Switzerland County Commissioners’ Court – March 1854

Switzerland County Commissioners’ Court proceedings for March 1854 appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille16 March 1854 – Page 2, Column 2

Commissioners’ Court.

Before Comissioners Furguson, Weaver and Shull.

On the petition of Harris Keeney and others, the Board allowed the road leading from Vevay to Rising Sun, via Quercus Grove, to relocated.

J. Smithson was allowed an order of $54 for coal furnished for use of county.

H. Stoucy was allowed $205 for furnishing materials and making pavement on sidewalk in front of public square.

I. Stevens, Jr., was allowed $2.25 for furnishing stationary for use of the public offices.

C. McNutt was allowed 75 cents for services as inspector of election.

S. Howe & Son were allowed $6 for furnishing a barrel of flour to John Burns, a pauper.

A. D. Bennett was allowed $5.04 for furnishing provisions for Burns.

H. Driver was allowed $8.75 for merchandise furnished Burns.

Wm. Gibson was allowed $2 for Cod Liver Oil furnished Burns.

Dr. E. M. Chever was allowed $1.50 for medicine and attendance on Levi Fletcher, a pauper.

John Lampton was allowed $3.90 for furnishing merchandise for Fletcher.

C. Fisher was allowed $4 for making a coffin for Burns.

S. W. Howard, Sheriff, was allowed $43 for extra service.

Sheets & Braden were allowed $18 for furnishing tax duplicates for the county for 1854.

O. S. & F. J. Waldo were allowed an order for $37.50, for public printing and advertising.

R. R. Rea, Sheriff of Jefferson county, was allowed $25.60 for boarding and keeping Wm. N. Lyon.

J. H. Cotton was allowed $141.80 for boarding and taking care of 16 paupers from Dec. 7 to March 8.

Also, allowed $19.50 for making and laying rails, etc., etc.

Also, allowed $26.00 for keeping, boarding and taking care of George Hunter, insane.

J. M. Dunn, was allowed $40.00 for time and money expended in attending different courts in the case of Wm. N. Lyon, indieted for the murder of John Vestal.

James McCorkill was allowed $31.40 for the same.

Hiram Hunt was allowed $31.15 for the same.

John A. Keith was allowed $36.15 for the same.

Daniel Wilson $36.15 for the same.

Jonathan Robinson, Jr., $39.40 for the same.

B. J. Robinson $30.40 for the same.

W. H. Kelso $0.50 for same.

Wm. McCorkill $9.50 for same.

Moore & Anderson were allowed $8.63 for stationary furnished the county.

I. N. Malin was allowed $7.50 for cash paid for drayage, express charges, &c., &c.

Ira N. Malin was allowed $50 for extra services as clerk of the Circuit and Common Pleas Court, for the past year.

B. Mc’Kim was allowed $50 for drawing plan and specifications of Jail.

J. V. Short was allowed $17.50 for making coffin of Wm. Miller, a pauper; digging grave and making coffin for — Derby, a pauper; and making two coffins for poor farm.

Geo. E. Pleasants presented a bill of $5.00, for water furnished the public square for the year ending March 4, ’54, which the Board refused to allow.

S. T. Golay was allowed 75 cents for putting a lock on the door of the Recorder’s office.

Geo. H. Kyle was allowed $8 for furnishing stationary for the use of Auditor and Treasurer offices.

Geo. H. Kyle and Percy Rous were allowed $10.16 for lumber and nails furnished for making boxes for the trees in front of public square.

S. Howe was allowed $10 every three months, for the support of himself and family, they being unable to work and liable to be thrown entirely upon the Co. unless assisted.

S. Tinker was allowed $3 for taking two paupers from Allensville to the poor farm.

H. Olmstead and Amos Edwards were allowed 50 cts each for services as Overseers of the poor.

The Board raised the price of ferriage across the Ohio river, from Vevay to Ghent. Foot passengers are now charged 15 cents!!!

R. N. Lamb was allowed $30 for extra services during the year.

R. N. Lamb was allowed $165.45 for three month services as Auditor.

The Board appointed H. Wason, H. Olmstead and B. Hearick, examiners of common school teachers.

The Board allowed S. W. Howard $2.50 for making fires, keeping the court house in order, &c., during the session.

Finally, the Board allowed themselves $15 each for five days services as County Commissioners—and adjourned.