Switzerland County Circuit Court – Nov 1865

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 23 Nov 1865 – Page 2, Column 2

CIRCUIT COURT.—This Court is now in session in this place, Judge Berkshire presiding. The following cases have been disposed of:

  • 57 liquor cases—Change of venue from Judge; to be tried before some other Judge on the 4th Monday of March, 1865.
  • State vs. Anderson Banta—Murder. Verdict, not guilty.
  • State vs. David Steel, Jr.—Seduction. Change from county; sent to Ohio Circuit Court.
  • State vs. Christopher Carver—Assault and battery with intent to commit rape. Dismissed by Prosecuting Attorney.
  • State vs. Francis M. Scott—Perjury. Change from county; sent to Ohio.
  • Franklin College vs. Hugh L. Harris—On note. Judgment by default for $75.
  • Wm. J. Gibbs vs. Hugh B. Downey—For possession of real estate. Judgment in favor of plaintiff for possession of land, and one cent damages.
  • Robert N. Lamb vs. T. J. Vanosdol. Default and judgment for $87.57.
  • Geo. W. Mitchel, Administrator, &c., vs. Randall Zine. Judgment by default for $350.
  • Alexander Edgar, et al, vs. Lewis P. Roberts, et al—Foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment of $119.60 and the foreclosure of the mortgage.

The following cases were dismissed by the plaintiffs:

  • Wm. Hall vs. Euphenia Lindly, et al—Partition.
  • Benjamin J. Stoops vs. D. H. Blunk, et al—Foreclosure.
  • Andrew J. Scudder vs. Margaret Scudder—Divorce.
  • Gabriel Phillips vs. John Lewis, et al—Proceedings supplementary to execution.
  • Joshua Smithson vs. Noah N. Martin, et al—For Injunction.
  • John W. Adams vs. J. D. Griffith, Administrator of Thomas Adams estate.
  • Wm. Patton, et al, vs. Argus D. Vanosdol—On contract.
  • John Higham vs. Stephen Stewart, et al—Foreclosure.

The following cases were continued:

  • Hugh Adkinson vs. Wm. Bradley, et al—Foreclosure.
  • Samuel Gould vs. Robert Klien—On account.
  • Moses Osborne vs. Robert Klien—On account.
  • Franklin Dufour vs. Charles Thiebaud, et al—Damages.
  • John S. Heady vs. Henry C. Picket, et al—Damages.
  • George Ann Blodget vs. Isaac Brown—Breach of promise of Marriage.
  • David Miller, et al, vs. Dudley Smith, et al—To correct mistake in Deed.
  • Joseph McClanahan vs. Caroline McClanahan—Divorce.
  • Alexander McDonald vs. Margaret McDonald—Divorce.
  • Milton Rea vs. Henry Charleton—Contract.

These are all the cases that have been disposed of up to this time [Wednesday noon.] We learn that the Court will continue its session until Saturday evening.