Switzerland County Circuit Court – May 1869

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 20 May 1869 – Page 3, Column 1


On Monday, the 17th inst., the Switzerland Circuit Court convened at the Court House, in Vevay, Indiana, Jno. G. Berkshire, Judge; John Denton, Prosecuting Attorney; Charles W. Heath, Clerk; Alf. Rous, Deputy Clerk; Matthew Worstell, Sheriff; Daniel M. Roberts, Deputy Sheriff, being present.

The following named resident Attorneys are in attendance:

Adkinson & Livings, Carter & Johnson, H. A. Downey, Hon. J. Dumont, James B. McCrellis, W. H. Munnell, Will M. Smith, Jas. A. Works & Sons.

There are enrolled as Attorneys from abroad:

Hon. A. C. Downey, Rising Sun, Ind.; Hone Charles Walker, Esq., C. A. Korbly, Esq., John A. Miller, Madison, Ind.; Hon. Ward, Versailles, Ind.; Hon. John K. Thompson, Moore’s Hill, Ind.; Esq. Hamilton, Napoleon, Ind.; Esq. Hugh McMullen, Lawrenceburgh, Ind.

Little has as yet been accomplished, except pleading. The cases of:

State vs. A. J. McHenry, for assault and battery; and Allen Wiley for the same offence, were disposed of early in the term, the defendants pleading guilty, and being fined ten and five dollars respectively.

The Grand Jury are at work very busily, and with six persons in jail it seems there will be but little time of the two weeks, (all the time allowed by law for the continuance of the term), left for trial of the one hundred civil cases docketed for trial this term, if, as is usual, the criminal cases take precedence on the docket.

We will give due notice of the business transacted as the session continues.

Vevay Reveille – 27 May 1869 – Page 2, Column 2

State vs. Jesse Hays—Larceny; tried and fined one dollar and costs, imprisoned in county jail for three months and disfranchised for three years.

Sherman vs. Kline—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Osborn vs. Kline—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Noll vs. Allen—For title; new trial granted last term, but defendant failing to pay the costs, which was a condition on which a new trial was granted, the Court gave judgment for plaintiff.

Zearing vs. Zearing—Divorce; dismissed.

L. Milton Whetman, receiver, &c., vs. Wm. Rodgers—On note; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Town of Vevay vs. James Torrence—To quiet title; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

John Craig vs. Mary Craig, et. al.—To quiet title; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Grant, Administrator, vs. Charlotte Tinker—On note; dismissed.

Howe vs. Martin, et. al.—On note; judgment for $616.85.

Darrell, et. al. vs. Bender, et. al—On account; dismissed.

Howard vs. Butz—Injunction; judgment against defendant on demurrer.

First National Bank of Vevay vs. Randall Purcell—On bill of Exchange; dismissed.

State vs. Paul, et. al.—Foreclosure; dismissed at defendant’s costs.

Works vs. Cole—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Works & Sons vs. McMakin—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Carter & Johnston vs. McMakin—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Zadig Rous vs. Mary Banta—On note; dismissed.

Powell vs. Powell—Divorce; dismissed.

Powell vs. Shuff, et. al.—To foreclose mortgage; judgment for plaintiff.

Klugg vs. Estate of McMakin—On account; dismissed.

North Western Christian University vs. Harvey, et. al.—On account; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

George G. Krutz vs. Dufour—Attachment; dismissed.

McCallum vs. Myers—Appeal; dismissed.

Heady vs. Owen—On note; judgment for $256.10.

Porter vs. Pate, et. al.—Foreclosure; judgment for plaintiff for $136.32.

Stokes vs. Stokes—Divorce; Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Porter vs. Jones—On note; judgment for $395.46.

Burton et. al. vs. Davis—On note; judgment $319.45.

Dumont vs. Downey, et. al.—Foreclosure; judgment for $532.50.

Knox vs. McMakin—On note; judgment for $587.50.

Pickett vs. Schroeder, et. al.—On note; judgment for $279.63.

State vs. Nancy J. Carver—Manslaughter. This woman was charged with killing her husband, Solomon Carver. Tried by Jury and acquitted.

Vevay Reveille – 3 Jun 1869 – Page 3, Column 2


State vs. Scott—Divorce; dismissed by plaintiff.

Conway vs. French—To recover Real Estate; judgment by agreement.

Ruggles vs. Ruggles—Divorce; granted.

Wiley vs. Reed—Breach of Marriage contract; dismissed.

Smith vs. Miller—To recover Real Estate; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State vs. Purdy—Carrying concealed weapons; plea of guilty and fine of $5.

State vs. Jenkins—Larceny; plea of guilty; sentenced to Penitentiary for three years.

State vs. Marston—Larceny; convicted and sentenced to county jail for three days, and fined $1 and costs.

State vs. Walden—Assault and battery, &c.; convicted and new trial granted.

State vs. Short—Larceny; discharged.