Switzerland County Commissioners – Mar 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 21 Mar 1895 – Page 4, Column 1

Meeting of Commissioners.

County Commissioners Thomas Montayne, Edgar Dibble and George W. Sanders, met Monday, March 4th, and with an intermission from Saturday to Wednesday, adjourned Wednesday evening, 13th.

Licensed to retail liquors—Joseph Marshal, Florence; John E. Hudson, Patriot.

The Township Trustees rendered their reports of receipts and expenditures of various funds, which were approved.

Franklin P. Muret presented his resignation as Superintendent of free gravel roads in Jefferson Township, which was accepted. Frank Miller was appointed to fill the vacancy.

In the matter of petition of Geo. W. McKay and others for change of highway in Craig Township. Henry Dibble, Jr., Ben T. Heady and Clarence Drake, viewers, reported that the proposed road ran through the lands of Rebecca Wright, Helen Daniels, Noah Oliver, Emma Oliver, Stella and Phebe McKay. Width of road thirty feet. Said road would be practical utility. Noah Oliver, Emma Oliver, Stella McKay, afterwards remonstrated against opening said road through their lands, asked $25, and asked that reviewers be appointed to assess damages. John B. Lamson, John A. Danglade and George B. Anderson were appointed reviewers to assess damages and report at next term.

In the matter of the petition of John B. Moore and others for a new highway in Cotton Township. William O. Marble, J. C. Smith and James M. Scott reported that Marshal B. Hyde, remonstrator, would be damaged $60 by proposed road. Report approved.

In the petition of George W. Dorrell and others for the construction of certain free gravel roads in York Township. The following was the result of the election: From Log Lick to Florence, for 196; against 114. For the road from Florence to station 93, for 195; against 111. For the road from Markland to Cotton Township, line along East Enterprise pike, for 180; against 102. A majority of votes cast were for the building of the three proposed roads. Bids to be received for building said roads May 4th.

In the matter of the petition of George Platt and others for the construction of free gravel roads in Posey Township. Result of election: Road from Ohio County line to Patriot, for 78; against 333. From Quercus Grove to Cotton Township line, for 65; against 336. From J. D. Davis’ Corner to York Township line, for 64; against 337. The three proposed roads were defeated.

In the matter of the claim of Lewis N. Bowman and Samuel Lock, damages. Claim disallowed.

A bond for six thousand dollars was ordered issued to the Vevay Deposit Bank, bearing six percent interest and due in sixty days.

In the matter of the petition of Oliver P. Courtney and others for the construction of free gravel roads in Jefferson Township. The road to begin at the intersection of Vevay and Florence road at Plum Creek, going up Plum Creek to along line of old Allensville and Center Square turnpike to Cotton Township line. George W. McKay (a civil engineer), Joshua Turner and James Stewart were appointed viewers, to locate proposed road, and make estimates of cost of construction.

Theodore E. Cole was appointed a Constable for Pleasant Township, to fill vacancy.