Switzerland County Circuit Court – Jan 1892

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 7 Jan 1892 – Page 4, Column 1

Circuit Court

Opened Monday morning—Judge A. C. Downey on the bench, and Hon. R. L. Davis, Prosecuting Attorney.

M. G. Keeney, of Quercus Grove, and Wm. M. Patton, were excused from serving as Grand Jurors, on account of being sick. The Sheriff filled the vacancies with Peter McMakin and Gabe Robinson, both of Vevay.

Considerable probate business has already been disposed of.

Yesterday Ed Taylor, Archie Jones and Robert Gilbert were tried before the Court for burglarizing the shanty boat of John Robinson. This morning Judge Downey found them all guilty. He sentenced Ed Taylor to the penitentiary for two years, but in consideration of the youth and inexperience of Jones and Gilbert (both being minors) he gave them lighter punishment—sixty days each in the county jail.

In view of latest information in regard to L. C. & D., and there being good prospects for the building of the road, the case brought by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney against the company was again continued until next term.

Vevay Reveille – 14 Jan 1892 – Page 4, Column 3



Estate of Jason G. Gurley. Estate being under $500, set off to widow, Hannah Gurley.

Estate of Joshua and Sarah Smithson. Geo. S. Pleasants filed final report as Administrator, which was approved.

Estate of Julia McCormick. Geo. S. Pleasants reported sale of part of real estate for $150, and also filed general partial report, all of which was approved.

Estate of Charles O. Tapp. Being under $500, set off to widow, Celia B. Green.

Guardianship of minor heirs of Hugh L. Norris, deceased. Jackson J. pate, Guardian, filed partial report, which was approved.

The will of Sarah A. Gerard, deceased. Probate of will examined and approved.

Rodolph L. Thiebaud appointed Guardian of Curtis B. and Lawrence L. Thiebaud, minor heirs of Angeline W. Thiebaud, deceased.

The probating of the will of Margaret Lowenburg was approved.

Estate of Huldah Sullivan. The appointment of James H. Hitchens. Administrator approved.

Guardianship of the heirs of Charity Douglass. Final report of Allen J. Douglass, Guardian, approved.

Estate of Sarah B. Fisher, Jacob Harris, Administrator. Partial report approved.

Guardianship of John Corns, insane, Hiram Corns, Guardian. Partial report approved.

Heirs of Hattie Hayes, Carroll S. Tandy, Guardian. Partial report approved.

Estate of Sarah Oak. The appointment of Robert B. Littlefield, Administrator, approved.

Estate of Thomas Dyer. Administrator ordered to pay $5 to Ward & VanOsdol.

Minor heirs of Eben and Lucy Gray, John Jester, Guardian. Final report as to Marion Gray, and he paying into Court $200 for him.

Estate of Ann Morton. Thomas A. Spencer appointed Executor.

Nat M. Fallis was appointed Guardian of Pearl Dyer.

Estate of Martha A. Shadday, Millard F. Turner, Administrator. Final report approved. Administrator discharged and proceeds ordered distributed to heirs.

The probating of the will of Ann Morton approved.

Estate of John White, Samuel Brown, Administrator. Final report approved.

William Cunningham, Executor, vs. John Cunningham et al. Petition to sell real estate granted.

Neva B. Lock and others, minor heirs of Wm. P. Lock, John A. Lock, Guardian. Partial report approved.

Durbin M. Miller vs. Nat M. Fallis, Guardian of Pearl Dyer. Claim of $200 allowed by Court to Miller for keeping Pearl Dyer from October 1883, to January 7, 1892.

The probating of will of Jerusha Neal, deceased, approved.

John S. Hulley, Guardian of James F. Lock, filed his final report and was discharged.

Eliza Adkinson, Guardian of minor heirs of Wesley Adkinson, was granted permission to sell real estate.

Estate of Mariah L. Blodgett. Albert G. Craig, Administrator, filed final report and was discharged.

Mary Sweezy vs. F. M. Griffith, Guardian of Wm. J. Sweezey. The Court ordered, after payment of all costs, then $180 to Mary Sweezey.

Robert Sharp, Guardian of minor heirs of David P. Blodgett. Partial report approved.

Joseph G. Mellick, Guardian, etc., vs. J. H. Harris, Administrator of Sarah B. Fisher. Allowed claim of $156.07.

Hattie G. Shulse vs. James A. VanOsdol, Administrator of Laura Gordon, deceased. Claim of $96 not allowed.

Estate of Joseph Rutherford, James M. Scott, Administrator. Sale of real estate approved.

Estates of Joseph and Margaret Rutherford. James M. Scott, Administrator, presented his final report, which was approved and he discharged.

Nat M. Fallis, Guardian of Willie Fallis, granted permission to sell interest in real estate, lot 21 P D’s add to Vevay.

State vs. George Warner; injuring tree. Plea of guilty, fined $5.

State vs. William Buchanan; injuring tree. Plea of guilty, fined $5.

State vs. John Roberts; cruelty to animals. Plea of guilty, fined $5.

William C. Robinson vs. Robert McFadden et al; on note. Judgment for $66.65.

The First National Bank of Vevay vs. Robert McFadden et al; on note. Judgment for $127.40.

Jane A. Gibson vs. Adolpheus E. Merit et al. Report of receiver, Abijah S. Humphrey, showing he had $913.60, which by order of the court he paid to Jane A. Gibson, and the matter is continued for final report of receiver.

Ulysses P. Craig vs. Mary M. LeClerc et al; foreclosure. Judgment rendered for $600.73 and foreclosure.

State vs. Joseph M. W. Langsdale; selling liquor without license. Trial by jury; not guilty.

The Grand Jury reported they had examined thirty three witnesses and found one indictment.

State vs. Ed. Taylor, Archie Jones and Robert Gilbert; burglary. Trial by Court; guilty. Taylor sent to the penitentiary for two years and disfranchised for two years. Jones and Gilbert being under 21 years of age, were sent to jail for sixty days each.

State vs. George Brown; malicious trespass. Trial by jury, fined $4 and sent to jail 120 days.

State vs. George Brown; assault and battery with intent to commit murder in second degree. Trial by jury; sent to penitentiary for two years and fined $1.

Charles E. Golay, of Vevay, was admitted a member of Switzerland County Bar.

John T. Ellis and James R. Cole were allowed $10 each for defending George Brown.

George B. Hall, of Ohio county, was admitted to practice in this Court.

State vs. Ed. McKay; disturbing meeting. Not guilty.

Estate of David Henry. David Dyer, Commissioner, reported sale of real estate at public sale to Edward G. Henry, Wm. H. Henry, Mary VanOsdol, and Drusella Henry, for $4,150. Sale and deed approved, and Commissioner discharged.

State vs. Carl Bray; disturbing public meeting. Not guilty.

Dennis G. Manning, of Vevay, was admitted a member of Switzerland County Bar.

David S. Wilber, of Ohio County Bar, was admitted to practice in this Court.

Kentucky National Bank, of Louisville, Ky., vs. James V. Anderson; on note. Judgment for $500.



Hon. A. C. Downey, the regular Judge, being related to one of the parties in the case of Philander S. Sage vs. James A. Works, on claim, appointed David S. Wilber a special Judge to try the case, which he did last Tuesday. The verdict of the jury was in favor of the defendant.

Several cases were settled by agreement and dismissed, and many cases on account of sickness and other causes, were continued.

Court adjourned Tuesday evening.