Switzerland County Commissioners – Dec 1898

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Dec 1898 – Page 4, Column 3


Thomas Montayne, Thomas Land and William A. Shadday, Commissioners, met in special session Thursday, Dec. 1st, to transact business in relation to purchase of Vevay and Moorefield Turnpike.

The Circuit Court mandated the Board to sign its record made December 21, 1897 as shown on pages 311 and 312 of their record, and execute and deliver to Vevay and Moorefield Turnpike Co. the bond of $2791.20 mentioned in said order. The Board then signed the said record and the Auditor was directed to attest said bond as required by the judgment of the Circuit Court, which was done and the bond delivered to the Turnpike Co.

The Board met in regular session Monday, Dec. 5. Walter S. Lock qualified as Commissioner from 1st district, succeeding Thomas Montayne, term expired. The viewers for proposed free gravel roads in Pleasant Township, Geo. W. McKay, engineer; Cornelius D. Green and Orson A. Potter, viewers, filed their report. The Board ordered that bids be received up to 2 p.m. March 9th for the building of the road.

Benjamin W. Simmons, Frank J. Brockslager, were granted licenses to retail liquors in Vevay.

Ira Banta, Sheriff; John S. Johnson, Coroner; Wm. H. McKay, Surveyor; Edward E. Kelso, Clerk; filed their bonds of $5000 each, which were approved.

Virgil Richards failing to qualify as a Constable in Pleasant Township, Edward Finch was appointed to fill the vacancy.

Jasper N. Brindley, John A. Danglade and George Clendenning reviewers on location of a highway in Jefferson and Switzerland Counties, assessed the damages of George W. McKay (through whose land the proposed road runs) at $50. Report approved.

In the matter of petition of W. W. Lamson and others to locate a certain new highway in Craig Township, Wm. O. Marble and J. C. Morgan, reviewers, assessed the damage to lands of Wm. J. Cain at $35. In same case James M. Grant, Alfred Gaunt and Kathleen Gaunt were jointly allowed $32.50 damages to lands. They remonstrated and filed a motion to dismiss the case, which was overruled by the Board, and remonstrators appealed case to Circuit Court.

County officers reported amounts of fees collected for the quarter as follows:

  • Ira Banta, Sheriff, $[?].25
  • John W. Barnes, Recorder, $163.45
  • Edw. E. Kelso, Clerk, $261.78

James P. Orem, County Treasurer, reported orders redeemed during last quarter: County orders, $16,686.77; Common School Warrants, $1,075.00; Total, $17,761.77. Found correct and approved.

Martin G. Keeney was appointed engineer of construction of the free gravel roads in Pleasant Township.

Harriet Petty petitioned for $75 damages on account of change of highway in Posey Township. Theodore Scott, Wm. H. Wiley and John Parker appointed to assess damages, if any and report next term.