Switzerland County Circuit Court – Jun 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille
– 20 Jun 1895 – Page 4, Column 1


Switzerland County Circuit Court—Judge Downey.

The Grand Jury was composed of George S. Hulley, William H. Madison, Ira Gullion, John Porter, Lan. Clendenning, John Brindley (appointed by Sheriff to take the place of George Harris, drawn but not now a resident of the county).

State vs. Fred Ogle; provocation, five cases. Plead guilty to four cases, other nollied. Fined $5 in each case and cost.

State vs. John Smith and William Jones; petit larceny. Smith sentenced to penitentiary for one year and fined $1 and Jones sentenced to the county jail for sixty days and fined $1.

Hannah Jagers vs. Mattie Townsent, Joseph Schmeid and Martha Bonnell; to quiet title. Granted.

George W. Fels vs. James Anderson; replevin. Judgment for plaintiff.

The Moorefield Academy and Free Will Baptist Church, in Moorefield, applied for appointment of a Receiver. The Court found that the Free Will Baptist Church had ceased to exist. Leonard E. Smith was appointed Receiver to take charge of assets of Moorefield Academy.

Matthew Brown vs. George W. Lock et al; on notes and for foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment $504.35 and for additional notes due October 7, 1895 $252.20, and October 7, 1895, $252.20. Mortgage foreclosed.

The Petit Jury was composed of William Thompson, David Hatch, Isaac Turner, William P. Hannah, Francis M. Brown, William McCreary, Enoch W. Protsman, William Rayburn, John D. Pendry, Cornelius Miller, Frank Houze, and Charles Humphrey. There being no cases for them to try they were discharged the third day of the term.

Before W. D. Ward, Special Judge:

Prudence McCreary vs. The Laughery Turnpike Company et al; for possession of real estate. The Statute providing that new trials shall be granted in such cases where sufficient bond is given for result, including damages and cost, the Court found the bonds presented good and sufficient, new trial granted.

Nancy Maples vs. Mary Stewart et al; to relieve from tax sale and quiet title. Judgment for plaintiff, each to pay their own cost.

Last Thursday the Grand Jury returned eight indictments, reported one person in county jail and the jail in good condition.

State vs. John M. Grammer; selling liquor on Sunday. Plea of guilty and fined $10.

George I. Moore vs. Nancy Maples et al; to foreclose mortgage. Judgment for $502.25. Cross complainant Nancy J. Stewart also given judgment against Nancy Maples for $367.50. Mortgage foreclosed. From proceeds of sale of land Moore to be paid first, and Steward second.

Thursday at noon Judge Downey appointed Hon. Leonard E. Smith special Judge, pro tem.



On indictments returned by Grand Jury the following persons appeared and filed bonds for their appearance next term: Gabe Robinson giving away liquor on Sunday; Wesley McHenry, keeping public nuisance (charged slaughter house not in proper condition); Felix Jones, selling liquor on Sunday; Robert A. Knox, Jr., assault and battery (charged assaulted when making an arrest as a policeman); John W. Smith, James Torrance, William Resor and Alfred Rous, failure to perform their duty, (claimed that they did not do their official duty as members of the City Board of Health).

Jane A. Pavy and Evaline Tilley vs. Joshua Griffith, Jr., et al; for distribution by Julius C. Bersot, Administrator of the Estate of Lavina J. Griffith, deceased. Motion sustained, and Clerk ordered to pay $341.80 to Administrator, that he may equalize distribution.

In case of state vs. Millard F. Wainscott; assault and battery. Motion that three witness fees were erroneous, sustained.

Catharine Manford vs. John W. Manford; divorce. Granted.



Estate of John Patton, deceased, John K. Lewis Administrator. Final report approved.

Guardianship of heirs of Charles Olmstead, F. W. Cole guardian. Final report approved.

Guardianship of minor heirs of John Beatty, deceased, F. M. Griffith guardian. Final report approved as to Joseph D. Beatty, he being of age.

Estate of Victor Kessler, J. C. Long administrator. Report of sale of personal property approved.

Guardianship of Della Lock, F. M. Griffith guardian. Final report approved.

Estate of Cornelius Vandever, Fanny Vanever Administratrix. Sale of real estate to Harvey H. Buchanan approved. Also final report approved.

Estate of Nancy Ann Miller, deceased, Robert E. Hall Administrator. Final report approved.

Estate of Henry Stucy, Sr., deceased, Samuel Stucy Executor. Final report approved as to personal estate and continued as to real estate.

Estate of Wilson Driver, George H. Graves Administrator. Allowed claim of $42.

Estate of Thomas Delaney, deceased, F. M. Griffith Executor. Final report approved.

Guardianship of minor heirs of Oliver A. Day, deceased, Susan M. Jennings guardian. Final report approved.

The estate of John Patton, deceased inventoried $14,974.37. After credits of $1,184.49 for amounts paid by Administrator for costs etc., on final settlement there was left for distribution to the heirs, $245,877.58. In addition to this, there is left considerable real estate, which is not yet divided.