Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Jun 1895 – Page 4, Column 1


County Commissioners Thomas Montayne, Edgar Dibble, and Geo. W. Sanders, met Thursday, June 3, and adjourned last Saturday. We condense their proceedings as follows:

In the matter of the Plum Creek free gravel road.—A full record of proceedings, including result of election, showing 410 votes for building road, and 307 against. Bids for building road will be received by Board up to 2 p.m., July 17th. Road to be completed by Jan. 6th, 1896.

Licensed to sell liquors.—John M. Grammar, Thomas D. Anderson, John D. Brindley, Vevay; Thomas Pickett, Markland.

The various Township Assessor made their reports and were allowed for their services.

The Township Trustees made their reports for aid to the poor and bills were allowed. York Township, $56.79; Posey, $39.00; Cotton (including keeping of county orphan children), $103.98; Pleasant (including county orphans), $79.75; Craig, $8; Jefferson, $148.35.

Jasper N. Brindley, keeper of County Poor Asylum, was allowed $277.90.

Petter R. Lostutter filed his bond of $1,300 as County Superintendent. Approved.

The Fairview Company for purpose of detecting, arresting, and bringing to legal justice, horse thieves, asked permission of County Commissioners that certain persons receive authority to make arrests and perform the duties of Constable. Granted.

In the matter of the petition of Geo. W. McKay and others for relocation and vacation of highway in Craig Township.—John A. Danglade and George B. Anderson, two of the reviewers presented a report that Noah Oliver, Emma Oliver, Stella McKay, and Phoeba McKay are jointly damaged $25; and Frank McKay $15. Report of reviewers approved, and road ordered opened, thirty feet wide commencing at a corner in the center of Vevay and Madison road, on the land of Mrs. Rebecca Wright and extending south.

The Orphans Friend Society was allowed $130.50 for maintenance of five children—Bertha Gilbert; Susie Roland; Emma, John and George Taylor.

In the matter of the claim of Clara T. Fish, for damages on account of change of highway in Posey Township.—Edwin Sanders, Robert Bovard and Alfred Driver, appointed as reviewers, to meet July 27th.

Ben Waldenmire was appointed to the free scholarship in Purdue University, made vacant by the resignation of Ben McHenry.

William C. Armstrong filed his bond for $5,000 as Superintendent of building free gravel roads in York Township.

Joseph D. Froman, County Treasurer, filed his bond of $75,000.00 for term of two years beginning Sept. 1, 1895.