Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1893

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 15 Jun 1893 – Page 4, Column 1


County Commissioners C. D. Green, Geo. W. Sanders, and Thomas Montayne, met Monday, June 5th. The following is a summary of the business transacted:

Joseph D. Froman, county Treasurer elect, filed his bond.

Daniel Lock was appointed a Constable to fill a vacancy in Pleasant Township.

The Township Trustees reported allowances made to poor, as follows, which was ordered paid:

  • Jefferson Township, $100.37
  • Pleasant, $63.75
  • York, $65.24
  • Cotton, (including county orphan children), $120.52
  • Posey, $48.25
  • Craig, $27.39

Licensed to retail liquors: Thomas D. Anderson, John M. Gramar, George P. Fouty, Vevay; John D. Myers, Markland.

Petitions having been filed asking for purchase of Vevay & Moorefield Turnpike Road, and Vevay, Mt. Sterling & Versailles Turnpike Road—each petition being signed by more than fifty free hold taxpayers and voters—last Thursday, 8th, the Board appointed Martin G. Keeney (a civil engineer), W. H. Madison, and confirmed the selection of the two turnpike companies, W. H. Henry, to view and assess the value of the two roads. They were ordered to meet Monday, June 12th, proceed to view and value the roads, and make their reports at a special meeting at the Board next Tuesday, June 20th.

Contracts were made with Physicians to doctor and furnish medicines to the poor, as follows:

  • Jefferson Township, J. H. Shadday, $90.
  • Craig and County Asylum, J. H. Shadday, $100.
  • York, J. M. W. Langsdale, precinct number 1, $20; H. A. Greeleaf, precinct number 2, $36.
  • Posey, James A. Pryor, $40.
  • Cotton, J. W. VanOsdol, $40.
  • Pleasant, R. M. Copeland, first precinct, $30; Scott Culbertson, second precinct, $30.

A report of condition of school funds shows the following amounts in the county treasury and not invested: Congressional school fund, $7,116.21; common school fund, $1038.95.

Peter H. Lostutter having been reelected by Township Trustees County Superintendent, filed his bond of $1000; also his special bond of $1300.

In the matter of petition of Alfred Wade and others for change of highway in Posey Township. Granted permission to dismiss, at cost of petitioners.

William Tait, County Treasurer, reported orders redeemed by him for quarter ending May 31st, amounting to $17,620.41. Also common school warrants, $2,532.50 and congressional school warrants, $592.20—all of which were found correct and approved.

Adjourned last Friday afternoon to meet in special session next Tuesday, June 20th.

Vevay Reveille – 22 Jun 1893 – Page 4, Column 1


The County Commissioners, Cornelius D. Green, George W. Sanders, and Thomas Montayne, met last Tuesday for the purpose of receiving the reports of Martin G. Keeney, William H. Madison, and William H. Henry, appraisers and viewers to assess value of Vevay, Versailles, and Mt. Sterling Turnpike company, and Vevay and Moorefield Turnpike company.

Report as to the Vevay, Versailles and Mt. Sterling road: [See newspaper for full report.]

The Directors of above company appeared before the Commissioners and declined to accept the proposition for purchase.

Report as to Vevay and Moorefield road: [See newspaper for full report.]

The Directors of the road appeared before the Board and declined to accept above offer of purchase.

At a special meeting of the County Commissioners last Tuesday Felix Jones was appointed a Constable to fill the vacancy in Craig Township.