Switzerland County Circuit Court – Jan 1893

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 12 Jan 1893 – Page 4, Column 1

Convened last Monday morning, Judge A. C. Downey presiding. Prosecuting Attorney R. L. Davis appeared to represent the interests of the State. He has appointed C. S. Tandy Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for this term of Court, his regular deputy, George S. Pleasants, being temporarily absent.

Monday the Court charged the Grand Jury, and appointed George W. Dorell foreman.

Yesterday the Grand Jury returned an indictment jointly charging with murder Marshal Travis, John Saunders, Albert Penn, Robert Schools (of Ghent, Ky.), Reuben Jones, Perry Andrew (of Vevay). They are charged with killing Oscar Leap, in Vevay, Saturday night, Nov. 5th. Yesterday afternoon the six defendants (all colored) were arraigned before Court, and plead “not guilty.” Their Attorneys asked for a change of venue from the county, which the Court granted, and sent the cases to Jefferson County, where they will come up in Circuit Court at Madison.

Owing to cold weather, the suspension of navigation of river, the absence of two Attorneys attending Legislature, in Indianapolis, several cases have been continued by agreement.

The Petit Jury has not yet been impanelled—because no case yet ready for them to try.

The case of Wesler vs. City of Lawrenceburg, brought here on change of venue, is set for today.

Capt. John B. Coles, of Rising Sun, is the only nonresident attorney who has been in Court—he on Tuesday.

It looks natural to see Lewis F. Works in Court. He was admitted to this Bar in 1868.

Vevay Reveille – 19 Jan 1893 – Page 4, Column 2


Estate of Martha M. Roy, deceased; George Welby VanPelt administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Sarah B. Fisher, deceased; J. H. Harris administrator. Final report approved.

Guardianship of Hattie and Orlando Fisher; R. W. Galbreath guardian. Final report approved.

William Cunningham, executor, vs. John Cunningham et al. Granted permission to sell real estate.

Guardianship of Carrie DeHart; Samuel M. Bonnell guardian. Partial report approved.

Estate of George Land, deceased, being under $500 was given to widow, Mary J. Land.

Guardianship of Allen E. Wiley; Michael W. Long guardian. Partial report approved.
James M. Scott, trustee of funds belonging to Robert B. Henry. Partial report approved.

Estate of Davenport Oak, deceased; Robert B. Littlefield administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Sarah Oak, deceased; Robert B. Littlefield administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Polly Protsman, deceased; Wm. R. Protsman administrator. Sale of lot in Vevay approved.

Nat. M. Fallis, guardian of Willie Fallis; sale of lot in Vevay approved.

Estate of Julius Dufour, deceased; Alfred Rous administrator.

Imogene Russell et al vs. Pearl Dyer; partition of real estate. George S. Pleasants, Commissioner, made final report, paid all money in his hands, $173.14, to Clerk for distribution, and was finally discharged.

Ralph Cotton, Sr., was excused from serving as a Grand Juror, and David Brindley was selected to fill vacancy.

The case of Lucy McNutt vs. Frederick Gockel was on change of venue sent to Ohio county.

The case of Laura A. Offerpost vs. Jackson J. Pate; slander. On change of venue sent to Jefferson county.

The Orphan’s Friends Society of Vevay vs. James M. Long et al; on note. Judgment for $451.33.

State vs. James Neal; assault and battery with intent to murder. Dismissed.

David Lee, Administrator of estate of Moses Osborn, deceased, vs. Oliver Osborn; on account. Judgment for $340.

Julia A. Roberts vs. Mary E. Smith et al; partition. Report of George W. McKay, Robert Scott and Joseph Orr, Commissioners, approved.

The Grand Jury visited the County Asylum, and in their report stated there was no “provisions for heating sleeping rooms, sick rooms, etc., provided by the county. We recommend that the County Commissioners give the heating matter their early attention.” They found the county jail secure and comfortable. Having completed their labors the Grand Jury adjourned Saturday evening.

The case of Frederick Wesler vs. City of Lawrenceburg; a civil suit for damages resulting from building levee between coal landing and yards—brought here on change of venue from Dearborn county—has been on trial since last Thursday. The attorneys are: For plaintiff—N. S. Givan, Hugh D. McMullen, W. R. Johnson, George E. Downey, Ward & VanOsdol. For defendant—Warren N. Houck (City Attorney), J. K. Thompson, Geo. M. Roberts, C. W. Stapp, C. S. Tandy.

LATER—This morning the jury brought in a verdict in favor of Wesler for $1,150.

Court adjourned this morning.