Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1896

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 Jun 1896 – Page 4, Column 2


Among other business transacted by the County Commissioners, Edgar Dibble, Geo. W. Sanders and Thomas Montayne, was the following.

Hugh S. Brown, John M. Grammer, Casper Fellows and T. D. Anderson (since sold out and license not taken out), Thomas Pickett, Markland, were granted license to retail liquors.

Ira Banta, Sheriff, reported fees collected, $224.75.

Edward E. Kelso, Clerk, reported fees collected, $260.17.

Clara Fisk, claim for damages sustained by the removal of a fence. Alvin Driver, Martin M. Barker and James Stewart, viewers, reported her damage $10. Approved by the Board. James V. Anderson et al, petition for highway in Craig Township. William O. Marble, C. R. Drake and Geo. Gaudin, viewers, reported locating road. Ellenor Detraz and others filed their remonstrance against the location of proposed road, claim $200 damages; Harry Shaw claimed $25 damages; John Shaw $225 damages. William Satchwell, Jasper Brindley and Montgomery Patton were appointed reviewers to assess damages, to meet July 25, and report next regular session of Commissioners.

R. Bruce Huston, petition for a new highway in Posey Township. James M. Scott, Perry K. Cotton and W. H. Henry, viewers, reported location of road. Kate M. Jack and others filed their remonstrances against road as located. Mrs. Jack claimed $700 damages; Lucinda Newbold, $600; Aribert N. Buck, $500; Roderick M. Lyons and Louisa Lyons, $500; Wm. E. Stewart, $500; Flora H. Schenck, $350, also for another piece of land $250. Charles Boyle, John Parker, Abraham Z. Stewart, also filed a remonstrance alleging the proposed road was not of general utility. Orson A. Potter, John B. Lamson, and Wm. H. Scott were appointed reviewers, to report at special session June 20.

John W. Barnes, Recorder, reported fees collected, $167.70.

Thomas N. Ford was exempt from paying poll tax for 1896, for reason he is physically unable to perform manual labor and has no property. Walter Armstrong was also except from the poll tax for the year 1896 for same reason.

Physicians for the poor were employed as follows:

  • Jefferson and Craig Townships and County Asylum, Dr. Hugh M. Thiebaud, $175.
  • York Township, Dr. C. Loomis, $39.
  • Cotton Township, Precinct No. 1, Dr. J. W. VanOsdol, $20; Precinct No. 2, Dr. D. N. Haydon, $30.
  • Pleasant Township, Precinct No. 1, Dr. E. M. Copeland, $30; Precinct No. 2, Dr. Scott Culbertson, $20.

H. J. Harris, C. D. Green, Wm. Gockel, W. S. Humphrey, et al, petition for acceptance of Gravel road, (Patriot and Norths Landing River Road). Commissioners Thomas Montayne and Geo. W. Sanders having examined the road on 8th, June 9th decided it to be of general utility and accepted it as a county Free Gravel Road.

The Board appointed the following Inspectors of Election Boards. Where Township Trustees are named they are Inspectors in their respective precincts by law:

  • Craig Township—Precinct No. 1, Joseph A. Myers; No. 2, James Stewart; No. 3, Silas J. Furnish.
  • Jefferson—No. 1, Samuel F. Smith; No. 2, Ulysses G. Trafalet; No. 3, Samuel Stucy; No. 4, Charles McVey; No. 5, David H. Boyle.
  • York—No. 1, William C. Armstrong; No. 2, Perry Franklin.
  • Posey—No. 1, Elmer E. Hufford; No. 2, William S. Humphrey; No. 3, Geo. B. Lostutter.
  • Cotton—No. 1, Andrew J. Works; No. 2, Charles C. Morrison.
  • Pleasant—No. 1, John F. Houze; No. 2, Edgar Culbertson.

Joseph D. Froman, County Treasurer, reported he had not found it necessary to sell bonds 63, 64 and 65 dated June 12, 1895, $1,000 each, or a total of $3,000, therefore he returned them to the Board, and was so credited.

William Tait presented his resignation as County Deputy Assessor, which was accepted.