Switzerland County Circuit Court – Oct 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 31 Oct 1895 – Page 5, Column 2

Switzerland Circuit Court.


Jane Dugan, guardian of Minnie D. Pate, minor heir of John F. Pate. Final report approved, she being of age.

Estate of Lorenzo W. Hinman, Lemuel E. Turner, administrator. Final report approved.

H. H. McCulloch, guardian of Lulu McCulloch; she being of age, and transcript record of Jefferson County Court, Kentucky, showing he had fully settled with her, he was discharged and bondsmen released on account of petition previously made to sell land in Switzerland County.

Estate of Wilson Driver, George H. Graves, administrator. Final report approved.

Petit Baxter, guardian of Elizabeth Baxter. Final report approved, she being of age.

Estate of Warren Cotton, deceased, being less than $500 was set off to his widow, Katie Cotton.

Robert Sharp, guardian of the minor heirs of David P. Blodget, deceased; sale of timber approved.

Estate of Martha Ramseyer, Thomas Montague, administrator. Final report approved.

Mary C. Brown, guardian of Aaron B. Brown, minor heir of Merit H. Brown. Final report approved, he being of age.

Estate of Ann Armstrong, Wm. H. Mellick, administrator. Jordon R. Houze allowed claim of $11.67.

Will of Sarah A. Peters probated. John W. Smiley, executor. Bond $12,000.00.

Jennie Krall vs. Mathias Funk, administrator of the estate of Henry Boyd; claim, trial by Jury, verdict for plaintiff $190.

William S. Told, administrator of the estate of Alger Stewart, vs. Francis Stewart; petition to sell real estate granted.

Wm. S. Kincaid, administrator of the estate of Sarah A. Long, deceased, vs. James Long et al; petition to sell real estate granted.

The following acts of the Clerk during vacation were approved:

Estate of John C. Atkinson, appointment of David Atkinson, administrator. Bond $850.

William S. Told appointed guardian of minor heirs of Nancy J. Stewart. Bond $1,000.

In admitting to probate wills of Annie A. Dickason, Caroline J. Welch, Lucy Conboy, James Sullivan.

In filing and recording the written election of Elizabeth Sullivan, widow of James Sullivan, to accept will.

Vevay Reveille – 14 Nov 1895 – Page 4, Column 4

Switzerland Circuit Court. Judge A. C. Downey.

In the cases State vs. certain members of the City Council and members of the City Board of Health, the indictments were quashed and defendants discharged.

David B. Wallace, Administrator of the estate of Livingston L. Tiller, deceased, vs. Huldah E. Gillis and Thomas C. Gillis; on note and to foreclose mortgage. Judgment for $485.40 and cost, and foreclosure.

John A. Weaver vs. The Moorefield Academy et al. L. E. Smith, Receiver, reported public sale of real estate to the school town of Moorefield for $275, which was approved.

Benjamin F. Smith vs. John F. Boulton; on note and in attachment. Judgment for $31.04. John K. Lewis, surviving partner of Hall & Lewis, also given judgment, on note by Boulton, for $182.55.

Archidile Edrington vs. Lemuel Edrington; divorce. Granted.

State vs. Gabe Robinson; giving away liquor on Sunday. Trial by Court, not guilty.
State vs. Felix Jones; selling liquor on Sunday. Trial by Court—not guilty.

The Sheriff reported Omer Fowler, Beniah Belden, and Robert E. Clark, selected by Jury Commissioners as Petit Jurors, not found; and he selected James S. Knox, Lemuel E. Turner, and Frank Miller to fill the vacancies.

State vs. John Bowie; petit larceny. Trial by Court—found guilty, and imprisoned in county jail for 60 days, fined $5, and disfranchised one year.

State vs. Robert A. Knox, Jr.; assault and battery. Plea of guilty—fined $10.

John W. Neal vs. Millard F. Wainscott; damages. Defendant filed application for change of Judge. Granted, and William R. Johnston appointed as special Judge to try the case.

William Acres vs. Ralph R. Stout; on account. Trial by Jury—verdict in favor of defendant.

Lucilla Protsman vs. Lucilla Jagers, Flora B. Morrison et al; to correct deed. All alleged by plaintiff admitted by defendants, and by agreement verdict in favor of plaintiff.

Luella Jagers vs. Joseph Jagers; to authorize plaintiff to convey real estate. Judgment by Court for plaintiff.

Luciella Goins vs. Robert Goins; divorce. Trial by Court—granted.

James R. Cole vs. Eugene Tardy; appeal by defendant from Justice of Peace. Trial by Jury; verdict for plaintiff, $1 damages.

Samuel Stucy, of Vevay, and Samuel Wade, of Patriot, were appointed by Court Jury Commissioners for one year.

Jacob Danner vs. John Todd; damages. Trial by Jury; verdict favor of plaintiff–$1200.00.

Clara Stockdale vs. Eliza McKay et al; partition. M. G. Keeney, Joseph H. Netherland and John Reed appointed Commissioners to partition land.

Sylvester Lanham vs. Freeman Russell; damages. Trial by Jury, verdict for defendant.

Morning morning, Nov. 4th, Hon. Francis M. Griffith, on behalf of the Bar of this Court, presented the following, which was seconded by Hon. W. D. Ward, unanimously approved, and ordered by Judge Downey to be placed on record:

“Whereas, the term of Walter C. Benedict, Clerk of the Switzerland Circuit Court, has just expired; therefore be it

Resolved, by the Bar of this Court, That as an evidence of the faithful manner in which said retiring Clerk has performed his duties, and that he has at all time been courteous and obliging, and that our relations have been pleasant, and that we wish him success in life, we asks the Court to order that this testimonial be spread on record.

Be It Further Resolved, That we also tender our best wishes to his successor, Edward E. Kelso, and assure him that we will join in an effort to render his official term pleasant, and that we will be ever ready to render him any assistance within our power to enable him to successfully perform the duties of the office now held by him.”

Janes A. Gibson vs. Reese McManama and Kate Parsons; for possession, etc. By agreement judgment rendered for the possession of real estate described; judgment for plaintiff.

John T. Riggs et al vs. Henry A. Martin et al; on note. Trial by Jury; verdict for defendants.

William Winter and Joshua M. W. Langsdale vs. Ted Carver et al; on account and to set aside conveyance. By agreement of all parties, there is due Gustaf H. Schrumf $908, and to William Winters $78.10; Joshua M. W. Langsdale $154.64.

Martha A. Rickter vs. Jacob J. Rickter; divorce, granted.

Ella Bucheit vs. Jacob Bucheit; divorce, granted.

David Dow vs. Frederick L. Thiebaud; on account. Trial by Jury; verdict in favor of defendant.



Erastus S. Downey vs. George W. Griffith et al; appeal. Trial by Jury, verdict in favor of plaintiff that he is owner of property claimed.

Prudence McCreary vs. The Laughery Turnpike Co. et al; for possession of real estate. Continued.



John W. Neal vs. Millard F. Wainscott; damages. Defendant submitted written affidavits for continuance. Granted.