Switzerland County Commissioners – Jun 1897

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 24 Jun 1897 – Page 5, Column 1

County Business.

The County Commissioners, Geo. W. Sanders, Thomas Montanye and Thomas Land, at the June Term, among other business, licensed to retail liquors—John P. Brockschlager and Wm. H. Myers, Loren M. Simmons, John M. Grammer, Vevay; Thomas Pickett, Markland.

The Township Trustees reported allowances for poor, as follows: Posey, $23.50; York, $736; Jefferson, $125.21; Pleasant, $46.70; Craig, $24.64; Cotton, $88.87.

Thomas N. Ford was exempt from payment of poll tax for 1897, on account of not being able to do manual labor.

M. Farwood and others petitioned for a change of highway in Pleasant Township. Peter V. Ramseyer, Wm. H. Henry and Simpson Spencer were appointed viewers. They reported the lands of George H. Manford would be damaged $180. Matter taken under advisement until next term. Later, Manford remitted $80, and road ordered opened.

Inspectors for special election August 10th were appointed as follows:

  • Jefferson Township—Precinct No. 1, Samuel P. Smith; 2, Ulyses G. Trafelet; 3, Samuel Stucy; 4, Charles McVey; 5, David Boyle.
  • Craig—No. 1, Joseph A. Myers; 2, James Stewart; 3, Silas Furnish.
  • York—No. 1, Wm. C. Armstrong; 2, Perry Franklin.
  • Posey—No. 1, Elmer Hufford, 2, Wm. S. Humphrey; 3, Geo. B. Lostutter.
  • Cotton—No. 1, Andrew J. Works; 2, Charles C. Morrison.
  • Pleasant—No. 1, John F. Houze; 2, Edgar Culbertson.

Edgar Culbertson, Trustee of Pleasant Township, petitioned to have highway recorded. Granted and recorded.

Green Bros. were granted permission to erect telephone and telegraph line along public highway from Patriot to Rising Sun.

Clarence Icenogle, aged 14, an inmate of the County Asylum, was indentured to Andrew J. Haskell until 21 years of age. The Trustee of Craig Township was authorized to execute the indenture of apprenticeship.

Fees reported collected by County officers for past three months: E. E. Kelso, Clerk, $351.57; Ira Banta, Sheriff, $181.00; John W. Barnes, Recorder, $189.10.

The County Attorney was ordered to prepare blanks for contracts for letting Poor Farm two years from March 7, 1898. Blanks to be on file with County Auditor not later than July 1.

Joseph F. McKay was appointed a Justice of the Peace for Craig Township, and Daniel Lock a Constable for Pleasant Township.