Switzerland County Circuit Court – Nov 1869

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 11 Nov 1869 – Page 3, Column 1

Law Report.

Before Judge Carter.

State vs. Samuel Gilbert; Larceny—Found guilty and sentenced to the Penitentiary for two years.

The defendant was charged with stealing a coat (containing several hundred dollars worth of notes) from the wagon of J. R. S. Smith, in August, 1868. The case was prosecuted by Col. Ward, of Versailles, and Will M. Smith, of Vevay, and defended by W. H. Munnell, of Vevay, and C. A. Korbley, of Madison.

Before Judge Berkshire.

State vs. John Peelman; Surety of the Peace—Acquitted. For the prosecution, Judge Downey and Carter. For the defendant, James A. Works and Sons, and H. A. Downey.

Wm. Rodgers vs. Wm. Towers, et. al.—Appeal from Justice of the Peace, on Contract.

As we go to press this case is being tried before a Jury.

The following are the Attorneys in this case:

For the Plaintiff, Adkinson & Livings, and Judge Downey—For the Defendant, H. A. Downey, James A. Works & Sons, and Geo. W. Paul.

Vevay Reveille – 18 Nov 1869 – Page 3, Column 2

Law Report.

Before Judge Berkshire.

In the case of Rodgers vs. Towers—Appeal from Justice of the Peace. On Contract.—Plaintiff reduced judgment from $84 to $23; thereby saving costs of appeal.

State vs. Elisha C. Sprague—Nolle Prosequi, entered by Prosecutor. This is the famous Chicago Sprague who was sued by Miss Amanda Tague for breach of promise. It is a case of perjury, filed 12 years ago.

State vs. Mark Fesler. Larceny.—Dismissed.

State vs. Jos. Edrington. Larceny.—Dismissed.

State vs. Chas. Ward. Perjury.—Dismissed.

State vs. David Courtney. Larceny.—Dismissed.

State vs. Gilbert L. Mead. Perjury.—Indictment quashed. Smith and Adkins & Livings for Defendant.

State vs. Jas. W. Christy. Provoking Assault.—Found not guilty. W. H. Munnell for Defendant and J. Works for State.

State vs. Eugene Tardy. Change of venue to Ripley County.

State vs Eugene Myers and others. Malicious Trespass.—Two cases.—Nolle pros.

State vs. John Gavin, from Madison. Destruction of property.—Nolle pros.

State vs. John Gavin, from Madison. Assault and Battery.—Pleads guilty; fined $5.

State vs. John Gavin, from Madison. Assault and Battery with intent to murder.—Nolle pros.

State vs. John Gavin, from Madison. Assault and Battery.—Continued to March Term C. P. C.

Thomas Gray et. al., vs. Sarah Clements et. al. Recovery of Real Estate—Trial by Court—Special finding for Plaintiff. Motion for new trial overruled; Judgment.—Hamilton, Thompson and Judge Lamb for Plaintiff. Carter & Johnston and H. A. Downey for Defendants.

Esquire Hulley et. al. vs. Vevay & Moorefield Turnpike Co. et. al. Continued to next term.

Geo. A. Hotchkiss vs. John S. Olmstead. Slander.—Judgment for Defendant on Demur. Adkinson & Livings and Judge Walker for Defendant. Works & Sons, and Judge A. C. Downey for Plaintiff.

Nathan Walden vs. Alva Leap. Settled by agreement. Works & Sons and Judge A. C. Downey for Plaintiff. Harrington & Korbly, and Adkinson & Livings for Defendant.

Perry Knody vs. Elizabeth Knody. Divorce.—Dismissed.

Amie Morerod and T. M. Danglade, Assignees, vs. Hugh H. Brown. Default and judgment for $55.58. J. B. McCrellis, Attorney for plaintiffs.

Hall & Lewis vs. Geo. W. Hawthorn. Note.—Default. Judgment for $253.75. Adkinson & Livings, Attorneys for Plaintiffs.

The regular Term of the Circuit Court commenced last Tuesday. No business of importance has yet been transacted. The following Attorneys are in attendance:

  • Hon. C. E. Walker, Madison
  • Chas. A. Korbly, Madison
  • Hon. H. W. Harrington, Madison
  • Jas. Y. Allison, Madison
  • John A. Miller, Madison
  • John Denton, North Vernon, Prosecutor Attorney
  • Hon. A. C. Downey, Rising Sun

Resident Attorneys.

  • H. A. Downey
  • Hon. Scott Carter
  • Hon. John Dumont
  • Adkinson & Livings
  • Col. Oliver Ormsby
  • Jas. A. Works
  • L. F. Works
  • J. D. Works
  • Will M. Smith
  • E. F. Humphrey
  • William H. Munnell
  • Jas. B. McCrellis

Country Attorneys.

