Switzerland County Old Citizens – 1898

Old Citizen’s meeting in Switzerland County, Indiana report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 6 Oct 1898 – Page 1, Column 5

Old Citizens’ Meeting,
Held at Lamb, Indiana, Sept. 21, 1898, was called to order at 11 o’clock, by the President, and opened by singing “America.” Invocation by D. M. Bridges, of Carrollton, followed by the son “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.” J. F. Simpson delivered the welcome address.

Hon. Chas. W. Lee was introduced and spoke 30 minutes, followed by a song by the choir.

Adjourned until 1:30 p.m.

Report, by the President, of the deaths that have occurred in the past three years since the organization of the Old Citizens’ Meeting at Lamb. There were eight deaths among the members, the youngest of which was 62 years of age, the oldest 87 years of age.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pres, D. M. Bridges, Carrollton, Kentucky; Vice Pres., Wm. Anderson, Vevay, Indiana; Sec. and Treas., A. E. Lamb, Lamb, Indiana.

Following the election was a song by the choir, after which Mr. Bridges was introduced and spoke ten minutes.

Song—“My Mother’s Grave,” by E. Adams and others.

Mr. Leland, of Madison, Indiana, was introduced and spoke for ten minutes.

A song by the choir, entitled “A Home Beyond the Jordon,” was followed by a recitation by Miss Sophia Cotton, of Brooksburg, which was very appropriate.

Mr. E. A. Gullion, of Carrollton, Kentucky, gave a short talk, after which Miss Inez Simpson recited “How Ruby Played the Piano,” which was splendidly rendered and much appreciated by the audience.

There were talks by Aljah Wright and others, interspersed with songs.

We had quite a number of relies of the past presented and a brief sketch of their history by A. E. Lamb.

It was a beautiful day, a large crowd in attendance and all seemed to be well pleased. There were 46 old folks registered that was 60 years of age and over. Mr. Aljah Wright was the oldest, being 85 years of age.

We hope that all who attended this year, and more, may be permitted to attend the meeting next year.

The following are the names and addresses of those who registered:

  • Wm. Anderson, Vevay, Indiana
  • Geo. Bowen, Vevay, Indiana
  • Jesse Lee, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Alexander Tilley, Vevay, Indiana
  • Sarah Tilley, Vevay, Indiana
  • D. M. O’Neal, Prestonville, Kentucky
  • Nancy Cowan, Moorefield, Indiana
  • D. M. Bridges, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • Mrs. M. Demint, English, Kentucky
  • Wm. Bright, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Jas. F. Simpson, Lamb, Indiana
  • Z. P. Masterson, Prestonville, Kentucky
  • F. H. Whitehead, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • P. A. Demint, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • C. N. Stringfellow, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • Mary C. Anderson, Vevay, Indiana
  • Mrs. Robert King, Madison, Indiana
  • J. W. Meeks, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • John Brindley, Vevay, Indiana
  • Isaac M. Smith, Aaron, Indiana
  • John Adams, Moorefield, Indiana
  • J. W. Chittenden, Bennington, Indiana
  • J. M. Coleman, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • James Adams, Moorefield, Indaina
  • Alja Wright, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Mrs. J. H. Wright, Vevay, Indiana
  • Mrs. B. F. Harvey, Oklahoma, Indian Territory
  • Joseph Rogers, Pleasant, Indiana
  • J. D. Justice, Lamb, Indiana
  • J. C. Coghill, Prestonville, Kentucky
  • H. J. Brindley, Vevay, Indiana
  • Martin Madary, Craig P. O, Indiana
  • Jas. Hill, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Robert Scott, Moorefield, Indiana
  • C. J. McKay, Lamb, Indiana
  • A. Oliver, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Mary A. Oliver, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Mrs. William Miller, Brooksburg, Indiana
  • Wm. H. Weaver, Craig P. O., Indiana
  • Nancy Leap, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • W. J. Maddox, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • F. Baxter, Lamb, Indiana

The following is the age and date of deaths of members of the Association since its organization, so far as known to date:

  • Wm. H. Lamb, Jan. 24, 1897, aged 69 years
  • J. W. Banta, Jan. 24, 1897, aged 74 years
  • John H. Smith, Dec. 28, 1897, aged 72 years
  • L. M. Hotchkiss, Oct. 25, 1897, aged 82 years
  • Wm. H. Russel, Jan. 18, 1898, aged 70 years
  • Sarah Russell, May 23, 1898, aged 67 years
  • J. W. Quin, Aug. 2, 1898, aged 62 years
  • Stephen Garard, Jan. 13, 1898, aged 87 years

A. E. LAMB, Secretary, Lamb, Indiana.