Switzerland County Commissioners – Mar 1892

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 Mar 1892 – Page 4, Column 2


County Commissioners Wm. O. Marble, C. D. Green, and Geo. W. Sanders, met Monday, March 7. The following is a synopsis of their findings:

Dorwin and Joseph Marshall, of Florence, and Thomas Joyce, of Vevay, were granted licenses to retail liquors.

George Clendenning, Trustee of York Township, was granted permission to borrow $350 for use of Township fund, to pay debts already contracted.

The Township Trustees presented their reports—we give balances on hand and amounts over drawn [See newspaper for reports]:

  • Posey Township, Jacob C. Baker, Trustee
  • York Township, George Clendening, Trustee
  • Cotton Township, John W. VanOsdol, Trustee
  • Jefferson Township, Charles McVey, Trustee
  • Craig Township, George D. Madary, Trustee
  • Pleasant Township, Benjamin F. Rodgers, Trustee

Cyrenius W. Brown and 29 others petitioned for a change of highway leading from Vevay and Moorefield pike, near Long Run post office, up to Five Points, known as Long Run road, in Craig Township. Peter D. Ramseyer, Scott Culbertson and Geo. W. McKay were appointed viewers and ordered to report their action at next term.

The proposition of Flenor & Hunter, of Indianapolis, “to examine the books, vouchers and settlements in the various offices of the county, and ascertain whether or not there is any money due the county from state, or any other source, on account of any errors or omissions in settlements, and in the event we find anything due the county, we will collect the same without cost to the county, save our charges, and pay the same into the County Treasury, and for our services we will charge you a sum equal to one half of all we collect for the county, payment to be made to us as fast as collections are made by us and paid into the County Treasury. But, be it understood, that this proposition does not include the examination of individual accounts of the officers of the county, nor ex-officials of the county, with a view of ascertaining whether or not there is anything due from them to the county, nor of sequestered taxes.” The Board accepted this proposition.

Wednesday evening the Board adjourned until Saturday morning, April 2, 1892.