Switzerland County Jurors – Jan 1893

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court jury list appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 5 Jan 1893 – Page 4, Column 1

Last Monday Jury Commissioners W. H. Henry and Dr. David N. Haydon drew Jurors for next term of Court, commencing next Monday, as follows:

GRAND JURY—Ralph Cotton, Sr.; Michael Dunning, John Bodle, John M. Kelley, George A. Voris, George W. Dorrell.

Summoned for first day, Monday.

PETIT JURY—Samuel Rodgers, Isaac M. Froman, William Clevenger, William C. Armstrong, Frank Fancher, J. F. Simpson, Selar Mead, Wallace W. Lamson, Edward Worrell, Albert A. Brindley, Sylvester Morrison, Edgar C. Ford.

Summoned for third day, Wednesday.