Switzerland County Commissioners – Mar 1896

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 12 Mar 1896 – Page 4, Column 2


Edgar Dibble, George W. Sanders and Thomas Montayne, County Commissioners, met Monday, March 2, and adjourned last Monday, 9th.

John C. Hudson was granted a license to retail liquors in Patriot.

Dorwin Marshal applied for license to retail liquor in Florence. Two hundred and twenty-three voters of York Township filed their remonstrance against granting said license. George S. Pleasants appeared as attorney for Marshal and L. E. Smith for remonstrators. It was conceded that 223 was a majority of the voters of York Township. Under a provision of the Nicholson law this prevented the granting of a license to Marshal, but Marshal, through his attorney, presented a paper containing the names of twenty-two voters who had previously signed the remonstrance, asking that their names be stricken from the remonstrance. The legal question before the Commissioners was, had these men the right to withdraw their names from the remonstrance after it was filed and before the Board for action? The Commissioners finally decided they had the right to withdraw their names. This left the names of remonstrators below a majority of the voters, and resulted in Board granting license to Marshal.

A contract was made with the “Indiana Childrens Home Society” by which it was agreed the County would pay $50 to the Society for each dependent child taken from this county and placed in proper home. The Society guarantees that no child placed in its charge shall become a charge upon the county before it is eighteen. Either party may terminate the contract on six months notice.

William H. Scott and others petitioned for a free gravel road in York Township. 1st, the extension of the present Log Lick Creek gravel road from its present Northern terminus to the McCreary Hill. 2d, the Florence and Patriot road, extending from Florence along highway to Posey Township line. 3d, the road leading from Florence to Quercus Grove, over the Turtle Creek and Delhi route. Martin G. Keeney, civil engineer, Perry K. Cotton and William H. Henry, were appointed viewers.

Thomas J. Lakeman and forty-three other voters of Cotton Township, presented a petition that Isaac H. Littlefield be appointed a Justice of the Peace and William W. Marsh a Constable, to fill vacancies in these offices in Cotton Township. They were both appointed.

William Waltz was allowed $50 damage as the result of building Plum Creek Gravel road requiring him to build an embankment to reach his land.

Jasper N. Brindley, Superintendent of County Poor Asylum, reported twenty-five inmates and was allowed $231.20 for keeping them last quarter.

James V. Anderson and others petitioned for a road in Craig Township. It passes over lands of James Banta, Harry Shaw, John R. Shaw and William T. Detraz. William O. Marble, Clarence Drake and George Gaudin, were appointed viewers. To report at next regular term.

R. Bruce Huston and other petitioned for location of highway in Posey Township. Commencing in the center of the old road leading from Florence to Patriot, through lands of Charles Adams, Clara North, Abbie North, Cornelius Noel, Harvey W. Scranton, Luther Buck, Thomas F. Newbold and others. W. C. Stewart and others filed a remonstrance. Jas. M. Scott, Perry K. Cotton and William H. Henry were appointed viewers. To report at next regular term.

Clara T. Fisk filed a claim of $50 for damages as result of Road Supervisor of District No. 6, Posey Township, removing fence and using land for a public highway. Martin Barker, Alvin Driver and James Stewart appointed viewers to assess damages. To report next regular term.

Last Thursday the Board of Commissioners, by virtue of their office being the Board of Turnpike Directors of Free Gravel Roads, spent the day inspecting said roads.

Delpha Orem was appointed to use County Scholarship in Purdue University.

The Orphans Friends Society of Vevay was granted $158.25 for maintenance of seven children, 91 days.

Milo Ogle and others appeared and voluntarily asked to dismiss their petition for relocation of highway. Granted.