Switzerland County Commissioners – Dec 1892

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for December 1892 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Nov 1892 – Page 4, Column 1


The County Commissioners—Cornelius D. Green, Geo. W. Sanders and Thomas Montanye (who succeeds William O. Marble, whose term expired)—met Monday, Dec. 5, and adjourned last Friday, 9th.

Among other business transacted by them was the following:

George Clendening was ordered to purchase lumber and repair floor of bridge at Markland.

License to retail liquor was granted to the following persons: Frank Scott, Francis M. Graham, John E. Hudson, Patriot; Benjamin W. Simmons, Vevay.

The Auditor presented a list of taxes refunded to taxpayers in Switzerland county from June 1, 1852 to June 1, 1892, amounting to $2,681.74. The county has received by credits in the various semi annual sheets, from May, 1854, to Dec., 1892 $1,561.41. Leaving a balance of $1,120.33. It was therefore ordered by the Board that said sum of $1,120.33 be entered as a credit in the settlement sheet of 1892.

Amount paid for special Judges from year 1870 to December settlement, 1891, $1,105.00. The State has refunded to county off this amount, from 1870 to December settlement, 1891, $970—leaving the State indebted to the county $135, which amount was ordered deducted from December settlement, 1892.

The above, in regard to refunded taxes and amounts paid special Judges was developed from investigations made by Fleeter & Hunter, which the Auditor compiled and presented to the Board. It only affects accounts with the State and adjustments of county books to correspond.

In the matter of petition of Alfred M. Wade et al for highway in Posey Township, James T. Bodkin, Ephraim Williamson and David Nave were appointed viewers, Dec. 7th to Dec. 9th. The viewers reported the road would be of public utility. Alonzo and Clara Fish filed a remonstrance and the matter was continued until next term.

Benjamin McHenry was appointed to the tree scholarship at Purdue University.

Dr. P. S. Sage was appointed by the Board Secretary of the County Board of Health for the term of one year at $75 per year.