Switzerland County Commissioners – Sep 1893

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 21 Sep 1893 – Page 4, Column 1


Bridge to be Built—Road Vacated—Superintendent of County Asylum, Secretary Board of Health, and County Attorney, Employed—Taxes Levied—County Revenue Overdrawn—A Difference of $8,345.78 Between Auditor and Commissioners as to Distribution of Funds—Other Business.

The following is a synopsis of the business transacted by County Commissioners C. D. Green, Geo. W. Sanders, and Thomas Montayne, at their September Term:

John D. Brindley was licensed to retail liquors in Vevay.

In the matter of the petition of John Dickason and others for the vacation of highway in Cotton Township. William R. Protsman, William O. Mable and Thomas J. Heady were appointed viewers, to report at this term. Wm. O. Marble and Thomas J. Heady qualified, and reported ought to be vacated, and Board so ordered.

Henry Weales, Jr., was awarded contract for painting Court House, at $312 for the outside work and $174.50 for the inside work or $485 for both. Outside painting to be completed by November, 1893. William M. Patton was appointed Superintendent.

Dr. J. W. Smith was appointed Secretary of the Board of Health to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Dr. P. S. Sage.

It was ordered by the Board that the Sheriff not permit games of any kind to be played in Court House yard, nor shall he permit any person or persons to erect or keep any stand for the sale of refreshments, or any other articles.

The Board decided to build a bridge over Moredock’s branch, below Patriot. It will be of iron, one span of 75 feet in length, 14 feet wide, to rest upon iron pipes of 24 inches diameter. Bids will be received Oct. 14th.

Dr. J. H. Shadday tendered his resignation as physician for poor of Jefferson and Craig Townships, which was accepted.

Dr. J. W. Smith was employed as physician for poor of Jefferson Township at $90, and $100 for Craig Township and County Asylum.

The Board contracted with Jasper N. Brindley to take charge of the County Asylum, including farm of 165 acres, for two years from March 7, 1894, he to clothe and feed the inmates for forty dollars each person. The Board is to furnish 1000 bushels of coal yearly.

William Tait, County Treasurer, presented orders redeemed by him for quarter ending August 31, 1893.

The Board levied taxes as follows: [See newspaper for details.]

George S. Pleasants was reemployed County Attorney.

The County Auditor presented a “Financial Statement,” which we presume is for year ending June 30, 1893. It shows amount on hand June 1892, $443.16; received $15,645.69. Total $16,088.85. Overdrawn, $1949.25. The Road Fund is overdrawn $203.68 and the Special School Fund $200.71. This makes total overdrawn $2,362.64. The balances are redemption of land $9.72 and Agricultural Society $5.00. Total balances $14.72.

The Auditor also presented a “County Revenue Exhibit.”

We copy the following from Commissioners Record of proceedings, Sept. 8:

“And the Board having seen and examined said Financial Statement and County Revenue Exhibit and being fully advised, do approve of both statements, except only as the matter of receipts has been affected in the May, 1893, Distribution of Taxes, by the allowance and payment on said settlement of a demand of the Attorney General for the redistribution of delinquent dog and poll tax; claimed to have been erroneously distributed in former years, and which demand this Board disallowed by order made at the June Term, 1892, appears on page 373, of Commissioners Record ‘K,’ and which judgment of disallowance still stands in full force and effect, no appeal having been taken therefrom.

“Whereas, It appears to the Board of Commissioners that at the March Term, 1892, there was presented to the Board for allowance a demand by A. G. Smith, Attorney General, directed to Joseph E. Hart, Auditor of Switzerland County, Indiana for the payment of delinquent poll and dog tax erroneously distributed for the years 1875 to 1890 inclusive, and which demand reads as follows: [See newspaper.]

“And whereas, The Board after having had said matter under consideration did afterwards, to wit: at the June term, 1892, by its order disallow and refuse to pay said demand, which judgment of disallowance is entered of record in Commissioners Record “K,” page 373.

“And whereas, It appears that afterwards, to wit, on May 1, 1893, said A. G. Smith, Attorney General, made another demand on said Joseph E. Hart, Auditor of Switzerland County, Indiana, to add the amounts of said claims to the credit of the proper funds and recharge same to funds, therefore credited therewith upon the then present semi-annual settlement sheet, and which demand reads as follows: [See newspaper.]

“And whereas, upon the May, 1893 settlement sheet said Joseph E. Hart, as Auditor, did allow and take unto account said demand by correcting or adjusting the settlement sheet, as demanded by said Attorney General.

“And whereas, it appears to the satisfaction of the Board, by clear and sufficient proof that the judgment of disallowance, heretofore referred to, is still in full force and effect, unappealed from and unreversed.

“Therefore, Be it ordered, That the taking of said demand unto account in said settlement shet by said Auditor, and the payment thereof by the Treasurer of said county, is an erroneous and improper payment.

“Be it further ordered, That the Auditor be instructed to certify said [?] proper and erroneous payment of said demand to the Auditor of State by sending him a certified copy of this order, under his seal of office, and that the said County Auditor be further instructed to take credit for said erroneous payment on his next semi-annual settlement sheet.”