Switzerland County Circuit Court – May 1900

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 10 May 1900 – Page 4, Column 3

Circuit Court.
Judge Perry E. Bear.


Ira Baxter heirs vs. James M. Scott, admr. estate Joseph H. Netherland, deceased; claim; demand $150. Judgment for plaintiff for $130.72.

Estate Wm. Long, deceased; petition of widow, Stella O. Long for setting off estate, as being under $500, Prayer granted.

Guardianship of Alonzo Bennett et al, John D. Phillips, guardian; final report; approved.

Estate of Ostrum Boright, deceased, Wm. D. Cole, exr.; executor relieved from making any report until the collection of the second installment of the purchase money for the sale of real estate.

Guardianship of Virginia E. and Mabel V. Hall, Chas. E. Hall, guardian; petition to make and sign deed as guardian. Petition approved.

Estate of Sarah Nave, deceased, Selar Mead, admr; final report. Approved.

Guardianship of Lewis Detraz, et al, Eliza Detraz, guardian; partial report; approved.

Guardianship of Joseph Hayes et al, Carroll S. Tandy, guardian; partial report, approved.

Estate of Temperence VanHouten, deceased, Selar Mead, admr., final report; approved.

Demas M. Ricketts admr. of the estate of Jonathan C. Ricketts, deceased, vs. Delilah Roberts et al; petition to sell real estate. Report of sale and deed approved.

Guardianship of the minor heirs of James D. Richards, deceased, C. D. Green, guardian; partial report; approved.

Estate of Peter Voris, deceased, Lenard O. Voris, admr., final report; approved.

Guardianship of minor heirs of Eliza J. Scott, deceased, Wm. H. Scott, guardian; final report approved.

Estate of Mary Marsh, deceased, Adam W. Marsh, admr., resignation of admr.; accepted, and Jacob J. Goodner appointed admr.



Maud F. Oakley vs. Fred E. Oakley; divorce; petition to strike out witness fees; granted.

State vs. Nan Spivey; assault and battery. Submitted to Court; evidence heard; submitted without argument; finding of not guilty.

State vs. Lee Waters and Henry Whittaker; petit larceny; arraigned in open court; plea of guilty; fine of $1, and sentenced to imprisonment in county jail for five days and disfranchised for three years.

Vevay Reveille – 17 May 1900 – Page 4, Column 4

Circuit Court.
Judge Perry E. Bear.


Estate of Joseph Jacobs deceased, Hozier J. Harris admr.; petition of Jacob Clark for distribution of funds. Distribution ordered.

In the matter of the adoption of Edna C. Hall, minor heir of Tessie Bills Hall; petition of Jane Bills for adoption. Granted.

John B. Rochat admr. estate of Lucy Conboy vs. James Conboy; petition for sale of real estate to pay debts. Sale ordered; admr. to make report at next term of court.

Trusteeship of Sylvia D. Delvecchio, Chas. C. Shaw trustee; partial report. Approved.

Estate of Thomas Hoffman deceased, Geo. S. Pleasants admr.; final report. Approved.

John McKenzie admr. estate of Alexander McKenzie vs. Cinderella McKenzie et al; report of sale of real estate. Sale and deed approved.

Robert Thompson vs. James M. Scott admr.; claim; demand $27. Plaintiff defaulted; judgment for defendant.



State vs. Elijah Hankins; larceny. Arraigned in open court; plea of guilty. Fine $1, sentenced to county jail for one hour and disfranchised for three years.

Hannah A. Baker et al vs. Henry E. Voris et al, Leonard E. Smith commissioner; final report. Approved.

The grand jury was in session three days; examined twenty-four witnesses, and returned three indictments.

Court adjourned last Thursday evening. The next regular term convenes the first Monday in September, being the 3rd day of the month.