Switzerland County Commissioners’ Court – June 1855

Switzerland County, Indiana Commissioners’ Court proceedings for June 1855 appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 20 June 1855 – Page 3, Column 2

Proceedings of Board of County Commissioners, at their June Term, 1855.

The commissioners met on Wednesday, June 13th, according to adjournment.

It was ordered by the Board, that B. J. Robinson be allowed an order for $5, for furnishing coffin and burying man found dead in the river.

It was ordered by the Board, that P. Leezenbee be allowed $1, for digging grave for burying pauper child.

J. S. Olmsted was allowed $2.50, for furnishing groceries for J. C. Allison, a pauper.

S. Tinker was allowed $1.60 for fees as constable for taking and bringing Almond Heath from Enterprise to Vevay.

J. S. Olmsted was allowed $4 on account of $8.75, for services as overseer of the poor, and for furnishing articles for pauper.

Joseph Peelman was allowed $496.34, on his contract of building jail.

Elijah Graham was allowed $20, for boarding and taking care of Benj. Davis a pauper.

E. Littlefield was appointed Agent for Jefferson township to sell liquors under the prohibitory law, his salary not to exceed 25 per cent over cost price.

B. Phillips was allowed $13, for boarding, lodging, &c. for Catharine Morris, an insane person, from Feb. 19 to March 3 last, and for expense incurred in taking her to the poor house.

John J. Jack set forth to the Board that he was not able to perform manual labor, and was exempted from working out his poll on the road.

C. Haston, do.

John McMillen was allowed $6, for serving six days as baliff for the present term of Commissioners Court.

E. Littlefield was allowed an order on the Treasurer for $200, for purchasing liquors. He has since returned $100, of it to the Treasury.

Messrs. Weaver, Ferguson and Shull, were each allowed $18, for six days services as commissioners.

It was ordered by the Board, that Chas. Thiebaud be allowed to cut the grass off the Public Square, he agreeing to furnish water for the use of courts &c.