  • Thos. Works, Allensville
  • A. D. Vanosdol, Bennington
  • Geo. H. Paul, Pleasant
  • Wade H. Jack, Patriot

Vevay Reveille – 25 Nov 1869 – Page 3, Column 2

Law Report.

Circuit Court—Judge Berkshire Presiding.

State Docket.

State vs. James B. Walden—Assault and Battery with intent to rape. Change to Ripley Co.

State vs. Jesse Hays—Perjury. Noell Prosed.

State vs. Lewis Woods—Assault and battery with intent to murder. Trial by Jury. Verdict, guilty; fined $67.50 and costs.

State vs. Lewis Woods—Assault and battery with intent to murder. Tried by Jury. Verdict, guilty of assault and battery with intent to murder in 2d degree, five years in State Penitentiary. Judgment on verdict.

State vs. Lewis Woods—Assault and battery with intent to murder. Quashed.

State vs. James B. Walden—Assault and battery. Trial by Jury. Verdict and Judgment guilty; fine $5 and costs.

State vs. Johnson Lance—Grand Larceny. Trial by Jury. Verdict, 3 years in the House of Refuge. Judgment on verdict.

State vs. John W. Murphy—Assault and battery. Plead guilty, and was fined $25.00.

State vs. Robert Howe—Larceny. Trial by Jury. Verdict, 24 hours in County Jail, fined $1 and costs, and disfranchised for one year. Judgment rendered.

Civil Docket.

Columbs D. Conway vs. Samuel E. Pleasants, Administrator of Ira Lindley’s Estate.—Civil action for money on bill of exchange. Continued by agreement.

Redding M. Garrison and Jas. P. Knowland vs. Louisa Cotton and John G. Cotton—Action to recover Real Estate. Continued by agreement.

Harvey Schroder vs. Thomas H. Dow—On account. Complaint dismissed for want of appearance, Judgment for Defendant on sett off $510. Motion for new trial.

Garret Williams and Wm. K. Mead vs. A. Lowery Shannon, Sherriff of Jefferson County—Replevin. Dismissed at Plaintiff’s costs.

Silas R. Potter et. al. vs. Samuel E. Pleasants et. al.—trial last term. Motion for new trial overruled. Judgment on the verdict (as brought in last term.)

Wm. Goodall vs. Oliver W. Protsman and Wm. Smith—On account. Trial by Court. Judgment for Plaintiff for $305.50.

L. Milton Whitman, Receiver of Sinnissippi Insurance Co., vs. Wm. Rogers—On note. Continued with leave to retake depositions. Judgment against Plaintiff for costs of this term.

Albert Bayse vs. John C. Rayl. Dismissed by agreement.

Jacob W. Thompson vs. Board of Commissioners of Switzerland Co.—Appeal. Dismissed by Plaintiff.

North Western Christian University vs. Laura B. Gordon and John B. Gordon—On note. Continued by agreement.

Jos. L. Pate vs. Benj L. Simmons. Dismissed at Plaintiff’s cost.

Charles Thiebaud vs. Eliza Jane Suttles—Foreclosure. Dismissed.

Napoleon LeClerc vs. Peter LeClerc et. al.—For Partition. Dismissed for want of prosecution.

James Jump vs. Frederick W. Goergell. Continued by agreement.

Andrew Sherman vs. Harvey Myers et. al.—Damages—2 cases. Dismissed on failure to file bond for costs.

Mary Lewis vs. James Mitchell—Breach of Marriage Contract. Dismissed at Plaintiff’s cost.

First National Bank of Vevay vs. Julia Clendenning et. al.—To set aside conveyance of Real Estate. Default and Judgment.

Conrad Vandusen and Lucy J. Vandusen vs. Martin Bayne—Slander. Trial by Jury. Dismissed.

John W. Hyate vs. James A. Works et. al.—On note. Trial by Court. Judgment for Works.—Dismissed as to others.

Laz Anderson et. al. vs. Maria Fisher et. al. Set for Special Term Thursday after the first Monday in March, 1870.

Ed. C. Heady vs. Eugene Tardy—On note. Default and Judgment for Plaintiff for $701.20.

I. McKay vs. Eli Cotton—Appeal from Justice. Dismissed by agreement.

Francis O. J. Smith vs. John Dumont. Dismissed by agreement.

Robert A. Knox vs. Eugene Tardy.—Replevin. Dismissed at Plaintiff’s cost.

Rosetta Allen vs. Chris. Noll—Contract. Dismissed.

George C. Scott vs. Wm. S. Krutz. Continued by agreement.

Samuel W. Wade et. al. vs Wm. Mead et. al.—On note. Judgment for Plaintiff’s for $110.00.

Amie Morerod et. al. vs. Hugh W. Brown—On note. Judgment by default for Plaintiff’s for $53.50.

Hazelett E. Dodd, Administrator of Vance, vs. John Houze—Foreclosure. Dismissed.

Wm. Hall et. al. vs. George Gleason et. al.—To revive Judgment. Execution ordered for $335.05.