDeathRising Sun Times8 Oct 183632
AndrewNaileighDeathRising Sun Times15 Oct 183632
Abraham Sr.PeasleeDeathRising Sun Times15 Oct 183632
John GCorneliusMarriageRising Sun Times22 Oct 183633
Mary Ann EHillMarriageRising Sun Times22 Oct 183633
JamesLemmonDeathRising Sun Times29 Oct 183633
HenryHarrisonDeathRising Sun Times5 Nov 183632
George GBrownMarriageRising Sun Times12 Nov 183632
ElizabethLechMarriageRising Sun Times12 Nov 183632
RichardBurnsMarriageRising Sun Times19 Nov 183632
Elizabeth CStoutMarriageRising Sun Times19 Nov 183632
RobertCloreMarriageRising Sun Times10 Dec 183632
Lucy AnnSinkMarriageRising Sun Times10 Dec 183632
JacobRadleyDeathRising Sun Times24 Dec 183632
HenryGeeringMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
LydiaGoodwinMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
AlbertCarsonMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
BetsyCarsonMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
JohnMcIntoshMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
Martha JaneScottMarriageRising Sun Times31 Dec 183632
JohnMcLoskeyMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
AmyFiskMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
EliCorsonMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
SusannahSelwoodMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
EliasGreathouseMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
SarahSelwoodMarriageRising Sun Times21 Jan 183732
Joseph HFormanMarriageRising Sun Times28 Jan 183733
IreneBestMarriageRising Sun Times28 Jan 183733
Isaac CCurtisMarriageRising Sun Times25 Mar 183725
Lucy MHolmanMarriageRising Sun Times25 Mar 183725
Israel DCurtisMarriageRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
Lucy MHolmanMarriageRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
Nathan BPalmerMarriageRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
EmelineHuffmanMarriageRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
Rosanna SGibsonDeathRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
GeorgeHarwoodDeathRising Sun Times1 Apr 183726
SamuelElderMarriageRising Sun Times8 Apr 183726
NancyKerrMarriageRising Sun Times8 Apr 183726
JesseVandolahDeathRising Sun Times8 Apr 183726
JohnWhiteMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
Martha JaneCloudMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
RobertYougerMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
ElizabethGossMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
Charles LPateMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
ElizaBradleyMarriageRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
LewisMilesDeathRising Sun Times15 Apr 183725
William HOzierMarriageRising Sun Times6 May 183726
ElizabethCloseMarriageRising Sun Times6 May 183726
DanielHinsdaleDeathRising Sun Times6 May 183726
William HenrySummersDeathRising Sun Times6 May 183726
CharlesGibsonMarriageRising Sun Times13 May 183725
NancyMaxwellMarriageRising Sun Times13 May 183725
WilliamHoldrenMarriageRising Sun Times13 May 183725
Martha AnnGibbsMarriageRising Sun Times13 May 183725
ThomasHustonMarriageRising Sun Times20 May 183722
LorensaBurdsallMarriageRising Sun Times20 May 183722
BetseyGilmoreDeathRising Sun Times20 May 183722
Charles CHullMarriageRising Sun Times27 May 183731
NexTruitMarriageRising Sun Times27 May 183731
AndrewFisherMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jun 183731
Eliza AnnHunterMarriageRising Sun Times3 Jun 183731
RobertBlairMarriageRising Sun Times10 Jun 183732
ElizabethFisherMarriageRising Sun Times10 Jun 183732
BryamLawrenceMarriageRising Sun Times17 Jun 183732
ElizaRootsMarriageRising Sun Times17 Jun 183732
WmFrancisMarriageRising Sun Times17 Jun 183732
Mary JanePettigrewMarriageRising Sun Times17 Jun 183732
MartinDashiellMarriageRising Sun Times1 Jul 183732
Leah AnnBayleyMarriageRising Sun Times1 Jul 183732
Samuel SHicksMarriageRising Sun Times15 Jul 183731
Gracia EGreenleafMarriageRising Sun Times15 Jul 183731
JonathanAndrewsMarriageRising Sun Times22 Jul 183731
MargaretGriffinMarriageRising Sun Times22 Jul 183731
MaryLewisDeathRising Sun Times22 Jul 183731
HenryBassettDeathRising Sun Times22 Jul 183731
JudahBailyMarriageRising Sun Times5 Aug 183731
AbigailTibbetsMarriageRising Sun Times5 Aug 183731
Robert EMcClearyMarriageRising Sun Times5 Aug 183731
CynthiaDashiellMarriageRising Sun Times5 Aug 183731
BenjaminMorganMarriageRising Sun Times12 Aug 183731
Susanna MariaHillMarriageRising Sun Times12 Aug 183731
Victor WEngleMarriageRising Sun Times12 Aug 183731
SarahLattaMarriageRising Sun Times12 Aug 183731
David GRabbMarriageRising Sun Times9 Sep 183731
Margaret HemphillJelleyMarriageRising Sun Times9 Sep 183731
ReubenCloreMarriageRising Sun Times9 Sep 183731
PrudenceDurbinMarriageRising Sun Times9 Sep 183731
Samuel DMarshallDeathWeekly News28 Apr 185426
O DBergoyneMarriageWeekly News5 May 185432
SophiaThompsonMarriageWeekly News5 May 185432
Edward MTobinMarriageWeekly News5 May 185432
Marium JBrownMarriageWeekly News5 May 185432
E FShelyMarriageWeekly News12 May 185426
Mollie LEmrieMarriageWeekly News12 May 185426
James SWilsonMarriageWeekly News26 May 185431
IsabellMurrayMarriageWeekly News26 May 185431
John FRiggsMarriageWeekly News26 May 185431
Sarah EO'NealMarriageWeekly News26 May 185431
James WHowardMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
SarahPollockMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
RhoderichMooreMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
SusanPollockMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
A EBonhamMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
Nerissa POlmstedMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
JeremiahDickersonMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
ZerildaKelsoMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185427
Wm AO'NealMarriageWeekly News7 Jul 185427
Sarah ERolfMarriageWeekly News7 Jul 185427
T TEadesMarriageWeekly News14 Jul 185426
Catharine AChandlerMarriageWeekly News14 Jul 185426
Mary AnnWilliamsDeathWeekly News21 Jul 185426
Mary AnnCraftDeathWeekly News21 Jul 185426
Charles CScottMarriageWeekly News11 Aug 185426
AdeliaBalseyMarriageWeekly News11 Aug 185426
W WWentzMarriageWeekly News25 Aug 185426
EdelineHowellMarriageWeekly News25 Aug 185426
MarthaHargittDeathWeekly News25 Aug 185426
PamelaTateDeathWeekly News25 Aug 185426
Cornelius HHumphreyMarriageWeekly News8 Sep 185426
Jane AnnHarrisMarriageWeekly News8 Sep 185426
Indianus AHumphreyMarriageWeekly News8 Sep 185426
HelenKeeneyMarriageWeekly News8 Sep 185426
Abby SWellsDeathWeekly News8 Sep 185426
Robert PMooreDeathWeekly News15 Sep 185426
WilliamHannahMarriageWeekly News29 Sep 185427
Martha MatildaMandinMarriageWeekly News29 Sep 185427