Switzerland County Court of Common Pleas – Sep 1866

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana, Common Pleas Court appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 20 September 1866 – Page 2, Column 1

Proceedings of the Switzerland Court of Common Pleas.

The Court of Common Pleas is in session in this place. Judge Lamb was presiding until yesterday morning, when he appointed John Dumont to act as Judge during the remainder of the term, Mr. Lamb having business calling him away. The following are the cases disposed of:

State vs. Lewis Woods—Obtaining money under false pretenses. The case dismissed and defendant discharged from jail, where he has been confined for about three weeks.

State vs. Enoch Coln and Catharine Coln—Larceny. Tried by Jury; Enoch found guilty and sentenced to ten days in jail and $5 fine. Catharine acquitted and discharged from jail. Both have been in jail since August 11th.

State vs. Thomas and James Newcomb—Assault and battery. Tried by Jury. Levi fined $5 and costs; Newcomb fined $1 and costs.

Emsley Shadday vs. Wm. Shadday et. al.—Partition. Final report of Commissioner filed and distribution ordered.

Morris McKay, Trustee of Craig Township vs. Francis E. Mennett—Appeal from Justice of the Peace. Dismissed by Plaintiff.

Benjamin F. Brush vs. Alfred Stow—Replevin. Judgment for Defendant.

Robert McGrew, Administrator, &c., vs. Harvey Driver, et. al.—On note. Judgment against Driver for $184.10.

Robert P. Porter vs. Thomas C. Smith and Thomas Mullen—On bill of exchange and note. Tried by Jury; verdict for plaintiff for $330.

Eleanor Courtney vs. Wm. T. Daily—Seduction. Submitted to Jury, who failed to agree on a verdict, and cause continued until next term for trial.

Alanson R. Wells vs. Ristin Wiley—On account and in attachment. Finding for plaintiff and sale of land ordered.

Ellen F. Shult vs. Alpheus Cowles and others—On notes and mortgage. Judgment for amount claimed, and foreclosure of mortgage.

Edward Picket and Elijah Hanks, R. S. Adams, E. C. Hendy and Daniel Cole—On note. Judgment by default for $328.50.

John Bray vs. James Anderson—Appeal. Submitted by Court, judgment for Plaintiff for $17.70.

O. P. Cobb and others vs. Wm. G. Krutz—On account. On motion of plaintiffs, change of venue granted and case sent to Jefferson Common Pleas Court.

Wm. T. Pate vs. James G. Wright et. al.—On change of venue from Jefferson Common Pleas.—Set for trial by agreement at an adjourned term, to be held on Nov. 6, 1866.

Simeon Tague vs. John Saberton—On account. Finding for plaintiff, in sum of $200.

Wm. M. Watt vs. Mary A. C. Watt—Divorce. Change of venue granted, and cause set for hearing December 11, 1866, before some Judge to be called to try the same.

State of Indiana on relation of Eleanor Courtney vs. Wm. T. Dailey—Defendant’s motion for change of venue was sustained, and cause set for trial before some Judge to be called, on the 4th day of December.

James E. Bryson vs. Robert P. Porter—On note. Judgment against defendant by agreement, for $74.50.

George A. Turner vs. Mary Turner—Divorce. Decree of divorce granted.

Thomas Hoffman vs. Alanson R. Wells—On note. Judgment by agreement against defendant for $617.44.

Ebanezer Hafford vs. William Rogers—On note. Default and judgment for $106.25.

J. B. Grant, Administrator of Daniel Pratt, vs. Wm. Northcott and Joseph Peelman—On note.—Judgment by default for $263.35.

Wm. Dalmazzo et. al. vs. Ulysses P. Schenck et. al.—For partition.—Commissioners report land not susceptible of being divided, and sale of land ordered.

Judges Downey, of Rising Sun, Haynes of Aurora, Adkinson of Lawrenceburg; and Messrs. Matthews and Corbly from Madison, are among the Attorneys in attendance.