Switzerland County Commissioners – Sep 1894

Switzerland County, Indiana, Commissioners’ proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 20 Sep 1894 – Page 4, Column 4


Condensed Report of Proceedings of County Commissioners.

James Anderson having resigned as a Constable of Jefferson Township, George W. Rayl was appointed to fill the vacancy.

John D. Brindley was licensed to retail liquor in Vevay.

James Wiley, Americus Benedict, John Love, Charles McVey and H. W. Birkemire contracted to each build their portions of Vevay and Markland free gravel roads. Wiley to commence not later than October 1, and complete by April 1, 1895; price $545. Benedict, Sept. 15, and complete by Jan. 1, 1895; $745. Love, Sept. 1, and complete by Sept. 10, 1895; $916. McVey, Sept. 20, and complete by Jan. 1, 1895; $1100. Bergamire, October 1, and complete by July 1, 1895; $1549.

Lewis N. Bowman and Samuel Lock entered into a contract to build the Plum creek free gravel road for $7,375 to commence Sept. 18, and complete by Dec. 1, 1895.

In the matter of W. H. H. Turner and others for relocation and vacation of highway in Pleasant Township. H. H. Bakes, Albert Brindley and Peter V. Rameyer, reviewers, reported damages as follows: Edward C. Shull, $25; Joseph Lazenby, $30; Henry W. H. Smith, $45; Thomas Thompson, $50. Report approved and road ordered opened.

Jefferson C. Smith, Thomas J. Stewart and Wm. C. Armstrong, having been appointed to assess damages as result of free gravel road to Markland, assessed damages as follows: Zeralda Plew, $75; Lemuel Bosaw, $20; George and Wm. C. Rayl, $225; Nancy McDonald, $20; Mary J. Marsh, $35; Frank Fancher, $100; Dezire Bosaw, $200. Report approved.

On the Plum creek free gravel road, Samuel Peters objected to report of viewers, that his damages were nothing. Rosa Dodd filed her claim for $600, and James H. Sullivan, $200 damages. Orson O. Potter, Stephen J. Searcy and Jonothan J. Cunningham were appointed viewers to assess damages.

Bonds to obtain money to build Markland free gravel road were ordered issued to amount of $4,855, payable in five annual installments, beginning Nov. 15, in denominations of not less than $50 nor more than $500, bearing not more than 6 per cent interest. It was also ordered that a tax of 10 cents on each $100 be levied in Jefferson Township to pay the interest and principal of said bonds.

Bonds to the amount of $7,375 were ordered issued to obtain money to build Plum Creek free gravel road. Denominations not less than 50 dollars nor more than 500 dollars, bearing not more than 6 percent interest; payable in five annual installments from Nov. 15, 1894. It was also ordered that a tax of 15 cents on each 100 dollars of property in Jefferson Township be levied to pay said bonds.

Selar Mead, Treasurer Patriot School Board, presented his report, which was approved. It shows balance special school fund on hand thirty-three dollars and ninety-nine cents; balance tuition fund on hand, three-hundred and fifty four dollars and thirty-eight cents.

The County tax was levied for 1894 at thirty-eight cents on one hundred dollars, and fifty cents on each poll.

In the matter of Alger Stewart and others for the vacation of a road leading from McCreary’s Ridge to Log Lick, in York Township. R. B. Littlefield, Edwin Sanders, and James Stewart, were appointed viewers. They will view the road Nov. 10th.

In the matter of the petition of John B. Moore and others to locate and establish a public highway in Cotton Township. Joseph Ramseyer, Edward C. Shull and Perry K. Cotton, were appointed viewers. They will meet Nov. 10th.