Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1874

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 6 Jun 1874 – Page 4, Column 1

Commissioner’s Court.

The Board met at the Court room on the 1st. W. M. Patton, Phillip A. Bettens and William Gibbs, Commissioners, and William Patton, Auditor, and Francis A. Jackson, Assessor; were appointed and organized as a County Board of Equalization for the year 1874.

The County Assessors having filed their assessment papers and books with the Board, and no complaint having been made, the Board adjourned sine die.

The Commissioners’ Court was then convened; and the following business disposed of:

Alfred Stow was allowed $300.00 for painting outside of the Court House.

F. M. Griffith was allowed $71.55 for services as School Examiner.

James McHenry was allowed $115 for services as Deputy Assessor for Cotton Township.

Joseph N. Jackson was allowed $135 for services as Deputy Assessor for Posey Township.

James M. Dyer was allowed $153 for services as Deputy Assessor for Jefferson Township.

F. A. Jackson was allowed $200 for services as County Assessor for the year 1874.

Doctor J. Cole was appointed Constable for Posey Township.

John H. Cotton was allowed $541 for keeping paupers at County Asylum.

John Chatelin was allowed $175 for Coal furnished to the Court House.

In the matter of the petition of William Henry and others, in reference to highway. Charles Markland, Alfred Tapp; and Abner Gates appointed viewers.

In the matter of the petition of Israel Warner and others, to have highway ascertained and entered of record. The Board ordered that said road be laid out and entered of record.

Vevay Reveille – 13 Jun 1874 – Page 4, Column 2

Commisioners’ Court.
June Term, 1874.

Petition of Percy Rous and others, for change of highway at Shull’s Hill. Change granted.

Petition of F. M. Rous and others, for vacation of highway. John R. S. Smith, John McHenry and Philander Morrison appointed as viewers, and ordered to meet at Esquire Lee’s office on the 5th day of August, 1874.

County Orders redeemed by the county Treasurer during last three months, $20,841.92.

Petition of Joseph M. Miller to establish a public ferry across the Ohio river at Florence, Ind. Ferry granted.

The following is a list of Physicians and Surgeons appointed to attend and furnish medicines to paupers and poor persons in the county for the coming year:

  • Dr. T. J. Griffith for Jefferson and Craig Townships, Pauper Asylum and prisoners in county jail, for which he is to receive $150.00.
  • Dr. B. F. Frank, York Township, $34.
  • E. M. Cheever and R. A. Johnson for Posey Township, the former to receive $25, and the latter $45.
  • J. W. Vanosdol for Cotton, at $40.
  • P. C. Holland for Pleasant, at $40.

Petition of Lewis Schroeder and others, for location of highway at Norisez Landing. The reviewers appointed at the March Term assessed U. P. Shenck’s damages at $50. The report was approved by the Board and the read ordered to be opened. Mr. Schenck was allowed an order on county Treasurer for his damages.

The following is the rate of tax for raising County Revenue for the year 1874:

For each one hundred dollars in real estate and personal property, fifty cents.

For the purpose of Pauper Revenue ten cents on each one hundred dollars.

Alfred Stow was allowed $87.50 for extra paint put on Court House.

Maj. Wm. Patton, allowed $300 for services in footing up tax duplicate.

John Armstrong, Sheriff, allowed $315.25 for boarding prisoners in county jail.

Indiana Sentinel Company, allowed $92.80 for books and stationery.

Braden & Burford, publishers, allowed $180.75 for books and stationery.

Maj. Wm. Patton, allowed $35 for 7 days services attending Court at June Term, 1874.

Commissioners allowed each $35 for 7 days services at June Term ’74.

Board adjourned, June 10, sine die.