Switzerland County Circuit Court – Nov 1892

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court reports appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 10 Nov 1892 – Page 4, Column 5

Judge, A. C. Downey; Prosecuting Attorney, R. L. Davis.

State vs. Stewart Scranton; selling liquor to minor. Plea of guilty; fine $20.

Harriet and Robert Cotton vs. Wm. H. Manuel; partition of real estate. Clerk ordered to pay $248.65 to parties.

Benjamin C. Hicks vs. James Barker and Ededa Hicks; to set aside deed. Change of venue to Ohio county for convenience of witnesses.

State vs. Newton Short, William Furnish and James Burk; petit larceny. Trial by jury; verdict of guilty, and that each be imprisoned in penitentiary two years.

State vs. Charles Brown; grand larceny; stealing horse. Trial by Court; verdict guilty; five years in penitentiary.

Maggie Hewitt vs. George Hewitt; divorce. Granted, and given custody of child.

James B. Gullion vs. Geo. S. Gullion; appeal. Judgment of Court that the defendant pay plaintiff $30.

Julia A. Roberts vs. Mary E. Smith and seven others, heirs of Jesse Roberts, deceased; partition of real estate. Submitted to Court. One third of real estate given to widow. Geo. W. McKay, Robert Scott and Joseph Orr appointed Commissioners to partition land.

Martha Robinson vs. John Robinson; divorce. Granted.

Henry Kittenbrink vs. Caroline Kittenbrink; divorce. Granted.

Sarah Humphrey vs. Mary Hageman, Ira Rayl and James H. Hitchens; for Receiver. Benjamin N. Davies appointed.

Alvin M. Sadler vs. Rachel Sadler; divorce. Granted.

Rebecca Marlet vs. Charles Marlet; divorce. Refused, judgment for defendant.

W. H. Henry and David N. Hyadon were appointed Jury Commissioners for ensuing year.

Vevay Reveille – 17 Nov 1892 – Page 4, Column 5


Estate of Justi Thiebaud, deceased. Final report of R. L. Thiebaud, executor, approved.

Estate of Joseph Wallick, deceased. Final report of George H. Bunger, administrator, approved.

Estate of John Tague, deceased—Estate being under $500 set off to widow, Mary A. Tague.

Sylvester G. Powell appointed administrator of the estate of Mariah C. Powell. Granted permission to sell personal property at private sale.

William Cunningham, executor of the estate of William H. Cunningham, granted permission to sell estate.

Estate of Emma J. Lotton, deceased. Final report of Charles L. Lee, administrator, approved.

J. B. Ramseyer, administrator of the estate of Lorene J. Riley, deceased, given permission to sell personal property at private sale.

Charles S. Peak appointed guardian of Charles O. Peak.

Samuel W. Wade, executor of estate of Samuel Wade, deceased. Sale of real estate approved.

Albert G. Craig, guardian of Lillie C. Schenck, final report and discharged.

Estate of Percy Rous, deceased. Final report of Francis M. Rous, administrator, approved.

Charles W. Smith, Administrator of the estate of Jesse Roberts, deceased, given permission to sell personal property at private sale.

Charles Kiesel, guardian of Joseph Kiesel et al. Final report approved.

William R. Protsman, administrator of the estate of Polly Protsman, deceased, was given permission to sell real estate.

Dilver E. Douglas, guardian of Jacob Tarbox. Final report approved.

Catherine Anderson, administrator of estate of Ella Thiebaud. Final report approved.

Several guardians and administrators made partial reports.