Switzerland County Circuit Court – Feb 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 21 Feb 1901 – Page 5, Column 3


State vs. George W. Rayl; assault and battery. Plea of guilty, and fined $1.00.

State vs. James Foree; assault and battery. Trial before Court, verdict not guilty.

Harriet Petty, et als, vs. Henry Petty et als; for partition of real estate. Report of sale of land by Stephen H. Stewart, Commissioner, approved and deed confirmed. Sold at appraised value–$311 cash—to George Cook.



All acts of Clerk in vacation were approved.

Estate of David C. Richards, being less than $500, was set off to widow, Hannah Richards.

Estate of Henry Charlton; final report of Rollin Charlton, Administrator, approved and discharged.

Guardianship of Addie Beck; report of Guardian W. S. Kincaid approved and discharged.

Several cases were continued.

Vevay Reveille – 7 Mar 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Court Report.

Grace B. Thatcher vs. Oda P. Thatcher; divorce. Granted and she given possession of the two year old child.

Eliza J. Lee vs. James W. Ferguson et als. George S. Pleasants appointed temporary receiver.

State ex rel County Auditor vs. Gabriel Phillip, for possession, judgment for plaintiff.

Louis Bennett vs. Thena Turner, partition. Court found land not susceptible of division, and ordered it be appraised and sold by a Commissioner.

Mary Ann Rous vs. Daniel Brindley; for an injunction; verdict for defendant.

State vs. Joseph Krummel; attempt to provoke an assault. Guilty, fined $1. He was also charged with carrying concealed weapons, but the court found he was not guilty.

Menerva Taylor appointed guardian of Henry Taylor, a person of unsound mind.

Louis Bennett vs. Thena Turner et als, for partition. Leonard E. Smith, Commissioner reported sale of land for $200, full appraised value. Approved.

Hubert Eaglin vs. Lenora Eaglin; divorce, granted.



Thos. Carver appointed administrator of the estate of John Callahan.

Wm. E. Stewart appointed admin of the estate of Abner Stephenson.

Guardianship of Fannie M. Graham, Susie Graham, guardian, reported sale of real estate to Francis E. Steffin for $65. Approved.

Estate of Ostrum Boright, final report Wm. D. Cole, administrator, approved.

Flora Hall Schenck, executrix of Ulysses P. Schenck, deceased, given permission to transfer to herself certain bonds and stocks.