Switzerland and Ohio County Fair – 1894

Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Sep 1894 – Page 4, Column 3

Was A Grand Success—A Reveille Reporter Got There Early, Stayed Late, Kept His Eyes and Ears Open, and Tells Much About It.

The Enterprise Fair has come and gone, and considering the drawbacks droughts, dust, and dull times, it was a decided success.

The attendance was about as usual. Friday was a big day—attendance estimated at about six thousand.

The display was good in nearly all Departments, the Entries aggregating 1558, which means that many articles were on exhibition besides the collections. On this number 224 were horses and mules; cattle 33, hogs 30, sheep 63, poultry 89 coops, vegetables 140, grains 73, fruits 129; flowers, paintings, etc., 66; textile fabrics, needlework and embroidery 410, table comforts and culinary 280, other classes 21.

The show in horses and mules was fine. As there were so many exhibitors in these classes we will not attempt to name them.

The show in cattle was fair. Of Dairy Breeds J. H. Beckett, O. A. Woods, M. V. Turner, Lem Stow, and Lewis Burton were among the chief Exhibitors. Of Beef Cattle Wm. Bunger & Sons and M. V. Turner were largest exhibitors.

Of Hogs the largest exhibitors were H. L. Nowlin, of Lawrenceburg, Wm. Cunningham & Sons, of Antioch, and Theo. W. Lewis, of Blue.

Of Sheep, John Bakes, Jr., S. J. Searcy, Cunningham & Pate, C. W. Mendell, W. A. Shaddy, and Cunningham & Sons, were the chief exhibitors. A very fine show in this Department.

Of poultry, C. L. Lee, W. A. Shaddy, H. L. Nowlin, Cunningham & Sons, and Emery Myers, had the largest collections and they were fine.

Of vegetables everything on which a premium was offered was on exhibition, and more too. No less than 24 varieties of Irish potatoes, and just as nice as ever grew. About 40 persons received premiums. We can’t name them.

Of grain there was a fine show, of some kinds as high 12 entries. The corn, wheat, rye, oats and barley exhibits were never better.

Of fruit we thought there was none. Everything in the list except two kinds of peaches and two kinds of plums, were there. A good showing especially of apples, pears and grapes. Jacob Erthel, of Ripley County, Robert Shaw, Jas. O. Houze, and Jas. Voris, were among the larger exhibitors.

Of flowers and fine arts Mrs. Edgar Dibble, Lockwood & Potter, and Anna Morrison had largest exhibits.

The mechanical department was not full, though we had wagons, buggies, carriages, harness, boots and shoes, musical instruments, stoves, etc., etc.

The ladies department was crowded full. We will just say that Mrs. A. G. Jackson, of Bennington, Mrs. P. D. Stagg, of Greensburg, Mrs. Lockwood, of Enterprise, Mrs. Anna Thatcher, and Mrs. Laura Heath were among the chief exhibitors, though there were hosts of others that made a good showing.

Of table comforts; preserves, jellies, cakes, and all things good to eat, Mrs. W. L. Hunter, of Rising Sun, Laura Heath, Mammie Stow and about 20 others, were competitors.

In the speed department the following is the schedule of races:


Green Trot.

  • Yellow Dock; owner J. A. Works, Rising Sun—1st money.
  • Sirock; J. H. Brindley, Long Run, 2d.
  • Hiladi; Tim. McHenry, Rising Sun, 3d.
  • Time, 3:02.

3 Minutes Pace.

  • David Bay; owner Dr. Hicks, North Vernon, 1st.
  • Pawnee Chief; Henry Winters, Lawrence, 2d.
  • McGinty’s Lady; Frank Hill, Madison, 3d.
  • Time, 2:41.

Green Pace.

  • McGinty’s Lady; owner Frank Hill, Madison, 1st.
  • Maud B; W. E. Burrows, Elizabethtown, Ohio, 2d.
  • Lee Mook; H. J. Harris, Patriot, 3d.
  • Time, 2:48.

2.40 Trot.

  • Surprise; owner F. M. Moore, Alberta, 1st.
  • Morgan Wilkes; W. P. Gray, Holton, Indiana, 2nd.
  • Contract; U. H. Minor, Owenton, Kentucky, 3rd.
  • Time, 2:59.

Free For All Pace.

  • Ed C.; owner E. G. Niklaus, Madison, 1st.
  • Nettie; Dr. Adair, New Washington, 2d.
  • Shasta; B. F. Taylor, Owenton, Kentucky, 3d.
  • Time, 2:35.

Running Race.

  • Cooney Cobb; owner, L. S. Delph, Elliston, Kentucky, 1st.
  • Billie W.; Bailey H. Waltz, Lawrenceburg, 2d.
  • Barclay and Topsy; divided 3d money.
  • Time, 1:56.

2.40 Pace.

  • Nettie; owner, Dr. Adair, New Washington, 1st.
  • Sleepy Dan; Samuel McElfresh, Lawrenceburg, 2d.
  • Shasta; B. F. Taylor, Owenton, 3d.
  • Time, 2:36.

Free For All Trot.

  • Sam Harris; owner, James Riley; Buttlerville, Indiana, 1st.
  • Black Wilks; David Johnston, Madison, 2d.
  • Surprise; F. M. Moore, Alberta, 3d.
  • Time, 2:39.

3 Min. Trot.

  • Yellow Dock; owner, J. A. Works, Rising Sun, 1st.
  • Morgan Wilks; W. P. Gray, Holton, 2d.
  • Black Bess; O. D. Cunningham, Florence, 3d.
  • Time, 2:57.

The Track was dusty and not in the best condition to attain the best speed, still the Races compare favorably with former years as regards time. Though the premiums were smaller, yet in some cases the time was better:

  • In the 2.40 race last year, time 2.37. This year, 2.36.
  • In the free for all trot last year, time 2:41. This year, 2.39.
  • The running race, 1.56. Just the same.

In some other races the time was better last year than this.

The Society pays all premiums and other just claims in full. Squares all accounts and if in times like these she makes both ends meet she is content. She has now run 43 years, has never prorated premiums, squealed on any bargain. She is still running and will continue to run regardless of croakers, so long as the people will extend their favors and patronage, for which she returns thanks.